Crypto can be a field of rabbit holes - gladly we live in the era of tech and great tools. This section will bring you all the best crypto tools for day trading, portfolio management/tracking, news aggregation, and more. No matter if web apps, desktop or smartphone apps - we will show you the good stuff. Reviews with a look at the inside. Many of the crypto tools provided are free of charge and you can use it in your browser or as desktop/Android/iPhone app.  We pick the tools and you profit.

HTC Crypto Smartphone Exodus 1


HTC has built the first cryptocurrency enable Smartphone, containing a fully featured hardware wallet, that includes dApps, an exchange, marketplace, collectibles, payment options and more. We ordered one piece for a fully unbiased review to come in February (phones will be delivered by the end of January), so we can give you an overview if this phone is worth its 0.2 BTC. The website takes Crypto Payments only and just activated the pre-ordering feature on the website. At the same time, the only competitor Sirinlabs enabled pre-orders for their hardware wallet enabled smartphone “Finney”. However, we refrain from testing this device as we don’t want to put money on a product, which has a very questionable person in their team.  Let’s see what HTC has in the oven! The presentation of the website looks quite nerdy, so we are confident to get a nice tech product, which is really about the crypto movement and not just a gimmick. We will keep you updated. Subscribe below to get the post directly into your inbox, once published. – Great Portfolio Tracker App with Smart Features

in CRYPTO TOOLS - Smart Portfolio Tracker - Smart Portfolio Tracker

We actually stopped writing about portfolio trackers, as there is a point where you cannot find any difference between them anymore – the only difference is the UI. But today I came across a fresh approach, I wanted to share with you guys. SPOT.SO – an android and iOS app that comes not only with a great design but also some new features, I never saw anywhere else before: Transaction import directly by wallet address, automatic exchanges import, works with the most exotic tokens, over 2000 cryptos supported, smart algos help to optimize your portfolio and tell you on which exchange to sell for the biggest profit. Great Tool!

Scavenger Bitmex Bot – Review on Live Account (incl. Interview)

Live Review Scavenger Bitmex Bot

Before I start reviewing the Scavenger Trading Bot for Bitmex, can we pleasssssse have this “Tron (the movie, not the coin)/Automan/80s Sci-Fi Neon Light – Feeling” once again, please? Because the website is very reminiscent of this visual vibe and I just love it. Keep Reading

Crypto Debit Card: A Real Life Wirex Review (+ CEO Interview)

The Wirex Crypto Debit Card: A Real World Review
The Wirex Crypto Debit Card: A Real World Review

WireX – one of the few working crypto debit card projects. 1.5 Million Customers. 1.5 Billion Transactions. Over 130 countries are available. A hybrid personal finance platform that bridges old world banking and new world. 

When you try to use your cryptocurrency holdings in the real world, you will face boundaries and limitations. Mass adoption has not gone that far, that you can spend it anytime, anywhere. Until that happens, there is the WireX crypto debit card as another kind of Fiat bridge. I am currently on vacation, and I paid for the flight, the accommodation, the restaurants, the thousands of little things you need for a trip like that with some of my Bitcoin funds. No, this article won’t contain an affiliate link, we want to provide you with an honest, unbiased review, though I can say that Wirex is for me the best bitcoin debit card, and I will explain why. But first, see where I am right now, brought here with the help of my Wirex crypto debit card: Keep Reading

Crypto Whale Watching App Review


Here we have come across a really great and useful site for WHALE watching, called  THE CRYPTO WHALE WATCHING APP. It is pretty simple in how to visualize the data with buy and sell orders, applying it to your everyday use is highly recommended! So if you get a chance check out the site here:
As well you can get more info or an in-depth understanding of how to use it here:
Again it is very straightforward, so feel free to watch the above video to see how I use it and try it out yourself!

Silex – A free Coinigy Alternative


Silex is a new platform where you can login to all your crypto exchanges but not have to go through the login / 2FA steps and have a unified interface. You also do not need to upload your API keys to a 3rd party server like it’s the case with coinigy. Silex is an engaged private project in its beginning stage. In a world where everything is commercialized it feels good to see some kind of free projects by crypto enthusiasts. A convenient solution if you are a lazy bug and don’t want to mess around with all these security features of exchanges (which often prevents yourself from logging in. Keep Reading

Cryptocurrencies & E-Commerce: Crypto Payment Gateways

Crypto Payment Provider
Crypto Payment Provider

The next big step for cryptocurrencies regarding mass adoption is the broad acceptance within e-commerce. Is it already worth the hassle? Won’t it be too volatile? And how the hell can I accept Bitcoin as a payment method? As our team has profound knowledge in the e-commerce sector, we want to give you a headstart with some general thoughts, crypto payment providers, and the advantages of accepting cryptocurrencies. This post might not be for all of our readers, but for those in business, it is hopefully helpful. Keep Reading

CoinMarketAlert – Set all kinds of Crypto Alerts


This is cute tool for day traders that want to stay ahead of certain ongoings in the crypto markets. You can setup alerts for Prices, Profit/Loss, Volume Change (By %), Market Cap Change (By %),  Price Percentage Change (By %) and many more things. Have fun fiddling with it!

Auto Averaging With The 3Commas Bot


Safer trading with bots? I can see you raise that eyebrow and normally I would totally raise mine along with yours. Not so in this case. We wrote already about 3commas in the past and recommended their very versatile tool with a team of super active developers. But their recent addition is just great and needs a small introduction. We will show you how we use the recently published auto trading bot, and how to use it in the best way to sleep tighter with your trades running. Keep Reading

Finding Bargains with ATHCoinIndex


What to buy in this megadip? Which coins are far away from their all-time high and now a bargain? The Website shows you exactly this. Nice idea to get an overview about coins that suffered hard in this bear times. Note: Always do additional research before you invest. You should search for rock-solid coins that dropped hard and have much room for a recovery.

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