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Crypto Signals – What to consider – What to choose. Infos, Reviews, Results & Discounts

If you don’t know how to trade, but still do day trading, you will likely see yourself losing your hard-earned Bitcoins. Day trading crypto is not meant as a gamble, so you should not use it like one. In the search for guidance many new traders end up in several cryptocurrency signals telegram channels – and it worsens their situation way too often. We selected a small group of crypto signal providers and put them to the test – in the most unstable times! Let’s see how they did. If you are more of an investor instead of a day trader, you might want to take a look into, who offer an option to analyze past portfolio success and copy these portfolios by other traders. 

Table of Contents:

    1. Be Careful With Signal Providers
    2. Are Free Crypto Signal Groups Any Good?
    3. Where are the reliable Crypto Signals Groups on Telegram?
    4. How to use this Signals?
    5. Crypto Signal Reviews: Hand-selected and stress-tested Groups 
      1. VerifiedCryptoNews / VerifiedCryptoTraders (highly recommended, discount available)
      2. InfoCrypto (highly recommended, discount available)
      3. Palm Beach Signals (highly recommended, discount available)
      4. Cryptonizers (highly recommended)
      5. Bitcoin Bravado (recommended)
      6. Bonus: Free Crypto Signal Channel
      7. Crypto Signal Comparison Matrix


A Warning First: Be Careful With Shady Signal Groups

Unreliable, shady persons push random signals and promote the ones that ended in profit in endless circles of self-adulation – even if the overall performance sucks. Even worse are pump and dump groups. Some of them publicly state that they are Pump and Dump groups, so at least you know that you are jumping into a significant risk for your capital. Others pretend to be serious groups to lure you into their scheme – of course, they are the only ones that will profit at the end of the day. But how does one know a telegram crypto signals group is a scam when joining it? Check out the trades they suggest, if they recommend some shitcoin and you open it on Bittrex and see already a large green candle, it is usually already pumped and is likely to die right after you bought some of it. Bad spelling and grammar, the permanent use of rockets, moons and $ signs are added indicators. Be careful those groups often use little pseudo-news to make you think it is legit.

Are Free Crypto Signal Groups Any Good?

There are tons of free telegram crypto signal groups, and we did our research properly: we joined dozens of them to get it figured what happens in this scene and – oh lord – it was not fun to do that. The terrible spelling (“join my free segnals grup!”), the endless cross-promotions, the nonstop vibrating cellphone (until you muted the groups) and last not least the often random appearing signals, or stolen signals that hit you way too late and would give you a bad entry – a nightmare. Crypto signals on telegram are wild – be careful if you blindly follow the signals you find there. As painful as it was to get hammered with the cross-promotion notifications by those free crypto signal channels, as delighted we have been to find two real gems in those groups, we will share them later in this post. In general, you can say, the good things are not free – it is simply like everywhere: You get what you pay for. There are no altruistic Crypto Signal Providers. There are free channels to

a) tease you to join the paid channel, and you will get only a fraction of the signals and delayed or

b) Pump and Dump channels (nowadays often cloaked as “Pump and Hold” or “Short Term Signals”) that will exploit you and make you lose your funds very fast, as they just need someone to buy the shitcoins once they want to sell it on the peak.

Reliable Crypto Signal Groups On Telegram

Happily, we did deep research and had found a handful of honest crypto signal providers that know what they are doing – and these we want to present you in this post. All of them provide also crypto signals free (with an appetizer channel), as well as paid channels.  As this post is only about providers that make use of a crypto signals telegram group, you won’t find a review about any Android or iPhone apps. We tested a few but they all have been garbage. This post won’t list discord crypto signal channels as well, as of now we didn’t find any good.

We are members of all paid channels listed here to check the quality remains and will remove a signals group once they should turn bad. For a certain timeframe, we noted our profits for you so that you can make a right decision based on historical data.

The free crypto signal channels often give only a fraction of the signals of the paid crypto signal channels. Also, the paid ones had sometimes very profitable trades based on insider information and the best yield on profits. The free side-channels of the paid ones share their signals often, when the price already increased a bit, so you can’t take full advantage of the signal or share only a small fraction of their signals. Our carefully hand-selected list could make you some excellent returns if you follow the suggestions accordingly. But as always – please do your research. Trading altcoins is risky, as you likely trade them against Bitcoin – so if Bitcoin makes strong moves, you can trash your fundamentals and technical analysis often and you will have to sit it out.

