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The Crypto Crazies of Youtube Series – Bitcoin Ben

The Crypto Crazies of Youtube Series – Bitcoin Ben

by Rico ChetteJuly 5, 2020

There are likely no words one could rightfully use for this current article I am doing. I would just like to apologize for what you about to read and see ahead of time, I refused to add in this article a measurement between them and certain animals as I did not want to blowback from those animals being associated with the people I plan to highlight in these series of articles. Let us just say that we can point out their lack of facts, truth, statistics or in many cases any connection to reality ahead of time.

What you are about to SEE you may find very DISTURBING, but like the evolution of man, we have to give homage to the primates that came before us as we hope those who come after will do the same.

Bitcoin Ben “Deep State Crypto Chit talker!”

There are no words for Ben, literally because due to his speech impediment he simply can't say them! The only way to watch his videos on youtube is at 2x speed so he sounds normal, at least that is until you quickly notice the actual ch*t he is saying, which can do any number of things to your mind, often with disastrous long term effects.

If you have been a long time viewer of Bitcoin Ben, we suggest you see a doctor, psychiatrist and maybe even a veterinarian ASAP! So that you may start the very long journey home, which will be needed for your own physical, mental and spiritual rehabilitation. This person is not only poorly educated but suffers from extreme delusional behavior, as do most of the people in this article you will find. I do believe he has many statues of baby Jesus around his home.

Bad choices in alcohol and mean to cat

Imo as much of this article is just that, my opinion. Bitcoin Ben is very overweight, drinks and smokes way way too much, so basically he is your average American po-dunk white middle aged male trump supporter. Maybe I would not mind so much but what he drinks is the bottom of the barrel swill to boot. More then a few times he has double fisted not only cheap lite beers on cam, but a vintage of wine if you can even call it that, to which you would only be able to find at remote gas stations of middle America.

More then a few times he has stated that he keeps his side arm in tow to defend his freedom, which leaves on going who are these invisible enemies he goes on about? Ben is more ready to kick the FBI's @$$ since those sons of b*tches are always watching his every move, he even states that they are responsible for reequipping his whole neighborhood with rewired electrical/telephony tech in order to keep tabs on this suspected crypto terrorist.

The irony here is the only trouble he would likely cause to anybody, is to “Little” a black and white house cat you can hear Ben verbally abusing over and over again in many of his videos. It is a bit unsettling and I have the mind to call the ASPCA on him :/

A time before Ben went Bat Sh*t

There was a time when Bitcoin Ben was actually very interesting, engaging and even dare I say enjoyable to watch, with his primary 4 rules which he later added a 4th, the start of his downfall imo. 1) “Love your self, you are a bad mother plucker!” 2) “Love your wife, your kids and your family, they deserve it!” 3) “Kick ass! Go out and git er done!” 4) “DREAM, dream as big and wide as the fat ugly hookers you pick up at truck stops!” πŸ˜€ Basically DREAM BIG! All of this will automatically endear you to this uneducated middle aged salt of the earth truck drive, yes he was Bitcoin Ben and he would tell you straight up “It is Bitcoin Ben, your favorite truck driver!”

Well that was until he gave up being a truck driver and now works full time as a crypto influencer/patreon panhandler. I would say he has a around 1k followers on Patreon @ $5 and up along with any outside deals he gets a cool 5-6k a month so basically a middle class average income he earns. Nothing wrong with earning but for what as his crypto calls are a joke and his non crypto predictions on the end of the world are a a joke, so maybe people pay him for jokes then!?

What value I have to ask? Who are these people buying into this person that spews nothing but misinformation from his right wing conspiracy theories, worse, he pretends to actually have historical knowledge, to which he does not, instead bleeds in his conspiracy theories to create some phucked up version of history. Youtube is a cesspool of like minded people all validating each other with their limited knowledge and then re-disseminate the same disinformation based off their very warped points of view, in a circle jerk of phucktard TV.

These very uneducated white American men, make believe that what their saying is true because they heard it from some other very uneducated white American men who said it was all true! I would like to find all of these peoples parents and slap them in the face for giving them self confidence but with absolutely no education or ability to find real data/information to back it up just about anything they say. So what you have them doing is simply telling make believe stories that they try to promote as truth. It is just a giant circle jerk of right wing conspiracy theories that are validated only by others holding the same warped point of view, but hey that is youtube! Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Get back to work and become sane again

Imo Ben's big mistake was giving up his day job and then spending way way too many hours locked in a room watching youtube and the ultra right wing conspiracy/woo woo/alien/pizza gate pedophiles/deep state/progressive/end of life events for earth/QAnon videos. A matter of fact I now am a believer that Bitcoin Ben could very well be QAnon! This Q person has to be some dipsh*t just like these other dipsh*ts that listen to him. This would make a great deal of sense, since the FBI is watching his every move. To call Ben Bat sh*t crazy would be an insult to the bat's sh*t.

