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Vibes, nothing but good vibes! Our friends from 4C-Trading recently published an extensive piece about VIBEHub in their CryptoGem series. On May 4-5 the VRLA (Virtual-Reality-Los-Angeles) conference takes place. The VRLA is the world’s largest immersive technology festival.

Among many others, the conference is sponsored by Microsoft and Intel. This shows the relevance. Not only is VIBEHub one of the sponsors, but also they will give a presentation about his conference is the perfect opportunity to present their innovative tech to big companies.

Also to look out for potential partnerships. This looks like a solid short-term trade and a great long-term hold anyways.


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Vibes, nothing but good ones!

Significantly VIBEHub is a technology platform with the capacity to create virtual reality marketplaces & Hubs. Allowing users to buy and sell experiences. Which is far beyond the possibilities of traditional technology. All transactions on these hubs will use VIBE. Vibe is an ERC20 token. What differentiates VIBEHub from traditional Virtual Reality applications? Is the ability to capture visual performances in Volumetric Video. Better known as Holoportation Technology. This will allow for closer and more intimate interactions. Be it with artists, educators, or influencers.

VIBEHub provides artists and educators the platform to reach millions of viewers in one stream. While the hybrid combination of blockchain and off Blockchain solutions facilitates micro-transactions. No gas. Instant transactions. No middleman. What does this mean for the user? You will be able to attend concerts, education seminars. Even play games and go on virtual dates all in VR on the VIBEHub application.

The only thing you will need is a VR-glass like the Oculus Rift. It is worth mentioning that Oculus who is a big player in the VR industry. Also, they are already an official partner. So are Sony, Monster Technology Group, and Microsoft HoloLens. Just to name a few.

Good Vibes

Token use case

In order to watch concerts. Maybe partake in education seminars and workshops. Even attend meet & greets and go on virtual dates. Firstly, you must pay in the VIBE currency to attend these events and social activities. Secondly, VIBE can also be used to purchase digital assets. Also, you can vote on the platform as well. So basically the token acts as a payment gateway that must be used.

Why are we bullish on VIBE?

VR is a very fast emerging industry. VR has enormous potential. Estimates show that the market for VR is exponential. Likely to grow over 100 Billion dollars until 2020. VIBE has the potential to be one of the leaders in the industry. The team is taking huge steps to go mainstream.

Likewise, they are aiming to announce mainstream artists. Showcasing him/her on the VIBEHub platform in March. They have already established great partnerships. They also do a good job in terms of networking and marketing. VIBEHub could also provide a great service to future generations. Think of it as an archive for future broadcasts.

There are many great use cases and industries for Vibe to use. Such as Music, Education, Gaming, and Dating. That can be heavily influenced by VR and VIBEHub. For example the first-mover advantage + taking into consideration what they have already achieved, we see VIBEHub as one of the future industry leaders. Assuming that the whole industry is still in the
fledgling stage, the market cap can easily grow times 5+ times from here. Even 10x is possible.

400 Mil Market Cap

We expect a minimum market cap valuation of 400 Mil USD this year. However, we are confident that it can go up a lot more! Depending on the industry growth. Along with partnership announcements, and adoption. Considering the ATH of USD 2.4 (USD 417 million market cap). Such as a great entrance point at the moment. Again in terms of the roadmap, we can expect great things for 2018.

Further Q1 the Integration of their off-chain solution for micro-transactions will be implemented. Moreover, we will see VR performances live on the beta platform using the VIBE currency in Q1-Q2. This is another confident booster. Thus seeing the VIBE currency in use will most likely trigger more adoption and should give significant value to it.

The release to all VR/AR hardware platforms is planned for Q4, so that we can expect another major milestone by the end of 2018.



VIBE Token Facts
Name: $VIBE
Exchange: Binance


Significantly the implementation of volumetric video technology on the VIBEHub platform and will display the profound effects it will have on our society.“

VRLA – Conference


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