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About Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders (added to The Best Crypto Signals / The Best BitMEX Signals 02-2018 – updated 01-2023)
~ Crypto Trading Signals for Binance, Bittrex, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi, BitMEX | Bitcoin Analysis | News | Market Overview | Auto Trader ~

+++Advanced Signal Group by Seasoned Traders offers Auto Trader & Market Updates+++

Verified Crypto Traders Review

Verified Crypto Traders are back but this time with new owners & traders! Thus as before still provides well-thought crypto trading signals, as well as critical news and updates. This is way more than just a simple signal group on telegram – Verified Crypto Traders is a valuable source for what’s going on in the Crypto world, along with their bearish/bullish video reports that give you an overview of what is happening and what to expect coming on this day. The accuracy of their crypto signals is astonishing.

Verified Crypto Traders is now run by Roger, an old-time trader who uses 2 main methods with extreme accuracy and results. VCT offers 2 main methods of trading both scalping and swing trades, you can see they provide Binance Spot, Binance Futures, Bittrex, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi, and BitMEX signals. All signals are well explained with both fundamental and technical analysis. If you are looking for the Best BitMEX signals? You are here right where you want to be.

  1. Breakout Strategy – This is designed for quicker scalp trading in short time frames for rapid-fire breakout trades.
  2. DCA strategy – Designed for stable and safe growth for trading accounts. Consequently, it is mainly used for swing trades with select targeting of entry/exit points.

Verified Crypto Traders: Results

Verified Crypto Traders is just starting, but here are the results of the past 4 years of trading by Roger and his team using both 2x trading strategies with scalp and swing trades from 2017 on. He averages around 2,000% ROI yearly! A very impressive number indeed.

2017 – 2070%
2018 – 2160%
2019 – 1800%
2020 – thus far 1555%

The Offering

  • Auto-Trading ready
  • Weekly Video updates of trades/ideas and technical analysis
  • Highly informative coin recommendations based upon and displayed as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and market sentiment. Plus, you will receive many important market and news updates for these picks
  • Short, medium, and long-term buy signals
  • Explanatory chart calls
  • Hand-Picked signals both spot and margin
  • Team-picked crypto trading signals.
  • Transparent Results Tracking with Cornix audit log
  • Auto Trader with Cornix that executes on 5 exchanges: Binance, both spot & futures, Bittrex, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi, and Bitmex
  • Diamond Reports – undervalued crypto gems

Verified Crypto Traders: The Auto Trader

Crypto Group Trader Review

If you are looking for a Crypto Group Trader Review? Check the Verified Crypto Traders offer auto-trading through Cornix. There are two methods of how the Verified Crypto Traders auto-trader works:
a) Firstly – Semi-automatically, you click one button to replicate the trade into your account
b) Secondly – Fully automatic, you just configure it and let it run hands-free

Verified Crypto Traders has made it an easy choice for users who want Auto-trading but is now a separate feature which you will have to signup through Cornix. Thus by adding Cornix auto-trading technology through Telegram to their service, customers benefit from this powerful duo. You will find this crypto group traders review here on this page about the Verified Crypto Traders group.

(Please note Cornix is a separate service you can signup for and use with VCT.)

The Trading Signals

Roger trades asymmetrically according to the trade opportunities that present themselves. Since he trades both short-term scalps and swing trades on all the above platforms, you will always be sure to have enough trades available weekly to take advantage of. The returns Roger gets from the accuracy of the trades are phenomenal both for short-term scalps and swing trades. Altcoin DCA swings are a ladder of amazing calculations every alt trader will enjoy. The Breakout trading scalps are a sight to see with fast-moving market conditions.

Verified Crypto Traders are very selective about what they post and cautious, giving traders the best probability of success.  You will get daily updates and technical analysis on Bitcoin, ETH, and the like, plus all critical verified news, but the cryptocurrency signals will come how they find them. They don’t stress themselves but post only the A++ trades for you to follow. This might not be for you if you are more of a gambler with a short attention span.

The selection of the recommended trades is based on analytical decisions here. Hence they trade in the markets mainly if the technical analysis aligns with strong fundamentals. This diversity results in a top-notch performance. Some of their analysts have a Forex background, some trade the trends, and others more the oversold prices. Thus the approach is very diverse. VCT does not limit the cryptocurrency pairs they are analyzing and trading. This is the way to go if you are into reliable mid to long-term trades with real impact instead of a few satoshis profit.

Signals Example

Verified Signal BAT/BTC

Verified Crypto Traders Telegram Signal

And the outcome on the chart: Target Profit +56.97%

Verified Crypto Traders Chart Trading View


For what you get Verified Crypto Traders IMO, you can’t beat their prices with a stick! Furthermore, because they include all the Platinum features of their old service and the auto-trader, you get great value for their pricing. And of course, many will do monthly pricing to start. but IMO the yearly is the best deal of all. Below is their straightforward price list and this includes the Platinum Room Chatroom, where you can get live support/help and also the two signals channels for both Scalp & swing trades.

