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World Markets Review

World Markets Review

by Rico ChetteJune 25, 2020

Please note that this article hasn’t been updated in a while. Don’t make any financial choices based on the information in this post.

Update 4/16/2021 – “World Markets may be a bad actor in our space now. Originally we had glowing reviews and no complaints about them. Now we see their videos removed from YouTube and strange activity from their side, add along with the lack of communication the past several months after requested attempts for clarification, and we do not feel comfortable at this time of their review on the site, please be aware until they contact us with the information we have requested it may be very wise to AVOID this group/company for now…”


World Markets – FIRE! THUNDERBOLTS AND LIGHTENING! All keywords to harken an image of amazing consistent results. Results that would make even some of the best fund/auto-trading platforms drool in amazement.

Firstly they are simply HOT HOT HOT!!! Secondly, they are tearing it up in the Autobot trading space right now. Lastly this trading platform has come up completely clean with all of the research we have done into them.

We found far too many varied responses from sources all over the globe. That simply is in love and I do mean in love with what WorldMarkets is providing. As award-winning trading and investment service.

World Markets simply can’t be beaten by any of its peers at this time. Below I will go over the various aspects of their platform and how they work.

Most importantly are the returns we have seen by this trading powerhouse.

For example they have 21.77% compounded returns averaged out monthly might not compute with most traders ability to count. To those who can, the numbers are nothing less than astounding!

Let us do a run down so you can see the monthly returns of this average below. Note fixed sum hypothetical returns can be more or less depending on variance of results.

World Markets Gold Trading Results
World Markets Gold Trading Results

World Markets the Company

Founded in 2003 World Markets is still going today. The company started out specializing in Bullion (Gold/Silver) trading online. Originally as a precious metals dealer.

Later on they then moved on to include currencies, indices, commodities, stocks and finally cryptocurrencies. They currently have with their AI Auto-trader over 30 Million in Assets under management. Along with over 50,000 clients worldwide. 

Customer Support

Consequently with extremely fast response times for inquires in the 1-2 hour time frames. We tested this with several people all verifying their extremely speedy response. Mainly through e-mail ([email protected]) or by filling out the contact form available on the platform.

That is to say, you also have the option of calling any of the 36 worldwide numbers to their offices. Likewise depending on your account location. They pride themselves on very fast turnaround times. Though they may state 1-2 hours some responses have been more in minutes we found. 

World Markets partnerships 

The company utilizes various partnerships to offer clients a plethora of feature and trading options. In a way most companies do not. They have their services segmented into 3 main areas of AI auto-trading. Along with self directed trading and bullion with storage/vault options. Primarily for those looking to store your gold/silver in a safe place.  

WorldMarkets Account types

Similarly with World Markets Platform, you have many options to use a hybrid accounting structure. Certainly they route internally or externally with various partners associated with their business. This gives the trader a far more robust plethora of options. 

AI Auto-Trading Managed Funds Account

Undoubtedly this is the star of WorldMarkets and in our opinion. Likewise 90% of people who use this platforms choice. Their company has a very winning formula with a combination of artificial intelligence driven algorithms. Consequently they are trading millions of dollars minute by minute in the market place. With those algorithms being extremely supervised and optimized with all new market structures 

Throughout the day minute to minute. Their trading profits have been not only stable but extremely profitable and more over above all, consistent for their clients. 

Self-Trading Account through partnerships: CFD/Currencies (HYCM) – Crypto (Bitmex) – STO/Stocks/ETFs (DX.Exchange)

World Markets leverages various partnerships with other exchanges. This is for clients who would like to trade their funds/trading directly. World Markets uses their partner relationships. Whether HYCM for CFDs or Currencies/Forex, Bitmex for Crypto and finally for Stocks/ETFs they offer DX.Exchange. 

Gold & Silver Bullion Products

To clarify for those traders interested in buying/selling and owning physical gold/silver. You have options as World Markets started out originally specializing in the Gold/Silver bullion market. Having many partnerships in this area. Thus allowing for bullion products shipped by licensed dealers directly to you at the best prices available.

*Please also note they have many options with other various metals/Coins such as Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium & Copper. World Markets even has vault options for storage globally as well. *List of storage locations available on website. 

World Markets Partnerships
World Markets Partnerships

WorldMarkets Fee Structure

AI Managed Accounts you have variable structures 

  • STANDARD ACCOUNTS: €5,000 deposit 20% performance fee and 1% Annual management fee.  
  • GOLD PREMIER ACCOUNTS: €25,000 deposit 10% performance fee and 1% Annual    management fee.  

