SMART OPTIONS 2.0! A move into the future of trading!


Big changes are coming to Smart Options! We are calling this Smart Options 2.0! As Steve one of the site’s previous owner/operators moved on to exploring the deep wilds, maybe we can get updates of his adventures in the future lol. We are going to pick up the pieces and like a phoenix bringing it back to life better than ever, with a more trading focused point of view. This means you will see exactly how all signal providers work and all of the tools resources available to the trading community to make your trading experience top-notch! We are not phucking around, this will be super insightful and hardcore trading like you have never seen before! Scammer goofballs and second rate cawksuckers are going to have a hell of a time as we will point out every little detail to all crypto trading enthusiasts benefit to avoid services that we will put in a new section called the “Litterbox” as well if new providers want a chance to be on the site they will have to go through our “Sandbox” which will not give them a ranking or verified smart options coin till they earn it first. All the good and bad will be upfront and center for all to see in the sandbox. We hope traders will find all the changes a benefit for everybody in the space, so enjoy!

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