$999 – for a year
$540 – 6 months
$270 – 3 months
$99 – per month

The Critique

Verified Crypto Traders with all they are offering, you can’t really complain about much, the most impressive thing will be to see the profits over time and how they match up to the past in our opinion. Moreover, Roger and the gang have a lot going for them regarding what they offer.

  • Auto-Trading is available through Cornix
  • Weekly Video Updates on trades and the market
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Short-term scalps as well as Swing trades

The chat room rules are very strict and limit open and helpful discussion. They are super transparent with their results, so there is very little you could ever want to complain about, along with great wisdom to be found in the platinum group and coupled with the auto-trader wow, love it!

Customer Insights Reviews

This customer review has been provided by user borneo82 and can be verified with him on Telegram.

What to say about Verified Crypto Traders.  This crypto group traders review is, well, let’s start from the beginning. When I entered crypto, I didn’t know anything about anything. So, I just googled and came across this web page ( where they were talking about the best crypto signals. Of course, verified crypto traders were one of them. That was over a year ago. I didn’t start with them from day one but followed their free channel and page cause I didn’t want to go blind. After a short time, I decided to pay for their plan, and I didn’t regret it.

The crypto market is something new in the business world, and because of market volatility, signal groups appear and disappear daily, but not Verified Crypto Traders. Smartoptions article is always up-to-date with signal groups, and Verified Crypto Traders are always around here, meaning they are giving their best to stay on top. They are evolving, always progressing.

After this small intro let’s talk about their Altcoin signals.

Altcoin signals

First, they are not like other groups giving lots of signals daily. They are very selective and very cautious about giving signals. The traders always do their job and make a good fundamental and technical analysis.  And yes, they have more than one trader, each having their own strategy, so you can follow one or more traders, it’s up to you.

As said before they are not giving daily signals. If you look it at first it doesn’t look tempting, but what we have to remember, in the end, long term is always better the short term, and you can read about that everywhere. Because “Patience is the key”, and patience will make you money, or in this case more BTC.

With signals comes an auto trading bot, so you can follow signals with a single click, making life much easier. If nothing else, you’ll have a nice sleep, not wondering what is happening with your signal, cause the bot will do everything. All you have to do Is to have telegram and the bot will let you know what’s going on with your trade. And if you are an experienced trader you can even do your bot settings.

If you are interested in their trade signals and their success, you can find them on their web page.

Customer Reviews:

And we got a second customer review in. This one is coming from their member Mike and can be verified directly on Telegram with him.

I heard about Verified Crypto Traders in the summer of 2018.

At this time I was searching serious trading service with a high success ratio.

I tried the best-rated services I found on a website and VTC was the best one from my experience.


Firstly, it’s not a service where you have many and many trades. They pick carefully the ones and if you are patient, you surely won’t regret it.

Secondly, they are always available if you have any questions about trades. This is worth a lot.

They organize web conferences where you have trade lessons and tips, and during which you can ask questions.

After more than 9 months with them, I can ensure you that you should try VTC service; you won’t regret it 🙂

If you have any questions, I am available on Telegram 🙂


Verified Crypto Group does an awesome job of bringing professionalism to Crypto Signals. This continues to be the case with Roger taking over as well they still have Erik who agreed to stay on for the time being with his amazing accuracy and weekly video updates that give great insight into the marketplace. The videos are exceptionally educational if you also want to learn about trading.

Please note that this crypto signal channel is a mixture of educational content, news content, and professionally analyzed signals, explained along with the technical analysis behind it. You won’t get dozens of crypto trading signals per day, but you will get a few outstanding ones and an explanation of why they issue this signal. This is a channel for people who want to learn something and widen their horizons.

They have those scalps with small profits but also these mega swing trades. Until today we trade almost all of their signals. Regarding the background info, you will get the following info when a signal has been issued: The fundamentals, the consideration, and the call logic – these steps make you learn more and more with every call if you take the time to understand what caused the call a call.

But I also think verified crypto traders are doing a solid job. We had quite a few +250% profit signals with them some time ago – real killer signals – and these are by far not the only ones in that manner. Currently, the winners play in tighter ranges, though. Especially convenient is the trading bot if we set up and configured the bot right, we just had to click the “follow” button, which you can see below each signal. Automagically, all buy orders are placed in the account.

