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November 14, 2018

ALGOs suggest a “BLACK CHRISTMAS” for Stocks, Bitcoin too!?

ALGOs that model/predict future price selling/buying pressure in TIME, RANGE and ENERGY. Suggest a likely Black Christmas, as the modeling of institutions own buy/sell programs and have likely triggered to a large degree, of which selling from Sept 9th to Jan 7th… These advanced ALGOs are used in highly liquid markets such as the Dow/S&P 500/Euro and have a high probability due to the ARC = Energy numbers being fairly high. Boxing out = expecting the full range within the given time, denoted by the geometry of the box in the above chart. Many elements here indicate further price declines in the U.S. equities market going forward, so what possible effect will this have on [...]

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September 17, 2018

Bullish News Everywhere – But Where Is The Moon?

Since the inception of crypto itself, there has never been more bullish news about this particular market within a month like in September 2018. The signs of a bull market are everywhere and we can sense the smell of starting rockets – but why, oh why, doesn’t reflect all this news to the price?  We are getting hammered by optimistic news all around – now the price has to follow.  Due to our analyst Ricco the markets are more than ripe for a fat reversal, see the video above. See what has happened this month alone, and this is only an extract of the most important things that have happened, accompanied by even more smaller headlines:

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