After Ben gave up his day job as a truck driver, as well as the small amount of sanity he had left, he is now engaged as a full time crypto influencer. He can bee seen often coming up with new schemes in order to get people to subscribe to his Patreon channel, which we recommend you subscribe to btw for $5 a month! Repeat after me over and over: crypto crypto crypto crypto crypto crypto crypto crypto crypto!

He once put up several videos of the end of the earth event coming of a comet that had cryptic messages embedded in his regular youtube channel that could only be unlocked if you joined his patreon lol. Lucky enough for us he has absolutely no clue as to basic astronomy or what the heck space actually is.

He once came up with another scheme that would protect Ben and his cult of followers from the youtube overlords removing his content, which is thought to have a value second only to the Holy Bible. Please note you first have to join his Patreon in order to get this protection πŸ˜‰ ‘Btw it is said to cure anal sores/bleeding too!'

The best crypto contra indicator

This guy is far and away the most entertaining but completely useless crypto influencer around. He is better than even CNBC at predicting the exact opposite move of the market, you need only wait for him to rant about bitcoin going to the moon and soon after it will undoubtedly crash. Ben represents the perfect HERD behavior of crypto cults, with their buying of tops and going nuts with crazy rants of giant upside price swings. This often is a common trait of more than a few who we will highlight in future articles of this series. He is the exact opposite of smart money such as what we wrote about JP Morgan and that is a good thing at least he is not a criminal, if only he was not criminally uneducated.

I have a guy who knows a guy

Once you hear this phrase from Bitcoin Ben, RUN! Do yourself a favor and turn the computer off. Who ever these guys are that work for the exchanges are big money insiders obviously don't know anything about price and supply/demand dynamics of crypto, remember charts don't care what you think, price follows the path of least resistance between buyers and sellers.

In one video Ben had a guy with invested around $1 million USD into BTC and other coins at around the highs that Bitcoin Ben said we were not going back down every again! It was going to new all time highs wooo whooo! This was when BTC was in the upper 10k range and on its way to the MOON of course. Well try to guess what did not happen, if you said that, you sir are correct! Prices pulled back from there and then was exacerbated by the covid 19 pandemic, from there prices dropped under 4k awww πŸ™ But for some of us who were short thanks to people like Bitcoin Ben we did ok πŸ™‚ Thanks for being you Ben!

ENEMIES – The Deep State, Progressives, Trolls, Progressive, Youtube, Pizza Gate, Pizza Hut, the FBI, Flo from Progressive, Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks and that phucking cat “Little” of course!

FRIENDS – #1 TRUMP, anybody who likes Trump, anybody who actually believes what he says is true, carshield and Alex Jones :))

Saving Grace of Bitcoin Ben

As much as one can abuse Ben for his beliefs and the very very bizarro things he says, well you can't help but like the guy. He is a simple down to earth, very humorous and one is left with an impression he means well. Maybe he is a somewhat over dramatic goofy American cheeseball, but nobody is perfect. When all is said and done one can easily forgive Bitcoin Bens stupidity and enjoy watching it, even if it feels like a bad episode of the right wing twilight zone on drugs. Still he is a Crypto guy through and through so to that we say amen and will continue to pray for this crypto crazy fool.

Try thinking of not as a problem, but rather a feature! So even though I often will shake my head at wtf I am doing watching some out of work truck driver on youtube, I still must support Ben and think you should too. He is a true believer in crypto and that is good enough for me πŸ™‚ If you would like to visit his channel you can find him here on his YouTube: or his website.

Crypto Ben

Follow Ben's 4 Rules of success

  1. Love Yourself – No really this is something I wish all kids would learn this at an early age so they were given self confidence, in America we have this in spades to a degree which well, many of us seem like such phucking pricks, but we mean well and heck we are Americans, not like much is expected of us anyway *shrug. There is something that should go along with this rule and that is to love others as you love yourself, basically be kind to yourself and others in turn.
  2. Love Your Family/Friends – They love you and you should love them back, a simple message and one I have seen forgotten by many a father mostly, it is often an easy thing to overlook or not take time out to appreciate our family members, so this is a great message to share with others.
  3. Kick @$$ – This kind of goes to the git er done American term of hard work and busting @$$ again. Simply put half of the game is showing up and the other half is blowing up! Do your best and never be afraid to fail, most Americans live by this rule.
  4. DREAM – This one sounds more like a Disney movie or something to tell a young child but maybe it makes sense as we grow up and become adults many of our dreams are put aside as we succumb to the riggers of life. Don't stop dreaming and know your ideas and dreams can lead to amazing things, no matter how hard, they may seem.

Dream… A good way to end…

Here in America being it is the 4th of July I will leave you with one of the most beautiful dreams I know of… “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” From this was born the one of the brightest dreams that still shines bright across the world, the American Dream of LifeLiberty and the pursuit of Happiness“.

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