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OnwardBTC “Brand new to Crypto Trading? These guys are best for you!”

OnwardBTC “Brand new to Crypto Trading? These guys are best for you!”

by Rico ChetteMarch 22, 2021

Onward BTC is hands down the #1 signal provider for those new to crypto trading. What they charge and offer is beyond mind-blowing! This group has been around trading in the crypto space for over 3 years. They are a group of 3 traders and 1 marketing guy. All of them are very much technical analysis focused with different styles between them.

With the new highs in bitcoin, we have seen an influx of newbie crypto traders. Many of them have little to no clue of what trading is or how it is done. They have seen movies or ads and think no big deal I can do this! Trading on it’s surface seems easy and with many, they quickly learn that it is not. The Bybit offer they have is a winner as well.

This low monthly fee signal provider has a very strong sense of community and a customer service focus. Hence we do not believe they can be beat for the price they offer in our opinion. Mainly geared for new traders, this is the best you can get starting out, PERIOD!

Onward BTC
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Join OnwardBTC today for free
  • Register an account with Bybit
  • Load up money on this account (doesn't matter how much, but you get a bonus from Bybit when you load up 0.1 BTC)
  • Write your UID or E-Mail to Onward you used and he will give you an access code which gives you 1-month access to everything

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The Onward BTC Team

Onward BTC Team
  • Christian – The founder and head of Onward BTC. He also is responsible for much of the group’s education & auto-trading bots.
  • Mikas – Has nifty competitions through a special partnership with Bybit, he also provides education in the area of Swing trading TA.
  • Michael – Is responsible for the short-term crypto scalping & TA, with a focus on providing VIP customers with advanced educational videos.
  • Joist – Hidden in the backrooms deep in the layers of Onward BTC is their marketing director.

Once you see their super-fast turnaround time and customer engagement, you will understand why we like them. They just offer so much for charging so little to their community. We simply find it amazing…

Onward BTC Community

Telegram Community

Thus when I say you can’t refuse this deal I mean it! If you are a new trader and you get such an offer of extreme affordability to start “List Below”

  • 1st Month Free with starting a Bybit account, or $19.50 a month without a deposit.
  • A Bonus for setting up a Bybit account through them.
  • A group of very hands-on mentors with extremely high turnaround times for support.
  • 9 different telegram channels!
  • Auto-Trading bots included in their service.
  • Several different strategies with the education provided on each.
  • VIP videos and teaching.
  • Onward BTC + Bybit sponsored trading competitions with prize pools!

Services that offer similar services in totality often charge 5x what Onward BTC is asking.

Onward BTC Cost – 1st Month FREE!

Bybit Promotion for telegram

Firstly, when signing up to Onward BTC’s sponsored broker Bybit you not only get a bonus but also a FREE MONTH to try out their service. Considering that they only charge $19.50 a month for those of you starting out on a budget this is perfect for a new crypto trader.

Now starting out for a trader this is a good option to feel them out as well to get a good understanding of what trading crypto is like. Again these guys are perfect for newbies and are there to hold your hand while you learn the in and outs of trading.

9 Telegram Channels!

Crypto Signal Telegram Channels

Onward BTC not only charges you a silly small sum, but they offer 9 telegram channels for their users! The primary starting point there is the VIP chat. After getting a feel for Onward BTC you can explore their technical analysis channel and go further still by choosing to navigate the VIP videos, which are a great educational resource for new crypto traders. Check also the Bitmex Signals on Telegram.

After you poruse their primary channels you may then wish to go directly to the two signal channels. The first channel will be the long term signals channel, and then the short term signals channel. This will familarize yourself with some of their trading accolades.

Next, you can view either their Cipher Alerts “Both short term/long term” or one of 3 Bybit Auto-Trade DCA Bots. These bots come in 3 wonderful flavors of Bybit Bot (Regular) which is a single entry/exit API. Then you have two other Bybit DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) bots of either short-term scalping trades or longer-term swing trades.

Transparent performance results

Onward BTC performance
Click to see history

At SmartOptions we want to make sure signal providers are transparent as possible with their results, and Onward BTC already has this in place, again making our lives easy. Outside of the various bots they use with Cornix, this had me noticing the various trade types.

I was pleasently suprised with a very realistic performance sheet of the professional traders at Onward BTC. Each provider has a different matrix but the one Onward BTC uses has a pattern of consistency making them very realistic for users imo.

3 trading mentors for educational content

Mikas of Onward BTC

The above is an example of the outstanding educational content that Onward BTC provides their community. Now you combine this with the various telegram crypto channels they offer members and again unbeatable!

I have watched each of the different presenters of Onward BTC and came away thinking that there is so much value here why would they offer it at this price! Well to be fair they do look for members to signup through their Bybit affilate link of which they are paid commissions based of their users trading. So there is a profit motive here, but again if you are using their bots as well and their methods and profiting then it is a symbotic relationship which both parties benefit, so cool.

Be it Christian, Mikas or Michael you end up liking most, you get all three of them as part of their signal provider service. Again all of this for $19.50 a month! Crazy!

Crypto trading competitions for members

3.5 BTC up for grabs in the “Onward/Bybit” Competition

Another great thing about Onward BTC is their partnership with Bybit has them periodically offering trading competitions for members. IMO this is the way… The way you learn to trade. You can use trading view theoretical maybe/if/and/else simulated play money to start, but in real trading one has to learn to control their emotions and use real money.

