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Introducing the SPECTRE ICO – No Broker, No Cry

Introducing the SPECTRE ICO – No Broker, No Cry

by SteveAugust 9, 2017

In the world of ICOs you will face much scam – but some ICOs are different, some of them are here to fight scam and to disrupt a corrupted industry. Binary Options are such an industry – a great product to trade, but the brokers did everything to destroy it hard within the last years. We are happy to announce the SPECTRE ICO, which is starting from 27th of October – coming to disrupt the industry.

In a nutshell: Once the SPECTRE ICO is funded and the trading platform goes live (alpha is live already in demo mode) you won't need to deposit anymore, no need to pray for withdrawals, each trade is directly paid out to your ETH wallet. They will transform Binary Options into SMART OPTIONS.

The company behind the broker-less SPECTRE trading platform

Blue Sky Technologies is a well known project by NEUCHATEL Ltd. when it comes to a serious and professional approach in the world of digital options. The company provides education, tech trading tools (Dashboad & Artemis), a signal marketplace and a trading university where they teach their own trading strategies – and furthermore they invest heavily in research and development. Probably this engagement in R & D will save the world of digital options, as it seemed doomed. You may have recognized that we have not recently published any content, this was due the reason that we thought the whole binary options thing is over.

Scamming brokers all over the place left scorched earth behind, so it seemed that never again this flower would be able to blossom. CySec wanted to regulate the field of digital options much more strict but buckled into their usual vacuity and / or brought rules that just didn't make any sense, they are now only seen as an empty barrel of a child's in any attempts they try to make now. Binary Options are still the wild west of rigged platforms and payout arbitrariness that remains in place to suck off the hard earned dollars of John Doe and his wheelchaired mom. But what if…

…What if you could strip off the broker between you and your trades? Wouldn't that make the world of trading better? Wouldn't that finally save digital options after years of customer complaints,  shameless ripoffs and scams? Yes, it would.

SPECTRE – The transparent trading platform that will end all that digital options scam?

And SPECTRE was born… A day very recent the team of Blue Sky Binary contacted us to let us know of a new broker-free product they developed, where you are able to directly trade without deposits, meaning that the equity will be available from on or off site crypto-wallets (like myetherwallet) and the trading platform will simply have no access to your funds. Using the skyrocketing cryptocurrency ETHEREUM you are able to enjoy instant withdrawals without the need of a broker! OMG! SPENDS ONE HOUR DRINKING, RAISING HANDS IN THE AIR, SINGING HALLELUJAH!

Sure at first sight, we were like ‘errrrrm, okay.' And then, oh boy,  they held a webinar introducing SPECTRE (Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange).

True, the world of trading is a world of superlatives – and in the most cases, it is nothing but a hot aired fart. Whilst the few honest brokers like are starting to becoming ridiculous strict with the paper work (like requesting notary signed documents) on one hand and the major league of scammers on the other, the idea of a broker-less, decentralised trading model for FX and binary options is truly something new, revolutionary and needed. and IQoption will start their own ICOs as well soon, and that is just pathetic, as they will have another way to extract money from clueless traders. A firework of disruptions is indeed needed! See our infographic here, how in detail SPECTRE will do this.
As much as the binary options industry goes down the river currently, with SPECTRE we got our hope back: Without any doubt, this concept contains the potential to save the binary options industry by making fully transparent. Using the technique of the blockchain revolution enables the trader to strip off the un-needed bloodsucking brokers and entirely removes the conflict of interest immediately.

The holistic ICO concept of SPECTRE

Sounds good? Let's make it even better, as this trading platform is only a fraction of a holistic concept. SPECTRE is more than just a trading platform, it is a well thought through ICO concept for the launch of their token SPEC. For those who are not yet aware, an ICO is like crowdfunding blockchain based projects, where early adopters are able to buy a token for a future cryptocurrency (in this case the SPEC) at a very good price, suspecting it to rise after its launch – this is how many millionaires have been made. With the masses of new cryptocurrencies it is not easy to decide in which ICO to engage, there is definitely risk involved.

With SPECTRE's holistic plan, the trading platform will push and support the launch of this new player.  OK let's break this concept down: Neuchatel, the company behind all the BSB products, gathered already a nice amount of token holders, respectively ICO investors. They funds stream into a liquidity pool, which is used for the payout of the winning traders.