How To Use Crypto Signals The Right Way:

The given trading signals rely whether on technical analysis or on upcoming news/insider information or the combination of both. Once enrolled in a channel you will get them in a format like this:

Often you will find short-term signals, mid-term and long-term signals. Short-term signals are supposed to hit the targets within a few hours or the same day, mid-term take a few days to hit its targets, and long-term signals are meant to hold for up to a few weeks. The numbers indicate you should place a buy order at the price of 0.0035 sats or below. Once your order is activated, you can use the targeted sell levels to take profit. Here the crypto signal author projects four possible sell targets. The higher the sell target, the more time it usually takes to get there. Not all signals reach all targets, so if you place this order for example and use the price of 0.0055 as sell order to take profit it could take a while, and for that time your capital is locked on this trade. Read here on how to put in pending buy and sell orders on Bittrex. Many traders prefer to sell off in steps and use the following methodology:

  1. Never go “all in” – diversify instead. If you subscribe to all the mentioned groups in this post, you should get plenty of signals that make sense. Use 1/10 of your available funds for each trades as a defined maximum. The admin of the Crypto Elite channel, I am going to present them in the list, constantly repeated:
    “Never invest all your BTC in one or two coins. Diversify your balance with *1/10. Remember to set stop-loss 5% below of your entry point at those unstable days. Always set a stop-loss at entry point after the price increased. Always sell 30-50% of your investment and set a stop-loss at 5-10% below after reach first target.”
  2. Setup the buy order at the give entry price. In our example, we would place a buy order at the price of 0.0035 or below.
  3. Now you have to choose your route, as Bittrex allows only Take Profit or Stop Loss. Decide between setting up the sell order on the first level of 0.0039 sats or a stop-loss of 5-10% below the entry price. If you feel funky you could use the second target as Take Profit target as well, knowing that this will lock our capital for a longer time, and there are chances that it won’t be reached for a longer time. There are any guarantees in Crypto – never. Always keep that in mind.
  4. Most traders would use the first sell target and sell between 30 – 50% of the funds that have been used in the trade. So basically, if you get three targets, you would set up three sell orders. Target 1 with 30 – 50% of your trade size, target 2 with 30 – 40% and target 3 with 10 – 30%. Keep in mind, that the higher the target, the smaller the chance that it will be reached, so if you don’t like to end up with a fraction of your investment as bag holder, you should maybe prefer a conservative route. Some of the channels we present offer sometimes signals based on insider information, here it is advised not to be too conservative, as these signals can explode to unbelievable heights.
  5. As we can only set a take profit OR a stop-loss order on Bittrex, it is a common practice to use the first sell target as take profit first, sell 30-50% of our funds on that trade and right after set stop-loss at our the entry price for the rest of our funds in that trade. From now on, we have to monitor the price of the coin and want to set up price alerts. The Price Alert feature of Coinigy can be helpful. By the way, with Coinigy, you are able to set a stop-loss AND take-profit orders at the same time, though only on paid accounts – free trial accounts don’t have that feature) and always sell a portion of the available funds on each target, that has been hit. Another option is to raise the stop-loss along with the price. Like the price increase by 10%, you move the stop-loss to 8% after your entry and take out your initial traded money and let the 8% profits run (in case of the price drops)
  6. Dumps are likely to happen sometimes. You trade altcoins against BTC – this is risky per se, as everything depends on how Bitcoin moves. Bitcoin rushes, altcoins dump. Bitcoin dumps, altcoins dump. This is normal – the best environment for all signals and crypto altcoin trading, in general, is when Bitcoin moves sideways. So be prepared for the dump upfront and keep 30% of your total funds in Bitcoin to be able to buy the dip and hedge yourself out. Don’t blame the signal providers for that, Bitcoin’s next move is difficult to predict, so they can’t foresee every upcoming drop. However, they will surely help you on the way up with good recommendations on what to buy in that particular dip.
  7. We mention if the provider’s signal works for leveraged trading on Bitmex. However, please keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are very volatile and there are risks are involved trading this way. Keep in mind that this is not Forex trading and due to the volatility, one should be careful with margin and leverage. Please ask yourself if this kind of trading is suitable for your trading account.