There is a psychological reason new traders should participate and learn what it is like to compete in a arena as unforgiving as trading. That is learning to cut your teeth on the battlefield. I am sure they would have their members start small and build, as any good mentor/trader would teach.

As well you combine this with the plethora of educations videos/support they offer and traders can learn from their mistakes quickly. Such a very useful way to accomplish this.

AYRA partnership for advanced signals and TA

Onward BTC AYRA partnership

Once again Onward BTC goes above and beyond with their offering, in another partnership they have with TA software maker called AYRA. AYRA is advanced signal & technical analysis software that is optional for members. This is a third-party option if members want to dive into TA beyond well beyond that of the average trader.

Christian “AYRA tradign masterclass in Crypto”

Above you can watch a video in which Christian of Onward BTC gives a class in using the software to trade cryptocurrencies using advanced signals analysis generation through ARYA.

Once again a great option for those who move up in the ranks of trading bitcoin and crypto with Onward BTC.

24/7 Support across the GLOBE!

Onward BTC 24:7 support

Be it you are in Africa, Europe or say Japan, Onward BTC has you covered. They take extreme pride in their fast turnaround time and engagement with customers. If more signal providers worked as they did, well I would never see a complaint about long delays in being contacted for support ever again. That would be really nice = the dream for SmartOptions admins :))

Simply put they really engage and give their customers top notch support as you will see in their support score 😉

Mission statement and final thoughts…

Mission statement

Where can you get 3 different mentors/traders, 3 different trading bots, 9 different telegram trading channels, and likely the best support I have ever seen for a crypto signal provider.

Outside of raw results, they are unbeatable and I will recommend them for newbies for sure. The main reason for this is simply as a new crypto trader your needs are in support first. Next is education. Onward BTC combines the two first and foremost and then goes a step beyond adding cornix enabled bots to the mix.

To note you do have to pay Cornix for a subscription to take advantage of Onward BTC full auto-trading crypto bots. So keep that in mind, but other than that the cost here for what you get is extremely worthwhile.

Fact sheet for OnwardsBTC

OnwardBTC is a Trusted Signal Provider

° Extremely inexpensive
° 9 Different Telegram Chatrooms
° 3 Different Auto-Trading Bots
° 24/7 Support
° 1st MONTH FREE with Bybit signup


° Underpriced for materials offer
° Drawdowns vs profits are much higher than average profit, risk of large drawdowns.

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Bottom Line

If you are a newbie starting out in crypto and need a place to start, there is no better offering than what you get with Onward BTC. Granted some of their trading results risk/reward wise are very imbalanced but for education and a way to first learn crypto trading, well they are the best and least inexpensive for new traders.

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Rico Chette
Ricco Chette is nothing like what you could imagine, a fighter for the lost, weak and marginalized. Rico blazes a trail of truth often with a bullet or a glass of wine. You might think you know Rico, but you don’t… Lover of Crypto, Freedom and the Truth. Hear HER ROOOOAAAR!!!
  • TheDude
    May 7, 2021 at 8:01 pm

    -$20 cheap as hell
    -Tons of knowledge available
    -DCA bots
    -VIP chat
    -Free Month to try it out


    -The regular signals trading seems to be not as good as the dca bots (NOTE: I have not tried either personally! I will start that soon. I have mostly used Onward's knowledge bas so far)
    - Nothing else that I can think of :)

    Price/Performance Ratio9.3

    I have been in the mining side of the industry since 2012 and I am always looking for advice on the trading side. $20 is well worth just having access to all of Onwards informational channels, let alone access to a well-performing set of DCA bots.

    OnwardBTC is staffed with extremely knowledgeable, accurate, and active members. Shout of to Mikas, who is a shining example of someone who is well reasoned, concise, and provides excellent analysis.

    I have yet to try the DCA bots, but I wanted to use the first month of my membership to fully absorb what they have to offer before I allocated capital to it.

    I’m going to start that in the next 24 hours, I can report back with results. OR you could just go to their public performance sheets and follow it yourself! Because they’re cool like that.

    Overall, extremely happy to have found them and I plan on being a member for quite a while. Even if I don’t end up using the DCA bots.

    • Hayzed
      June 15, 2021 at 2:34 am

      Hi TheDude, I wanted to ask based on your experience with them if one can stick to only DCA bot and ignore the regular after subscribing as a full member

  • Cary Jacobs
    April 12, 2021 at 3:51 pm

    Great education, accountability and follow through. Responsive team and lots of effort put into their community.


    The price is too low for the service they offer!

    Price/Performance Ratio10

    OnwardBTC’s delivery in his analysis is comprehensive, nuanced and informative. They persistently provide a thorough breakdown for positions and scenarios while updating the group about market movement in real time. This environment is a trader’s dream as it allows for the opportunity to grow as a trader and develop the necessary skills to do so. The team is nearly always available to answer questions and they take feedback very seriously.

  • Jonas Truffer
    April 6, 2021 at 10:35 pm

    Price, Education, Support, Bots, get everything there for no money



    Price/Performance Ratio10

    One of the best signal provider out there

  • Minze
    March 23, 2021 at 8:08 am

    Very motivated group that helps you out and answers every question.


    None so far.

    I would highly recommend to trade with the Onward BTC team.

  • Ethan
    March 22, 2021 at 6:57 pm

    Another article to talk about trading bot would be nice!

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