Traders have an instant payout of 75% to even 93% ROI on winning trades and a 100% loss on losing trades, which are pretty common rates. It is no secret that most of the traders are losing money, so it is more than likely that the liquidity pool will increase naturally over time. The gains will payout 2% to the SPECTRE team for maintenance and R&D and 5% in dividends to the ICO investors – all governed by a smart contract built on the ETHEREUM blockchain.

But let SPECTRE explain the concept themselves:

Openly they discuss the possible cryptocurrency bubble burst in their tearsheet:

Perpetual token yield & bubble protection Cryptocurrency prices have shot up and the sector may be in bubble territory. Investors funding ICOs are best cautioned that if and when the bubble bursts, allocation towards tokens that actually pay profits (at an increasing rate over time) offer significant protection over tokens that are backed by long term concept projects that may or may not materialise.

The SPECTRE token pays out dividend yield in real time. As the liquidity pool structurally increases over time driven by the masses not being able to hold high-win rates, the absolute size of dividends per token increases as well (since token amounts are capped post ICO), therefore potentially driving significant token value appreciation, over time. Based on our long term forecasts, SPECTRE tokens will yield anywhere from 15% to 70% per year, dwarfing dividend yields on most tech stocks and other tokens.”

– Source: SPECTRE Tearsheet

The SPECTRE Trading Platform:

Spectre Trading Platform
Screenshot of the Spectre Trading Platform

But let's come back to the topic that is from the highest interest for us, the daily traders: the trading platform. As we know BSB for top-notch technical products in the trading segment, we expect nothing less like the most advanced trading platform one can imagine. Beside having fully featured analytics of your trading activities, a seamless integration into their product ARTEMIS, the platform offers a range of trader protection algorithms that MT4, Tradingview and all other can only dream of. SPECTRE will…

“…help with emotion control, risk management, trade opportunity recognition and the ability to track one's stats including strengths and weaknesses through time. SPECTRE learns the trader's weaknesses over time and alerts them when they are about to make a silly mistake.”
– Source: SPECTRE Whitepaper

We are sure SPECTRE will offer a complete new trading experience, one that is actually developed to overcome the common problems of traders and one that it is not overly gamified and designed to make you lose more than you can afford.

Spectre Trading Plattform Screenshot
Sneak Peak screenshot of the spectre trading plattform

Deposits & Withdrawals with the SPECTRE Trading Platform

SPECTRE uses ETHEREUM as cryptocurrency by choice, but later more on that topic. ETHEREUM has received lots of hype in the last time due to its 7000%+ returns to investors who had purchased the cryptoasset right from the beginning. ETH most prominent “USP” is the Smart Contract – enabled blockchain. This feature makes it possible to execute transactions in real time, completely in abundance of a broker or any other kind of escrow.

This functionality is already disrupting the financial and gambling sectors by removing the need for trust between two parties, and many other industries are expected to follow suit.

– Source:

As already mentioned, you will have to use ETH to trade on SPECTRE. However, due to the Smart Contract blockchain technology there is no deposit needed as you know it from common broker online trading sites – yes, you did read that right! No need to trust an unknown middleman as SPECTRE uses the smart contract feature of ETH. How to purchase ETH and fund an ETHEREUM wallet will be discussed in a detailed way in a later post.

SPECTRE is currently in closed ALPHA state and will open to the public ALPHA on 28th of August 2017. We are counting the days already, hunting for SPECTRE like James…

Please see here a full length webinar on the introduction of SPECTRE:

Can't wait to try the groundbreaking platform of SPECTRE, even before the ICO has started? No problem, move over here and try it out!

Update #1 09/27/17

The token structure has been updated to the following model:

There will be now a utility-token and a dividend-token. The utility-token offers a lot of benefits to a trader inside the platform, but as an investor you can get yield from holding it and buying/selling it in exchanges as all other known utility tokens.

From SPECTRE side, they will support the price of this utility-token by buying back up to 15% each year of the available quantity in the market using proceeds from the operations of the platform and burning them afterwards, therefore reducing the total number of available tokens and implicitly increasing its value. The dividend-token is for someone who is looking at SPECTRE from a profit-sharing point of view. And this is because it pays up a normal 2% dividend on each transaction but also a special dividend if certain liquidity growth targets are met, as discussed above.

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