Once activated it adds the sell orders. The beauty of it is that you can configure the stop loss to your likings, like trailing stops, stop at breakeven, etc. – so you have a good chance to make your way through all targets and gain the full growth potential without having to sit in front of the screen manually moving the stops. I run the auto trader of verified crypto traders on a test account and it runs very well so far. The setup and all the configuration options might be tricky for newbies, but you will get help and assistance. There have been difficulties with the Cornix set up in the past, but this seems to be tackled now.

The Platinum services – well, these are only for the guys that can let a thing just run. Set it up, and come back after a year – I am pretty sure most folks will have a big smile on the way to the bank. I would say this is the main prize of verified crypto traders and odd because it is just so neutral in verified crypto traders’ incredible past results of very low risk and super high accuracy in win rates. Still, again you won’t hear anything about that because this group of traders just trades, there is no hype at all, and they don’t care, as a trade is a trade to them.

All in all, Verified Crypto Traders is a trustable group that one should be able to trust. They have the legal setup, they provide a very solid profitable service and have really great traders aboard. If you take the general Altcoin or the Margin Plan it is advisable to play all their signals with strict Money Management and low leverage to get a good average in the outcome, the bot makes it easy to do so. However, the Platinum service is my favorite of verified crypto traders and gangs.


  • Official website: VCT website
  • Join: VCT Shop
  • Telegram Contact: VCT Telegram chat or Free channel
  • Pricing: $999 year/$540- 6 months/$270- 3months/$99month
  • Discount: Smartoptions (10% discount)
  • Further Information:
  • Chatroom: Yes.
  • Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi,
  • Results: See our Result-page
VCT - Trusted Provider Badge
Verified Crypto Traders is a Trusted Signal Provider


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. The information provided from SmartOptions is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance.

Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.


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  1. This is by far the best service provider i have come across. Not only are the traders transparent with their calls, they also explain everything and really Teach you how they trade.

  2. I know enough about trading to get by but rarely have the time so recently I signed up with the gold / platinum auto trader option and so far I’ve been really impressed. So far the trades have been reasonably accurate, not always right but enough to keep making constant moves upward, whilst not being too risky. If you get stuck then the customer support is superb and quick to get back to you, whilst the traders are bang on it!

    Top notch.

  3. As a customer, this is a review of the GOLD plan. I do not speak for platinum.

    It’s not possible to rate VCT well until they learn to properly represent their gains. The claimed gains are measured in an impractical and deceiving way.

    If their signal has 4 entry targets, and only 1 entry target is hit, they will measure the gain from that target to take profits.

    Entry 1: 100
    Entry 2: 95
    Entry 3: 90
    Entry 4: 80

    TP1: 105
    TP2: 110
    TP3: 115
    TP4: 120

    If only entry 1 hits and then TP1 hits, they will say 5% gain. However, even with the auto-trader, a user had their capital split between the 4 orders.
    In reality, based on the true allocated amount, the trader gains 1.25% based on the initial capital.
    I’ve been told this is just “a different way” to represent gains. If the signal blows past all entry targets and hits stop loss, the user has losses on the full position size.
    This ends up being wildly misrepresentative. They could report 5 signals that hit Entry 1 and TP1, the gains may read 5-10% gains, and they may report 5 signals that hit stop loss with -5% to -10%. It may look balanced, however, you will severely be in a net loss of capital since the stop losses are losses on full position sizes.

    VCT has been using a staggered entry strategy lately where only 3.6% of the allocated capital is bought on the first entry order. 100% gain on a 3.6% of a position size of 10% of the portfolio is negligible.

    The bots would tell a good story if you look at their gain in BTC.

    Margin signals have been a joke since one of the traders has had a straight month+ of pure losses. God bless anyone on the auto trader as their capital was absolutely destroyed. Trying to make that back even after 5-6 months is…well good luck.

    Crypto Coffee does a really good job, good accuracy with altcoins and good gains.

    My suggestion, if you’re desperate for signals, is to only join for altcoin signals. If you look at the spreadsheets of “gains” don’t be fooled by the big numbers. Calculate yourself what would actually happen.

    The support is usually nice, but sometimes there is one individual that is extremely rude and snobbish to people that ask questions. Granted many VCT users ask really stupid questions, but they paid for the service. They deserve respect. Looking at you Satfinder.

    I don’t think any portfolio size is worth the price charged for gold. Platinum may be good, but I don’t know of a reliable, verifiable way to check performance. doesn’t show the P/L or trades taken. Too new of a service to recommend for the price.

    Tl;dr there are better options. Follow the right people on twitter and you’ll see who the best traders are, and you’ll find the best paid groups. VCT Gold is not it.

  4. I’m happy with VCT so far. I’ve been with them for the 2nd year now and have seen quite a few developments in a positive direction towards a more customer focused way. Private sale is a nice bonus. They have done plenty of research and work for better bonus deals.
    The autotrading bot has been developed to a more user friendly one.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  5. I’ve recently signed up with the gold auto trader option and so far I’ve been very impressed. The customer support has been second to none, and so far the trades have been accurate while not being overly risky. It’s clear the traders know what they’re talking about. If you can get in while the sale’s on it’s a bargain.