Our Hand-selected List Of Crypto Signal Groups On Telegram

A Network of Crypto Traders
A Network of Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders / Veryified Crypto Network / Verified Crypto News

There are some new kids on the blockchain: Verified Crypto Traders. This Telegram channel offers elaborate crypto news and signals by professional traders. We had the chance to test them for a while and are happy we did so – we did not waste our time here, but can confirm, that you will find some real pro traders to take you by the hand. Verified Crypto Traders are providing well-thought signals, as well as the critical news and updates. This is way more than just a simple signal group on telegram – Verified Crypto Traders is a valuable source for whats going on in Cryptoworld, along with their famous “Weather Reports” that give you an overview about what is happening and what to expect coming on this day. The accuracy is astonishing. Here are some of their main features:

1 ✅ Team picked Trading Signals.
– We always aim to provide quality trade investments, rather than an overload of market moves.
2 ✅ Highly informative coin recommendations based upon and displayed as fundamental analysis, technical analysis and market sentiment.
– Plus you will receive any important market and news updates for these picks.
3 ✅ Short, medium, and long-term buy signals released to you hours before it is ever announced to our free channels.
– This means you can get in on the price action before others and/or have greater time to evaluate the call.
4 ✅ Explanatory chart calls.
– As you follow us, you will naturally begin to understand how to analyze charts, to see the reasoning in our calls and to learn many skills such as optimal entry and exit points to maximize your profit and coin holdings
5 ✅ Detailed information about exciting ICOs.
– Hear about interesting and quality new projects to be launched, so you can consider investing before public marketplace trading.
6 ✅ Now with online trainings and courses.
7 ✅ Now with Bitmex Signals
In our test period, we have been able to confirm the points 1-4. We are sure they fulfill point 5 and 6 as well, but we understand there is not every time a promising ICO available and we are sure they will post those, once they find the gems. In the channel, the signal they gave was very well explained, fundamental and technical analysis-wise. The team we chatted with has been knowledgeable, open and friendly. With just a hand-full of members, this channel is a secret tip right now.
Crypto Signal with technical analysis

Signals Review: In our test period we got a signal for $FUN and made a whopping 100% profit. How great is that, please? The next trade they offered in their Gold channel was $BAT, which we also took with huge success. Almost all targets have been achieved, we missed the third target by a few sats. As we sold in batches, we still have a small portion running and are confident, that 0.00007 will be reached once BTC calmed down from the FUD wave. By the way, this is the chart of the mentioned $BAT trade above:

The thing with the Verified Crypto Traders  is that they don’t post signals every day, as they are very selective with what they post. You will get daily updates and technical analysis on Bitcoin, ETH, and the likes, plus all important verified news, but the signals will come how they find them. They don’t stress themselves but post only the A++ ones. If you are more of a gambler with a short attention span, this might not for you. The selection of the recommended trades is based on analytical decisions here. They trade in the markets mostly if the technical analysis aligns with strong fundamentals. They don’t have one single trading system but are a network of many traders with many styles. Some of their traders have a Forex background, some trade the trends and others more the oversold prices – the approach is very diverse. VCN does not limit the crypto currency pairs they are analyzing and trading. If you are into reliable mid to long-term trades with real impact instead of a few satoshis profit, this is the way to go.

The Results: We followed two signals, both of them are still made us nice profits within an overall messy situation. Until now we gained quite some good money and we are confident that all targets will be achieved in the longer run (for $BAT). In regards to the background info, you will get the following info when a signal has been issued: The fundamentals, the consideration, the call logic – these steps make you learn more and more with every call if you take the time to understand what caused the call a call. Please note that this crypto signal channel is a mixture of educational content, news content and professionally analyzed signals, explained along the technical analysis behind. You won’t get dozens of signals per day, but you will get a few outstanding ones, and an explanation why they issue this signal. This is a channel for people who want to learn something and widen their horizon. They also offer PDFs from time to time with an even more detailed explanation why a trade has been suggested. Also worth to mention if you want to learn to trade: Verified Crypto News also offers online training and courses for technical analysis, besides their signals. Their webinars teach things like support and resistance / trend line, scalping, and other basic charting knowledge as well as advanced trading methods.

Support: I got a direct support person, which I was able to ask everything and got good answers. They know what they are doing.

