Performance of all signals by month

Performance of individual signals over the months


The past performance of a provider is no guarantee or indicative of future results. This is not to be used as financial advice and is for educational purposes only.

In choosing a signal provider we want to give you the metrics/insights so that you as a trader can pick the right provider for your circumstances. Nobody can predict the future but at least you have a history of which to view in a transparent manner. The below data you are looking at is a measure of the performance of the different signal providers on SmartOptions. All data is solely provided by each signal provider and is 100% independent of SmartOptions. Each provider is responsible for the accuracy of the numbers/data they provide. The data provided is Provider – Period of time – Number of trades – Wins – Losses – Win %. You can view individual provider tabs below in order to zoom in on the monthly performance of each provider over a period of 5 months. We hope you enjoy and use the charts to find the right provider for your trading.