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UPBOTS.COM coming soon, Defi’s imagination!

UPBOTS.COM coming soon, Defi’s imagination!

by Rico ChetteJuly 19, 2020

Upbots is a brand new all in one investment platform, that is super ambitious. If they can pull off even 1/3rd of what they are aiming for. It would still be a GAME CHANGER in the crypto space. UpBots has more features/bells and whistles. For traders & crypto enthusiasts to totally disrupt the whole crypto trading sphere for sometime to come. This is not some hastily drawn up idea. It has been in the works for quit some time. UpBots looks to represent the first true all-in-one trading platform for cryptos and even traditional markets.

With a Single Point of Control trading interface. DEFI built in. Users being able to pay subscription fees with their own UBXT tokens. They have everything but the kitchen sink! “They might include that as well soon :)”

Of course using a plethora of pieces to make this happen from a single point of control. Add powerful automation. furthermore a learning & social infrastructure. Such as it’s own market place and last some very interesting tokenomics of their own ERC20 based UBXT token. It is amazing the sheer ambition of this project. Even more so at how quickly they were able to hit their hardcap for both the Institutional placement & private sale. Therefore this means there is real belief in their vision and real backers. All looking to bring it to all of us traders & crypto lovers!

From a trading platform and GUI that connects to multiple exchanges. All from a single point of control. Not only for Crypto trading, but how about DeFi, Forex & Commodities as well! From some of the mechanics alone of how this might work. Well the possibilities are far reaching of what future capabilities this can have, due to it’s technical underpinnings.

UpBots Swiss Precision

UpBots GUI & single point of control platform

What I love most about what they are doing here is the “single point of control”. Also an aspect of the UpBots platform. As a trader what this will do. Is to quickly and effectively see and trade the market from a unified dashboard. From the behind the scenes stuff and concepts I have seen. This will for sure be an amazing trading platform for both novice and pro traders alike.

UpBots was founded by the real traders of 4C-Trading. A signal provider you likely have seen on this site. Equally they have a long history of their own trading bots and auto-trading solutions developed by them. So this is a natural progression of their company imo. As a trader of over 30+ years in the markets. If I can trade from a single platform multiple exchanges and bots. Even allow for algo/bot development directly in the platform, well I am there!

Main Features

  • Single point of control dashboard, basically all-in-one place to trade!
  • BlockChain-based web and mobile trading platform. Which is linked many different exchanges.
  • Complete set of advanced trading tools and strategies built-in.
  • Bot creator section were you can develop your own trading algorithms and even rent them out!
  • A Social copy-trading feature and signal provider market place for new comers and busy traders.
  • Wide range of automatic trading bots already built-in.
  • Several decision support tools to create and unmatched trading experience.
  • Training section to help you learn and grow at your own pace.

Mission Statement

Their mission statement is to become the preferred platform for both beginner and professional traders. Who are looking for tools and interfaces for portfolio management. Along with advanced trading features, and an easy to use trading platform.

For experts: Single point of control for the multidimensional trading data & strategies. Increased efficiency with 24/7 automatic trades, personal indicators strategy.

For beginners: Low learning curve: easy to start trading, easy to get profitable. Risk management tools keeping your invested capital safe & helps to avoid blowups in trading.

UBXT Token

UpBots Platform “TokenNomics”

This is where I find a bit of genius in their vision for the UpBots platform. They plan on not only giving you a benefit for your trading fees that many platforms give. But also a basis of which to actually to grow in the future that is in alignment with your trading. One of the biggest draws for traders that UpBots has planned. Hence will be the ability to use the UBXT tokens in order to pay their subscription fees. Which is a win-win-win for UpBots, signal providers and subscribers.

They have a carefully designed plan to which they will grow their token economy. For one thing this is for the benefit of all token holders. Let’s examine some of these ideas.

  1. Firstly – Locking of the token during time of subscription will reduce the amount of tokens on the market.
  2. Secondly – HOLD program is a way to incentivize users. To keep a certain amount of tokens for an extended period of time.
  3. Thirdly – Market maker relationship, they partnered with the best experts to ensure market liquidity and avoid excessive price disruptions.
  4. Lastly – Burning program each year they will buy back tokens to burn them, reducing the amount of the token supply.
UpBots Token Economy

The upcoming “IEO” Initial Exchange Offering

FOMO city here. Both the Institutional & Private Sale were sold out in record time! This is a big indicator of things to come for their planned IEO which might be HOT HOT HOT! If you would like more info on it. Then join both their “IEO INTEREST” & “UpBots Telegram Group”. This is a way to stay on top of updates and provide feedback for their team.

I myself am going to take an interest in this from an investment/trading perspective. Simply because of the possible profit opportunity here of a multidimensional nature. I am a natural at smelling GREEN and my nose is going into overload with UpBots and gang!

There are some indicators here of the UBXT token having some explosive upside potential. After both the Institutional & Private sales were gone in like 60 seconds it seemed. Well not only does that indicate interest is high, but the upside is extremely likely to come imo. So this is one IEO I will be very interested in for the future! Show me the MOON!

UpBots IEO

“Do keep in mind this is still early on in the planning stages. So we will see what new changes they will have for it. Again go to the above two groups to keep abreast of what is current for their IEO plans/offerings.”

Brainfeed Partnership for Built-In Education

Another interesting part of the UpBots universe is the educational resources looking to be built into the platform. I believe this will be the norm for most platforms of the future, as this is a great selling point. They have created a whole separate entity/company for this inclusion. I am sure they will likely include the UBXT token payment scheme for fees and such. Conversely reducing the supply and increasing scarcity of the tokens. This scheme can be applied too many areas in their universal platform for inclusion.

The Education part of the equation is said to be a varied course of instruction. Done in a modular fashion so traders can focus on what they wish to purchas. All at a discount for UpBot users I might add! So from this we can ascertain that Brainfeed will also likely be sold outside of the UpBots universe.

Competition, what competition?

Another interesting piece imo is the screen shot I present below. Thus it basically shows that they will totally dominate any perceived competitors with all the features of this trading platform. Just look at the chart below of the features of others vs UpBots.

As you can see they tick all the boxes. Hence why I am a believer in them causing the whole crypto trading sphere a big headach. They are going to have it all and traders are the ones who will benefit greatly from this. Imo for one thing the whole space is full of second rate programmers and poorly implemented platforms. Let us hope UpBots does not disappoint.

We really need to improve quality in the crypto sphere. Instead of the second rate platforms being offered across the board. I can understand digital currencies/smart contracts/defi and even general acceptance is maybe not there yet. We need larger funds/professionals to run things. Because compared to the traditional financial tech side of trading. Like forex/stocks/commodities. Well to put it mildly we have a long ways to go. Maybe UpBots can help provide a good karate kid crane style kick in the face, to the space. Amen!

Final thoughts…

I sit here thinking of a song… Yes you heard me right a song and this song is an ear worm “we only just begun”

Omg did I just do that to you! So wrong, but again with UpBots this is just the beginning and yes we only just begun! I can’t wait to see all they will be offering us in the future. Below are some UpBot links for you:

In conclusion…

We are planning many more future articles on UpBots So check the site every now and then. We will update you with each interesting milestone/announcement. UpBots and hopefully their token will go for the MOON! So until next time, enjoy!


° Plethora of features unmatched by competitors
° Great design for ease of use
° Well funded in order to complete project


° Still to be seen if all they state is just HOT AIR
° Though well funded still a small group of an unproven business

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Bottom Line

A great idea and concept, but maybe too much to chew? We will see they have stepped in it now :) We hope for great things, but time will tell.

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