Behavior in critical situations: We tried the Verified Crypto Traders with the recent crash down to a BTC value of  ~6K. The analysts updated their private group with so-called “BTC Weather Reports” very often. Very reasonable all in all, you learn the interconnections and stay up to date with what is happening. They switched from day trading to investing tips, providing long-term signals and good entries for holds until the bear markets recover. Furthermore, they focused on providing very detailed ICO analysis’ to compensate the lack of signals (which makes total sense in markets like this).

Paid Membership: Please contact by Telegram to enroll.
Discount Code: VCNVIP69

Prices and Discounts: Please have a look at their plans here. In comparison, you get a good bang for the buck and if you have a look below, we even managed a special deal for you.

We managed a special deal for our readers. Please use the coupon code VCNVIP69 when you enroll to get this juicy discounts:

Signals for Exchanges:  
Bittrex / Binance / Kucoin
Bitmex Signals: Yes (Day trading on Bitmex)
Free Crypto Signals Channel: (we didn’t saw a single cross-promotion during our test period)
Results Tracking Channel:
More Info: / /
How the paid crypto signal channel looks like:

Update: After testing the Verified Crypto Network for a while, we have been pretty amazed at their professional quality. Our technical analyst Rico has recently contributed an analysis to their channel and will support them from time to time with his knowledge and fresh TAs. See this video how he analyzes the Bitcoin moves and how accurate they have happened (you can check against the past charts):


When we stumbled upon this channel, we have been pretty happy – it is a yet unknown underdog and provides a GREAT value for the subscription fee. Infocrypto is a bilingual channel (English/Portuguese) by a Brazilian trader group and they do outstanding work. We tested them in the bear market and had a good success with their signals. They offer:

  • Altcoin Signals
  • BTC analysis (strength – the analysis I read was spot on)
  • ICO Reviews
  • News Channel
  • VIP CHAT with members
  • Personal Support and Portfolio Advice
  • Insider News and Forecasts
  • Mental Coach and Trading Strategies

Signals Review: Infocrypto provides their signals often in a technical way. You will get a screenshot of their technical analysis and find the entry points and targets within. This is also of educational value and shows they are not copying any signals but provide honest footwork they made themselves. Have an example here:

Personally, I don’t trust the current bear markets and stopped any trading activities right now, but for this test run I followed quite a few signals and took one of them as I was too convinced. I took this MCO signal:

The outcome was amazing, you could even have held above all targets if you subsequently took profit in steps along the targets and kept some rest above target 4 – and that in a bloody red market.

But also their other signals have been golden – I had not one loser on my paper trades. In a market that kills almost everyone right now, these are astonishing results. Besides the altcoin trading signals, there have been several Bitcoin and informational updates along the way. If one has been keen to do so, yeah, you could have used them as Bitmex signals.

Support: I had a great support person in a direct line a hand and got serious and reliable answers.

Behavior in critical situations: The bear market cycle had a strict hand on us, and still they have been successful. What has been helpful in this situation, was the given technical analysis and the lessons how to stagger your entry on the buy levels.

Signals for Exchanges: 
Bittrex / Binance
Bitmex Signals:  Possible to use the BTC analysis
Free Membership: 
To check out the quality of their signals please check the free channel first. You can join the telegram channel here:
Paid Membership: Please contact @infocryptobr by Telegram to enroll.
Discount code: Use the discount code SMARTOPTIONS for 10% on montlhy / 3 months / 6 months plans and 15% on anual/lifetime plans.
Pricing:  The subscription prices (without discount) are :
1 Month: $99
3 Months: $240
6 Months: $450
1 Year: $720

Example for paid content: Bitcoin Misery Index –  A Trader’s Perspective
How the paid signal channel looks like: 

Palm Beach Signals

Honestly, the name alone seemed like a shady marketing ploy to us when we saw the cross-promotions for the signals by Palm Beach Signals. We thought these are some scammers that are trying to exploit the hype around Palm Beach Research and did not join their channel. When they contacted us to give their channel a test ride, we have been skeptical but agreed to try it, under the condition that it will be ok if we stay 100% honest with our review. Boy, we have been wrong – prejudice can be a bad thing. Especially their paid channel came up with some pretty nice features – excellent stuff, but see yourself!

