The Binary Nerd Terms

What does all that strange words mean?

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Terms I often use in my Live Trading Sessions and what they mean.


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Here we explain the following words:



– Are sets of computations I use to determine the start and end times of buy and sell programs by large banks/countries/companies in the interbank market. These buy/sell programs often average out 23.6% of the hour which is about 14.16 minutes long.


– You will hear me mention arc values from time to time when looking for trades. If the arc value is high then the likelihood of free range of movement/energy between origin and end points should correlate. This means you should see bigger moves up and down in price. If the values are low then you could see less movement and tighter/smaller ranges of price.


– Sometimes I will get trades that have or do not have synchronic elements lining up together. That simply means the variables of overbought/oversold support/resistance, ALGO times or geometry of price are working or not working together for trades. I call it Syncronicity/Sycronus = simultaneous action, development, or occurrences of events. The better the sync the more likelihood of a winning trade.


– Another very important term you might hear is “Structure” these are either completed patterns or developing ones. Example many patterns have structure such as the “Head & Shoulders” pattern having 5 points and ratio there in of. Some of the best trades will have both good structure and timing.


(from the Ancient Greek: γεωμετρία; geo- “earth”, -metron “measurement”) is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. I will often go over the geometry of price in the live chartroom to show ratios/shapes/patterns ect ect and how to calculate this “GEO” for short.


– Stands for manipulators or large entities working vs the order flow in the general market. When I speak of these entities it is not in loving terms as they will often screw up good trades. It is akin to having a fishing pond where you are fishing and then having some big fat redneck jump into your spot messing up the fishing for you.

Flight Path

– Is a trajectory of price in time to which the dotted perpendicular lines will scale to the origin and end points of the ALGO boxes you see drawn. These flight paths often will be followed as price moves forward in time to some varying degree depending on market conditions.