Monthly Crypto Signals Performance Results

SmartOptions keeps a close watch on the performance of top crypto signal providers and evaluates them in this monthly crypto signals performance report. We believe it’s essential for you to have an accurate track record of signal performance so you can make a well-informed decision when subscribing to a signals provider.

We evaluate these rankings based on a range of factors, the most important of which is the monthly win rate. We prepare our performance results from directly sourced data for each signal provider every month. This lets you review the performance history of crypto signals from different angles so you are better equipped to make the right decision.

NOTE: The past performance of a signals provider is not a guarantee or indication of future results. This information is not to be used as financial advice and is for educational purposes only.

Column Chart

Here is a visual representation of each crypto trading signal provider’s performance this month.

Monthly Crypto Signals Rankings

These rankings are primarily based on the win rate for each provider. The higher the win rate, the better the signals deliver profitable signals.

Performance History for Each Crypto Signal Provider

Apart from the current monthly result, each crypto signal provider’s performance history is paramount. It helps you be confident that a particular service has a good track record of delivering profitable signals.

About Our Signals Performance Results

SmartOption’s signals performance results are evaluated by our experienced analysts with their hands-on experience with each signal provider. The signal providers track each trading signal issued by each provider and record its success or failure at the time it ends.

We ensure a high level of transparency and accuracy when reporting signal performance so you have a credible source of information.

The conclusion as to whether a signal is a win or a loss is reached through in-depth commentary and statistical review of how each trade is performed. We take not only the success and failure of signals into account but other factors too. These include the total number of trades per month, the number of canceled trades, and the overall profitability of each signal provider.

How to Select the Right Crypto Signals Provider?

As mentioned in the disclaimer above, the past performance result reports give no guarantee of how a provider will perform in the upcoming months. That being said, you can still review the past track record for each of the signals and make a reasonable prediction of how the signal provider will perform in the future.

The win % for each signal provider stands to be the most influential factor when choosing a signal provider. But that’s not all you need to know. Here are some other things to consider that may help you make the choice.

  • Cost – You will find both free and paid signal providers in the crypto trading market. Free signals might sound attractive, but remember that everything good comes with a price. If you want to work with an expert trader, choose paid or VIP signals. Different providers offer different plans at varying membership fees.
  • Time Zone – Trades usually take place according to four time frames. This depends on the trading strategy of the provider. Day traders, resellers, position traders, and swing traders have particular schedules. Remember to choose a signal provider whose time zone is similar to yours so you can quickly perform trades after getting the signal.
  • Trading Strategy – Different trading signal providers use different trading strategies. You might need to do your research about which trading strategy suits your goals to make the appropriate choice.
  • Reputation – The performance history chart will help you evaluate how reputable a signal provider is. But still, we recommend you check reviews and customer testimonials for crypto signal providers. A good place to start is to check each signal provider’s monthly pip profit and related metrics.

SmartOptions – Helping You Make Better Decisions

The objective of our monthly signal result report is to give you a clear overview of the top contenders in the trading signals market in one place. This way, we deliver a fact-based and clear-cut comparison in one place, making it easier for you to make educated financial decisions.


The past performance of a provider is no guarantee or indicative of future results. This is not to be used as financial advice and is for educational purposes only. In choosing a signal provider we want to give you the metrics/insights so that you as a trader can pick the right provider for your circumstances. Nobody can predict the future but at least you have a history of which to view in a transparent manner. The data you are looking at is a measure of the performance of the different signal providers on SmartOptions. All data is solely provided by each signal provider and is 100% independent of SmartOptions. Each provider is responsible for the accuracy of the numbers/data they provide. The data provided is Provider – Period of time – Number of trades – Wins – Losses – Win %. You can view individual provider tabs below in order to zoom in on the monthly performance of each provider over a period of 5 months. We hope you enjoy and use the charts to find the right provider for your trading.