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Verified Crypto Traders new Platinum Upgrade plan.

Verified Crypto Traders new Platinum Upgrade plan.

by Rico ChetteAugust 18, 2019

Creating smart and worry-free services for our traders to maximize profit is our goal, as such we have made some significant upgrades to the platinum plan adding an additional channel, a new exchange, updated calls and some new features at no cost to you.  

This new subscription plan will include a channel designated for platinum members which will focus on long calls utilizing Coinbase Pro.  This new channel will give us the ability to hedge against any short positions we open on Bitmex and other exchanges.  In other words, this plan will offer our customers the opportunity to engage more with the crypto market while increasing your chances of maximizing profits. There are immense benefits available in subscribing to our new Platinum plan and perhaps the most beneficial is the fact that it comes with fewer risks. Bearing in mind that the plan takes advantage of long calls you minimize the risks of being liquidated while margin trading. Also, the fact that we are hedging against short positions gives you the chance to make more profit and minimize losses at the end of the day. After an extensive test period, it is safe to say we have seen some great results and we are ready for you to benefit on the success we have witnessed.

Unlike other plans that require an upgrade to your existing membership, this plan is completely free and included in the normal pricing for the platinum membership.  Additionally, when signing up for the platinum membership you can choose between only the platinum tier channels or a package including all of our other memberships such as the gold and silver channels.  For example, you can choose to join the platinum channels but not the gold and silver ones.  You can also select if you would like the Auto Trading bot included.   The platinum plan is our most popular service due to all the perks it offers such as the Auto Trading Bot, BTC & Altcoin Signals, trades being viewable on both the exchange and telegram bot & the consistency of small trades being constantly made around the clock.  

The last few months have seen great results in the platinum channel with Erik maintaining steady profits and keeping an eye out for potential profiting opportunities.  Erik continues to provide value by explaining each call he makes and keeping us updated with the weekly weather reports.  Erik is one of our most profitable and experienced traders and it is no surprise why.  He has shown he can profit in any market whether its bearish or bullish and can capitalize on any opportunity thrown at him.  

For all our current platinum tier members, this new channel will soon be available, and you will be added to the new group shortly with no additional cost or effort needed on your part.  For all other members interested in upgrading to the new channel or if you have any questions please contact @VerifiedCrypto on telegram to speak to a representative or join today with our 30% off special discount for smart option members only!

Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders new Platinum Upgrade plan. 15
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