Signals Review: What we found when we joined the VIP channel astonished us. Detailed background information, trade recommendations based on reliable technical analysis, fundamentals and insider information. All the good stuff! We spent 0.1 BTC on their signals for 2 days and closed our trades (with conservative targets, below their mentioned ones – which by the way have mostly all been hit on many levels) with a pure profit of 0.07 BTC which is very lovely with a bull run of BTC in the direction of 14k. They provided an average of 3-5 signals daily and all for Bittrex altcoins, with a duration of a couple of hours to a couple of days. From time to time they also post mid to long-term signals. The targets can vary from 5 to 50% and stop losses are well-defined. The majority of their signals is originated from their efforts, but they also keep an eye on other groups to seek for synergy entry points. No trade we participated has been pumped, so this is definitely not a pump and dump channel. Please note one thing: Palm Beach Signals often trade breakouts. This means the price has increased already and they give the signal as resistance has been broken and therefore the price is likely to increase more. Newbies are often scared that this kind of trades could be pump and dumps, but we took a close look and can confirm: it is not. They trade breakouts on coins with a decent volume; the price wouldn’t be easy to get manipulated that hard here, as you would need significant liquidity to do so. Palm Beach Signals is not a pump and dump channel; we checked their trades narrowly.

Support: With an assigned account manager you can have all the questions answered you might have. If you get weak hands and are not sure if to sell or hold, once the price has dropped after their signal, you get stabilized by them and motivated to hold the trade. An extraordinary feature is their mental coach as psychology is everything in trading. They will teach you how to deal with your mind in the markets. Also nice is that you can request a portfolio review, where Palm Beach Signals review your long-term holdings and help you to adjust and rebalance.

Behavior in critical situations: The bear market tears everything down currently and yet PBS finds some good signals for smaller profits in this difficult times. They do a good job in updating what is happening right now and find the rare opportunities in this market state.

Signals for Exchanges: Bittrex / Binance
Bitmex Signals: Yes (Daytrading on Bitmex)
Free Membership: 
To check out the quality of their signals please check the free channel first. You can join the telegram channel here: (many cross promotions, don’t click them)
Paid Membership: Please contact @pbvip by Telegram to enroll.
Discount code:  #PBVIP87 – 35% discount, use this code when you contact them to enroll.
Pricing:  The subscription price is 0.05BTC per month.

6 Months: 0.22 BTC (27% off)
1 Year: 0.38 BTC (37% off)

If you make use of our 35% coupon code #PBVIP87, you will pay the following prices:
– 0.0325 for 30 days
– 0.14 for 180 days
– 0.25 for 365 days

Features: The VIP plan features some pretty nice stuff for Crypto Signal lovers, like:

  • Strong signals based on inside info, news, and Technical Analysis
  • No cross-promos anymore
  • Personal advice about portfolio management and tailored tip
  •  Insider news and forecasts
  • You get a mental coach assigned that will train your trading psychology
  • The best market reports from top crypto traders are included
  • Detailed signals along with the backgrounds and risk factors
  • The signals arrive earlier on VIP and get later on posted on the free channel

How the paid signal channel looks like: 

Update #2: Amazing success: We had recently a very profitable signal by  Palm Beach Signals – it almost doubled our investment. Nice!


Firstly, to make it clear to everyone Cryptonizers is not just a channel we are a company. It is not just one individual behind it, we are a team of 7 people, soon to be 9. With analysts, developers and marketers. We specially designed a paid service for people, as we observed that people are spending a lot of money for all this and not getting results. We see a lot of channels given 5000% ROI a month, think logically and then see if that is possible. One more thing we observed is that people have a problem with waiting for trades to reach the target, they start getting impatient and eventually sell in a loss as the signal took weeks to meet the target. Solving that problem we started a service called ” Live like a day trader” this service gives signals or trades which are short-term maximum time to reach the target is 24 hours. We do not say we have a 100% accuracy, however, says that is either lying or is a scam. We have 8-9/10 ratio of success on our trades. Which in turns gives a daily profit of 30-50% ( accumulated) ( means total profits – total loss = accumulated profit) We believe it better to scoop out small profits then running behind those 100-200% coins. That just a mere luck if people get to ride that wave and happens only once or twice. So if you are interested in day trading, getting Inside Info and mid-term signals as well.

Signals Review: The number of signals given was not too high, which is a good thing and shows he is not randomly throwing signals around, but instead carefully selects signals with the best potential. They provide the entry points and several sell targets, which nailed it pretty nicely from what I monitored. Cryptonizers offer day trade signals, mid-term signals, and long-term signals, the style is communicated on each of the signals. From time to time he offers some insider trades. I attended one of them, and it was a hot tip that gave me juicy 15% percent in a few minutes.

