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SMART BOT 35% SALE! (Ends Aug 3rd) Stop losing NOW!

SMART BOT 35% SALE! (Ends Aug 3rd) Stop losing NOW!

by Rico ChetteJuly 23, 2020

4C-Tradings SMART BOT

4C-Trading has just published its newest performance report on their top-tier product – The SMART Bot. Smart Bots are fully-automated crypto trading bots invented to grow your USD portfolio value in the mid and long term using cryptocurrencies and stable coins as collateral. Check out: “4C-Trading Review HERE”

Here are the fantastic results from May to end of June:

SMART BOT 35% SALE! (Ends Aug 3rd) Stop losing NOW! 11

What are the Smart Bots and how they work?

The primary objective of those fully automated algorithmic-backed SMART BOTs is to secure profits to have stable and consistent monthly growth in your USD portfolio. The bots are designed to operate on your Binance account in a fully automated pattern and are partially based on Wave trends. 

With the SMART BOTs, you don’t need to worry about market trends as the Bots act accordingly to the market fluctuations (it intends to buy when there is a confirmed surge in price and sells when there is a confirmed slump, securing profits).

SMART BOT 35% SALE! (Ends Aug 3rd) Stop losing NOW! 12SMART BOT 35% SALE! (Ends Aug 3rd) Stop losing NOW! 13

GROW in BEAR or BULL markets

The secondary purpose of the Smart Bots is the crypto accumulation in the bear market, however, at a slower rate than the prioritized USD value growth. That process will have the investors prepared for the future surge, taking advantage of the previous accumulation. 

In other words, the Smart BOTs deliver in USDT value in the bull market, while accumulating crypto value in the bear market for the future distribution.

The Smart BOTs have a proven track record of over 18 months of running with remarkable returns. All trading history is updated automatically and available to be seen in the 4C Dashboard. This is the performance compared to the HODL strategy:

SMART BOT 35% SALE! (Ends Aug 3rd) Stop losing NOW! 14

However, the investor must understand that the Bots act upon a confirmed shift of trend, hence, they will open and close their trades always a bit later than the initial surge or slump. That is perfectly normal, and it is written in the algorithm of the BOTs. 

Their formula and algorithms are potent and powerful over the long term, which has been proven over months.

Who is the targeted audience?

The SMART bot is designed for retail investors who seek to have an automated crypto trading bot that trades 24/7 without the need of having trading knowledge.

Here is what 4C says about who should use the SMART BOT:

SMART BOT 35% SALE! (Ends Aug 3rd) Stop losing NOW! 15

However, 4C-Trading also offers solutions for high-net-worth individuals that seek to connect to their platform securely via API and trade with amounts exceeding $50,000. If that interests you, reach out to them via email or contact him on Telegram: @Damian_4C.

What is the risk then?

In investing, there is always a risk as past performance is not indicative of future results. However, as the Smart BOTs do not use any leverage and your position will not be liquidated, your major risk is mainly a major crypto market crash that is always possible, yet very improbable. You will not be exposed to market manipulation (the BOTs will always follow the trend taking advantage of the situation), nor slippage and/or overload of the book orders. Your funds will only be at risk if those major, yet improbable, events happen such as an exchange breakdown.

The fact that you only connect via API to the 4C-Trading platform adds a layer of extra security so that you always have full control of your funds. 

Is this suitable for total trading newbies?

That is the purpose of the SMART BOT – to enable consistent and steady income even for those with trading expertise close to none and those whose wallets are not the thickest. In short: yes, it is very suitable for newbies, however, their true power shines once your capital grows.

Does 4C-Trading offer more than the SMART BOT?

Yes, 4C also offers Trading Signals via their STF algorithms that trade on Binance and Bitmex with great success and accuracy. Here are the recent stats:

Smart Bot

The STF trading algorithms have shown great results during the last month, especially whenever the market is trending. Compared to the SMART Bot the STF trades more regularly which is desired by many retail traders.

The most powerful combination comes when you combine the SMART Bot with the STF algorithms which is the most efficient strategy recommended by 4C Trading.

How do I get access to the SMART Bot and STF – 35% OFF?

You can either subscribe directly via the 4C Trading Dashboard and use the code:


We recommend you to go for a 6-12 month subscription (Trade Room always included) with both- the Trading Signal Add-On as well as the SMART BOT Add-On.

or you can contact the Telegram Bot: @butler_4c_bot, choose your desired packs and save 35% with the same code:


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