    If you want to be able to get on with your life while they make the trades for you, this is a highly recommended option.

  6. I joined VCT from August 2018, and I can say that Erik has been the greatest asset for this group. Starting from the Gold Membership to Platinum, words can’t describe on the capacity of content these traders produce for this service. The team is very well organized, and they are very attentive. Any issues are worked on right away and resolved proactively. Not only is this a signal group, but also an educational platform.

    As I am very conservative with my trading strategy, I would only highly recommend the platinum service for anyone who is looking for consistent compound gains. As the Platinum service is fully automated, this service is perfect for anyone who doesn’t understand the math behind the compounding effect. Erik teaches the group members diligently on market psychology and statistics to help members understand why a loser will stay a loser based on their mentality/irrational thinking. His video presentations on the market updates are very deliberate yet very simple to grasp for anyone who is new.

    I can’t wait to see Erik’s fat-tail curved profits come into play, and show us the smartest way of growing small accounts over a long period of time into large accounts through a 100% success rate. Definitely one of the best traders on the block!

    (My review is more towards the platinum service)

  7. Hi.
    Before I joined VCT, I tried two different fee-based signal providers that did not meet my expectations at all. Now, I am almost nine months in the VCT group and a happy customer. It is true that they have strong and weak periods for Altcoins (different exchanges)/Bitmex signals but this is quite usual for the crypto space and, in general, you should not blindly follow every signal anyway. Costs might be slightly high. Nevertheless, the service and support they offer is outstanding. It never happened that my concern was not solved by the team. In addition, they always try to clarify and educate about their trades and risk involved by means of explanations, videos and webinars. Their Platinum service stands out with an 100% accuracy, some minor troubles had been caused by the trading bot, but those issues were solved quickly.
    So far, I can only recommend VCT.

  8. I had tried a few different signals providers, and mostly received trades that where already provided by the free signal providers, I have been happily surprised with the awareness that the crypto advisory provides as to the risks, and possibilities of different senerios that might happen!this has changed my life in a positive way

  9. I am Platinum customer. Only winning trades so far, but tiny profits only as the contract size is very small. There is almost no risk, but the account will grow slowly I think. Must wait and see if the gains cover the fees and leave profits

      • Hi James,
        mathematically it is true, as it seems they are referring to the growth in USD value which benefits from the general price increase of BTC.
        However, in BTC value my own account saw a growth of something around ~15% I guess. But hey, I am totally okay with it – it is amazing to see the compounding effect slowly kicking in step by step – and if a trade closes in a loss, it is really a minor one – while the profits are increasing. If you are used to using more balance like 10% of your equity this way of trading is very boring to observe, and you might start doubting it at the beginning. Take it from me – I saw many many “fund managers” and auto traders in my time with smart options – often they have amazing results for some time, but high rewards mean there have been high risks – and at one point the model collapses. This is where most traders lose their coolness and try to recover for their clients – and this, my friend, is the mortal blow for your account. Believe me, I saw this process over and over again and I am sick of it. You need something with a really good mathematical understanding to grow accounts safely, therefore you need patience and trust. This is what the Platinum gives you.

  10. Hi Tom,
    for the general service: it really depends on the Cornix settings imo – I would request assistance on that, because the wrong stop/trailing/entry configuration can have an heavy impact on the outcome. I trade their signals quite often, but interact manually, hence I cannot use this for the stats here. However, all their signals are traded on their company accounts and you should be able to reproduce the same results, if you compare the configuration.
    I get that it looks a bit odd that Platinum has these kind of results, but there is a reason: 1. For BitMEX there is another trader – he trades the accounts in a way that is very risk averse and in a way that makes it very hard to lose a trade. You have to consider that you can trade an account in another way with fully, interactive managed trades.
    I totally get the thought behind the commission model you are requesting. From a customer perspective it makes very much sense. However, for a company I guess it becomes pretty hard to manage your finances this way. Trading is an investment and should work out in the long-term, the results will vary – with every provider- over time, as it is just normal. Every trader has a bad mojo from time to time (like you mentioned with MS), and a working company is depending on their cashflow as they have running costs. So, I get this perspective also pretty well.
    Smaller 1-Man-Show groups, that don’t rely on the fee income as they make their money also from other sources, can offer this though.

    Thank you for your input, Tomas! I really hope you can tweak your settings to reproduce the positive results the official account sees.



    • I stared also using Binance auto trader today. Will update my review in a few weeks, for the better I hope.

      Btw support is fast and helpful.



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