The Results: We followed their signals for 3 days with a starting capital of 0.2 BTC and have been able to grow it to 0.25 BTC growth rate of almost 25%. We didn’t use their given targets, as we like to play safer and take small profits instead of taking the risk becoming a bag holder. The number of signals was not too high, though pretty well-selected and very well-chosen. We have been able to take profit on all of them. Download a sample report here, which shows a massive profit of over 500% if you would have made all trades. We liked the high level of transparency with this service. We didn’t find the signals of Cryptonizers in any other channel. They are developing them themselves.

Support: Cryptonizers have an own dedicated chat room, where customers can chit-chat and clarify questions if they have doubts about how to do something. The chats are active, and this is an excellent service as newbies are guided to use the signals in best practice. Very straightforward and a good helping hand. In my test phase, I observed the chat closely, and the team was always there to help – and the best thing is, he gave good advice to his members, cared for their progress like a good-willed teacher. Additionally, they offer a News channel that keeps you up to date with the essential crypto news.

Behavior in critical situations: We had the luck to test this service within the current bear markets. This is very they have shown their professionalism – they stopped posting signals, as all went down the river. This is true responsibility. Instead, they started to share extensive reports about several coins and made a digest video version out of this reviews. You can see one of those videos below:

Paid Membership: To enroll please contact @cryptonizerssupport directly on Telegram. Please consider that the available memberships are strictly capped to be able to provide the needed level of personal support.
Price: The price is 0.03 BTC per Month
Signals for Exchanges: Bittrex / Binance /  Kucoin
Bitmex Signals: No, extra channel will start soon for day trading on Bitmex. We will update
Free Crypto Signal Channel:
Additionally, we decided to make a small interview with Cryptonizers which can be found here.
How the paid crypto signal channel looks like: 

Bitcoin Bravado

Bitcoin Bravado is excellent – very hard-working, reliable traders that offer a monthly report, featuring cute selections of 5 altcoins to invest in. They are not too much into day trading, so don’t expect hourly plings on their telegram channel – these are long-term signals. Instead, they will send the enrolled members a monthly report with very deep level research of good coins to invest and hold for long-term profits. Their telegram channel offers all the vital news, their interpretation and from time to time some signals.  We just have one report, and the trades are running, looking cute. We will update you with a more in-depth article about Bitcoin Bravado soon. For now, we conclude that there is an excellent team behind Bitcoin Bravado, that will give you an extensive example with every report on how to do your research right and how to interpret the news that are influencing the markets to move.

Update: They now offer Binance and Kucoin signals, in addition to signals for Bittrex.
Update 2: Bitcoin Bravado massively increased their prices from $20 to $50 / month (price doubles once the 50% cap has been reached) and switched the medium from email to discord signals. They also added several features to their discord channel.

Free Crypto Signals and News Channel:
Signals for Exchanges: Bittrex / Binance /  Kucoin 


As we wrote in the starting paragraph, there are barely free crypto signal channels to be found that you should trust. However, we found four free gems, providing great performing signals and also technical analysis. In fact, you can make quite some bucks with these freebies and we are still members in this channels, besides the listed paid ones.

Here is a selection of the four best free crypto signal channels we found:

Crypto Signal Comparison Matrix

Chat Room for CustomersAmount of SignalsInsider InfosTechnical AnalysisEducationalDiscount
Verified Crypto NewsYesMediumYesYesYesVCNVIP69
Palm Beach SignalsNoMediumYesSometimesNo#PBVIP87
Cryptonizers SignalsYesLowYesSometimesYes--
Future Crypto ExpertsYesLowNoYesYes--
Bitcoin BravadoNoLowNoYesNo--

Final Words For Your  Trading Journey

We hope you enjoy this small selection of great signals sources, as much as there are hundreds of thousands scammy channels out there, we can vouch for these here. From our deep research, this has been the most promising and if you follow the signals, don’t overreact if the price sometimes dips and just hold until targets are reached, you will have excellent chances to make a decent profit with these signal providers. Always remember: If BTC runs or drops, no signal provider can help as this affects mostly all the altcoins. There is just one way out – HODL and AVERAGING until bullish. Please note that we constantly update this post with crypto signal providers. We remove and we add providers per their performance and behavior to their customers.

