Signal Thursday - Interview with Bitmex Lifestyle
Signal Thursday - Interview with Bitmex Lifestyle

Signals Thursday #2 – Interview With Bitmex Lifestyle


In the second issue of our Series “Signals Thursday” we will squeeze some answers from the head trader of Bitmex Lifestyle. To me, this group always was a rough diamond. The start was humpy, but then they cleaned up the house – exchanged traders, refined their strategy and opened up to the community. We always respect this kind of restless efforts to become better with each day and we can assume that this channel will offer even much more value with the upcoming times. A thing I like especially about them is that the trader team has started to verify the work of each other, so they send only signals which are confirmed, confluence-wise, by a bunch of traders. A warm welcome for Leo in our #2 edition of Signals Thursday. I am observing your channel almost since its inception. You evolved pretty much and professionalized the way you give Bitmex signals. What did you change to get these great results, you have been able to show off in August?

Leo (Bitmex Lifestyle): Our business was always the trading itself, so the administrative part of the channel and management of the members has been adjusted as needed. We elaborate a strategic plan with medium and long-term goals to make our channel a reference for those looking for a quality service focused on Bitmex, the main one being that all involved are in the same footprint, wanting to innovate and improve every day to have excellence in what we do. You went through some rough times with many changes within your team. How is in your trading team now and what is their history with trading? Which trading style do you prefer?

Leo (Bitmex Lifestyle): Our team has been adjusted over time, we started with people who are no longer part of the team and have brought new people with a different vision and are adding up in our decisions/analysis. We have a very close team, all traders with many years of experience, ideas are aligned and the environment is very pleasant and exciting, we have very consistent results and we have great prospects, I believe our project has matured a lot and today it is in a very good level! Our focus is on day trade and swing trade operations, eventually, we send out some scalps. What is the most important thing you want your subscribers to know? Is there anything that makes you go nuts reading in your chat room?

Leo (Bitmex Lifestyle): I want them to know that we have a great project for the future of the channel and that we are constantly improving to reach the highest level of satisfaction possible and to thank everyone for the opportunity and confidence in giving us a space in their daily life in this market. We have a very friendly approach, the overall mood is good, so there is not something that drives us crazy, but something that makes us upset is when a member seeing a signal reaching the stop loss, forgets the positive track record comes before him, but it is normal it is part of market psychology. Do you have future plans for Bitmex Lifestyle? What can we expect from your channel?

Leo (Bitmex Lifestyle): We have good plans for the future of the channel, we have some good deployments ahead. We intend soon in addition to the telegram send signals through a mobile app, start some live trades on YouTube and do some more dynamic activities with customers, in addition to a website for better monitoring and management of operations. Can you tell us about your personal views on the crypto ecosystem? What do you think about “the bubble”, how will crypto evolve and what is the missing link for mass adaption and the crypto takeover in your opinion.

Leo (Bitmex Lifestyle): I believe in the market potential, but it is challenging: it is relatively new and the market needs to mature, I believe this will come with the growth in the value of that market. Compared to the largest financial markets in the world, crypto is still a market relatively small and has plenty of room to expand! The “bubble” is part of the valuation cycle of this market and should continue until it reaches 2 or 3 trillion in capitalization, because it is a market “easy” to enter, volatility is higher and corrections are also a little sharper than in the conventional markets, but I do not see it as a catastrophe, in the long run, the market is still in a beautiful uptrend, and the downturns also provide us with great opportunities for profit. I believe that regulations are necessary, it is the only way to connect crypto in mass with society, people need to trust to be further disseminated, so the regulation should bring that feeling and make infiltration into all possible layers of society. Last but not least, what are your personal gems – do hold any cryptos for the long-term with no intention to sell them in the short-term?

Leo (Bitmex Lifestyle): Basically, because I believe in technology and all the many financial and social solutions that may come with the concept of blockchain that Bitcoin brought, I would like to be able to say that I am a legitimate Hodler, but it is not my case. I do not maintain any fixed hold, I maintain relationships with every currency or token while it is worth financially. In the past, I have been more hodler with crypto, but over time, there are few projects that remain attractive and with a good engagement, so I ended up leaving some technology and the concept of each project aside, giving almost exclusive attention to charts. But always attentive to the news that can influence the market of crypto as a whole or the tokens that I often follow, which are those listed in bitmex. Once you dip into the bitmex and get to a good level, the other exchanges end up losing the grace and the holds too, in it, you are not subject to a bull market to be consistent with the results, enjoy the whole cycle.

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Bitmex Lifestyle is a Trusted Signal Provider
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