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Know first and foremost that the very site you are on at this moment was built in part due to the spectre.ai vision, purely from the love and betterment of trading for all. In the future we plan many posts on the site of spectre.ai and that of “smart options”, imo this group and the asset class will rule the industry for years to come (if you need an introduction was SPECTRE is, read here). There were more popular ICOs we looked at, though none can compare in depth or breadth, on an intrinsic scope to the SPECTRE offering. Below are some of the fundamental reasons why spectre.ai gets our vote as the “ICO of the YEAR!”

1) Solves a real problem – This is the single most important reason to which spectre.ai gets our vote, because it wants to remove the inherent conflict of interest that dominates the retail trading space. This amazing vision that uses blockchain technology to eliminate the brokers from the equation, thus helping cripple the fraud and manipulation that so many have suffered from in the trading world. With Spectre you don’t deposit any funds with them, you trade on a per transaction basis instead. With a centralized model you would first have to deposit money into your account with a broker, then hope they pay you from those funds your winnings, often with them wanting to keep your funds came the conflict of interest that has lead to wide scale fraud in the industry, with SPECTRE this is eliminated once and for all, as with the decentralized model you never deposit funds, thus having control over your money at all times.

2) Trust of Management – If you can’t trust the people behind the company there is no point to investing in what they offer. The SPECTRE team is made up of people from the fintech space that have long histories and accomplishments in their individual disciplines. The main benefit of this, well simply put is they honor their words. They are professionals in our opinion that you can trust to grow the company into a well respected industry leader of this future space.

3) Originator status – Let us be very clear, SPECTRE is the originator of “SMART OPTIONS” they created the idea when they tied it to a decentralized Ethereum tokenized digital liquidity pool. Originator status is very important, as they deserve the credit for ushering in a new age for trading.

4) VISION – This is imo the essence of what embodies SPECTRE, their unrelenting vision of the future. This impresses me most about the future of this company and their future offerings. I think these visionaries will help create not only a transparent fair battleground for all traders, but as well lead in the way of improving the overall trading experience for each and every one of us.

5) Moral edict – You might find this an odd one to include, though in reality this is what gives many the confidence in them. These are people who care and are passionate about trading. They care enough to wish to see responsible behavior, and the fair treatment of traders. Built into the core of SPECTRE’S trading platform, are the trading education and risk management algorithms to protect traders. Often you can hear them repeat over and over in their videos, the stories of mistreatment traders have suffered by fraudulent entities, warning us repeatedly to not become victims of these nefarious characters. If you wanted people who were good guys, that sought for your personal betterment, outside of the clergy or maybe medical staff, I can think of no one better then the team behind SPECTRE…

As we walk forward into the long journey ahead, be confident in their future as I am! It is my belief the vision here will long out live any of us. That is the truly amazing thing about the blockchain/crypto movement, the passion that radiates for the common man to create a better future for us all. SPECTRE is the perfect embodiment of this, what more could we ask for then the opportunity to be a part of this better future, what more could we ask for then SPECTRE!


Website: https://spectre.ai

One Pager: https://d1zzssn32v8b7a.cloudfront.net/media/spectre_one_pager.pdf

Whitepaper: https://d1zzssn32v8b7a.cloudfront.net/media/spectre_whitepaper_v_2_3.pdf

MVP Beta: https://dapp.spectre.ai/register.php

Infographic: How is Spectre disruptive?

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