Learn To Trade with Trend Mentors
Learn To Trade with Trend Mentors

Wanna Learn To Trade? Consider an Internship at Trend Mentors!


Lately, we got many requests of guys who want to learn to trade and if there is a decent course out there. We watched out and there are quite some decent offerings, but I am not a fan of video course that pushes knowledge, even if it is good and leaves you alone with that. Learning to trade, does not work like a “video in – ready trader comes out” – model. The opposite is the case, the charts are your teacher, and your wallet is the direct feedback for your learning progress.

It’s been on our agenda, for quite some time now, to find that special provider that focus on learning and function like an interactive trading group where you can put your learning into practice. A place where we can direct those cravings for this and want something special and extra. This has shown to be a hard task to find as most spots are video courses and you don’t have actual traders besides you, that will guide you and more important KNOW HOW TO TEACH YOU.  We are glad to finally give our stamp of approval to this small group of traders, that has run a private group for 6 months but now decided to open up for everyone: The Trend Mentors.

The group is run by experienced channel owners that held great results but not now left scalability behind and focus on teaching in a small environment giving the right settings to your everyday trading. The group have been a private closed trading group for several months but is now open for anyone interesting to learn about crypto and trading. It really has the feel of a group of family and friends and the limitation is a good thing for learning efficiency.

Trend Mentors Internship takes only 25 participants, heck – that’s not really much. Only 25 people will be able to take part in the Internship and the aim is for experienced traders to take your trading to the next level, and if you are a beginner you will get the settings needed to do it right from the start. So, in order to do this and give each member unique support and attention the seats are very limited. You will even have the option to get 1-1 shared screen session if you need help with something specific or for example never traded on Bitmex or Binance previously, you can get help to get started with this. The chat is interactive, and you will get feedback on your own charts and trade ideas and receive the help you need to learn what trades suit you the best and how to do your own technique as well as fundamental analysis.

You will not get buy now sell now instruction, as this is not a Signals channel. Instead, you will get ‘trade sharing ideas’ which is the admin’s way of sharing their trades prior to taking them and discuss why they think it’s a good trade and follow it trough. Understanding the logic and risk to reward behind a trade is a very important aspect for those traders who would like to put rationale forward before attempting a trade. There are frequent Bitcoin and market analysis, that up till now have been very accurate. The analysis is delivered both in written form and through YouTube live streams. Live streams are also done spontaneously if a subject comes up and there is something specific to show. There are plenty of Alt reports to follow and the idea is for you to learn to see what the traders behind Trend Mentors see on the charts accompanied by a touch of fundamentals. If you want to learn to trade, this incorporates a huge difference, as the learning steps from reading to talking about it with the authors, to make conclusions on your own, based on the provided information, is a proactive process, that will mold you into someone, with a better market understanding. This team has a background in financial trading, but also from other commercial industries and you can sense they worked on a corporate level before, by how serious they run the group.  They focus on mental coaching and beat bad habits into good solid ones and we all know this is a huge part of being a successful trader.

So, the thing that puzzled me here, was this Internship-thing and the sharp limitation to only 25 people. The earning capabilities for the team behind Trend Mentors are pretty limited, I have to say.

The thought that comes out of this observation is that the people behind this group do this more out of passion than for business reasons – the fee is an incentive to participate and invest time in themselves for a long-term solid foundation to become a successful trader. This is the place if you want to learn TA in a smaller group with personal attention and trade together among helpful friends. It’s an environment you can share all your worries and get the support you need and learn from mistakes and share success.  The traders behind Trend Mentors are very open with their trades and decisions, both successful decisions and trades that go south. They share and analyze what could have been done different – and this is one of the most important parts. Good trades often make a worse trader out of you and the lost trades are the best teachers for you. Being in the signals business for a while, auditing dozens of groups to date, it seems to be common practice to delete unsuccessful signals – though they are part of the game, they must be analyzed, they must be assessed – and this is what you can get with this learning group. Since they are no signal provider, there is no reason to hide a thing, but see failed trades great learning opportunities.  One can obviously not be this open in a bigger group so the group itself becomes very intimate and people get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and the support and help provided is rather unique.

The entire aim and goal are to help you develop into a solid trader that can read the market and make well-planned decisions and take the action into your own hands and understand how to react and adjust to the market.

In the capped 25-member Internship, you will receive the following:

  • Interactive Intern chat with 3 admins
  • Portfolio Management with TA on your holdings
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • TA education and hands-on help with your charting
  • Live sessions on shared screen to improve your TA skills and get market updates
  • Full access to Trend Mentors online library and all live stream videos
  • Trade share – Trade share is Trend Mentor’s way of helping you get great gains, trades that are interesting will be shared so it can be traded together, it be discussed why it’s a good trade and help everyone understand the process of getting to that decision.
  • Bitmex and Binance exchanges
  • Coin Watch – updated coins weekly to keep under observation
Trusted Education Provider
Trusted Education Provider

Please contact @AC_C4Q by Telegram to enroll or ask more questions.
Discount code: Use the discount code SMARTOPTIONS for 10% discounted price.

Fact Sheet for Trade Mentors

  • Telegram contact:  @AC_C4Q
  • Subscription Pricing (with 10% discount applied): 1 Month:   225 USD 2 Months: 405 USD 3 Months: 585 USD
  • Payment Option: BTC – ETH
  • Exchanges: Bitmex and Binance
  • Trade share with TA: Yes, charts various time frames are attached
  • Trading Time zones: The activity is spread over the day, so everyone has a chance to participate. Live sessions are usually done in evening GMT if a weekday and usually afternoon or as agreed if in weekends, and being only 25 members, this is easy to adjust.
  • Cross promotions: No, all part of Trend Mentors has been a private channel up to now.
  • Free Channel: https: //t.me/TrendMentors
  • Free Chat: https://t.me/Trend_Mentors
  • Feedback Channel: https://t.me/TrendMentorsFeedback

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