Self Traded Accounts have a choice of variable structures 

  • Choice of Fixed Spreads 1.8 pips with No Commission
  • Variable Rate Spreads average 1.2 pips
  • RAW spreads 0.2 pips + $4 a round turn.

As a result depending on account size and trading volume each should be calculated by the trader for best cost utility.

However World Markets has gone out of its way to give the individual trader options. Consequently it is suited for their personal trading style & frequency. For all other rates/changes please inquire within the World Markets website. 

World Markets Spreads
World Markets Spreads

Multitude of Deposit Options, including Bitcoin!

One of the best things about Worlds Market is their many deposit options. Thereby allowing traders to use their Crypto Currencies as well as various other methods. Such as Credit Card Visa/Mastercard, Skrill, Netteller, RapidPay and Webmoney as deposit options.

Do note most have no fees. Though smaller more volatile coins will have variable fees associated. They often have an 24hour and under turn around time. Just make sure to first provide KYC documents ahead of time. This allows them to process your transactions in a timely manner. As this is common with all brokers and can add to additional waiting time. 

World Markets Deposit Options
World Markets Deposit Options

Withdrawal Options simple, often with a 24 turnaround time!

As you can see by the screen shot below. World Markets holds to a very fast withdrawal turnaround time. Certainly we find the options are not as many as the deposits due mainly to AML laws. Most exchanges adhere to remain compliant worldwide. 

World Markets Withdrawal
World Markets Withdrawal

World Markets “AI Holy Grail of Auto-Trading” 

In addition after a long look at their website and various postings. we are able to get a look % wise. Thus seeing their returns averaged out year over year. As well we can understand various costs and trading styles to give us further insight into World Markets. The high satisfaction rates of their clients and extremely consistent results left us in aw/shock. This companies success in the trading of various assets, they are nothing short of fantastic. Using a combination of AI for signals/trades. As well as a human oversight to create a perfect computer/human symbolic trading program. That generates amazing compounded returns that I don’t think can be beat even by some of the best. I did notice some of the draw downs being high. Again that is normal in the extremely high returns that World Markets achieves for their clients. 

Reviewer gains over 120% ROI in 3 months!

Moreover we note below in this video of one of WorldMarkets clients who started out with $5,000.

Firstly he quickly saw his profits grow in each successive video.

Secondly this person was not even a true fan or very knowledgeable of the WorldMarkets Platform to any degree.

Lastly this was a test to see what he could produce by working with their AI Traded Account Program.        


“Here is Below where he is today sitting with an over 120% return in 3 months time. “Note this is a person who was neither pro or con the platform.”


Smart Options reviewer tests with min deposit and withdraws same month.

One of SmartOptions reviewer/trader friends did a test of World Markets to test the validity of claims/results. They deposited around the min deposit of $2,500.00.

From then towards the end of the month withdrew the majority of the account. As you can see by their trading and account history below.

Again no problems and extremely fast turn around times by World Markets. An outstanding job by this company once again!

Conclusion on Worlds Market

We really enjoy everything about this company and find them to be extremely different in how they operate. They are worlds away from just about every other service available. Gaining top marks on originality and transparency.

The platform is simple to use and setup. This coupled with the extremely fast support times of both deposits/withdrawals. Add as well effective communication when talking with their support, one could not ask for more.

At SmartOptions we will do a follow-up article and place the link here. that interviews the people in World Markets to give readers a more behind the scene’s sense of this unbeatable company because I want to know who the pros are that run Worlds Market as they really deserve some credit and are not well featured anywhere I have looked online.

In our opinion, the main focus for most of the readers here will be their AI managed fund trading account and will look to get more in-depth behind the scenes coverage for our readers. With nothing but happy users World Markets and a very easy to use interface for what most would see as a complicated product we think they are a real game-changer in the trading space and can’t wait to feature more on them in the future! 

No contact has been made with WorldMarkets for over 4 months and do not know if this project is currently active…


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

• Traders can fund their accounts in Bitcoin,
Ethereum and many other Cryptos
• Many tradable assets and trading vehicles
• Company has been around since 2003
• AI Auto-Trading and user account setup is super
• Many High Grade partnerships - HYCM, FXTM,Bitmex
Naga,OneGold,Bybit,Barchart and TradingView.
• Many Awards and extreme praise from the global trading community


• Not directly regulated by a major regulator/entity
• No direct background information on the company or those who run it

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A very odd group with very little transparency. Still, we don't see complaints of users and it seems most of their members are very happy with their results.

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