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  1. “We spreaded 0.2 BTC over the trades and got a return of 0.31 BTC which equals a growth rate of almost 75% […]”

    I am not figuring out the math here. 0.31 profit from 0.2 is 155% profit, not 75%.

  2. Cryptonizers.Been in this community for 2 weeks now and must say, was skeptical but these guys
    are starting to gain legendary status in my eyes. Top notch support, accurate signals. Just like mentioned they don’t give out a lot daily signals but the ones that got called out reach all their targets on a 80-90% completion.
    started with 4k initial investment and with the help and tips with provided guides these guys provide it flipped into 8.2k in less then 14 days. Keep up the splendid work guys! ! (a new fresh if possible lifetime member from now on)

  3. I have taken part in those crypto channels since I read this article. And I want to write review of Cryptoland (Elite) chanel because this chanel doesn’t deserve such good feedback like it is posted in this article.

    Firstly Cryptoland (Elite) is paid channel. I’m shure you didn’t buy accsess to paid channel to test their singlas. Why do you praise their paid channel having to access to it?

    I can write review about free Cryptoland channel. It was a day when almost all altcoins price went down at 20% or so. But they posted statistic that all their signal gave 10%-300% profit. It looks like lies. I asked admin how it was possible all market was down and you had profit. He didn’t answer me.

    Also, I saw some signal was published, after a few hours it was deleted. THEY DELETED NON PROFIT SIGNALS to keep their statistic profitable. I wrote admin about this case, he kept ignoring me.

    In my opinion, Cryptoland is a scam channel. Admin is a schoolboy/looser/swindler who only can copy singnals from other channels.

    • Dear Anton,
      thank you for letting us know your opinion.
      We are actually in the paid channel and can proof that. We have not been paid by anyone for this review and it is our honest opinion. Let’s adress your views:
      -“Firstly Cryptoland (Elite) is paid channel. I’m shure you didn’t buy accsess to paid channel to test their singlas. Why do you praise their paid channel having to access to it?”
      We have access and can proof it anytime.
      -“It was a day when almost all altcoins price went down at 20% or so. But they posted statistic that all their signal gave 10%-300% profit. It looks like lies. I asked admin how it was possible all market was down and you had profit. He didn’t answer me.”
      Things like having the markets going down are normal in cryptoworld. And yes you won’t make any profit if you sell in a dip. We follow most of their signals and are in profit. Sure with a bull run on BTC the profits become smaller after such a dip, but these are things to deal with, if you want to trade cryptos. For the communication I can’t say a thing, I get a reply in 5-10 mins usually, though I ask politely.
      – “Also, I saw some signal was published, after a few hours it was deleted. THEY DELETED NON PROFIT SIGNALS to keep their statistic profitable. I wrote admin about this case, he kept ignoring me.”
      Yes, the signals are deleted in the signal channel to avoid that inexperienced traders trade old signals by accident. There is a seperate RESULTS channel, where all the results are posted. There the things don’t get deleted.
      – “…who only can copy singnals from other channels.”
      If you entered cryptoland due to this article, you should have been aware about that, as our review points that out. They gather signals and repost it from other premium service, to act like a hub that strengthens the buying power for a particular signals. Cryptoland does this with allowance of those other channels, so they are not to blame. Also they mix their own signals into the stream, which are mostly pretty good.

      We wish you strong hands for your future trading. Once BTC runs, almost all drops. It’s a pitty if you just entered just before, but that happens to everyone. We keep on holding until the profits roll in and try to never sell in a loss.

  4. I got interested in getting into Cryptonizers paid channel and dropped a message for them three times. They just dont answer me… I am very disapointed for being ignored so far!

  5. hello, very interesting article. Almost sounds too beautiful :p
    By any chance, did you try CryptoWhalesClub? It’s my first time trying to get into a paid membership channel and this one looks great, the admin answered me very quickly. Just want to have a second thoughts before I send my money without any guarantee.
    Thanks !

    • Might be, though if you apply logic you will see that the factor you are pulling to create an impression is not linked to the ability to provide good trading signals. Think about it 🙂 Anyhow, his channel is capped and might be closed right now to new applicants (not sure).

      • The article pointed terrible spelling as a factor. And I agree. I’m brazilian, not fluent in english. Even with my level, I woould not trust my money to people that write like that.

        Let’s see another free version of a group you indicate:

        The last time we alert u that we are going to close our this channel.:pensive::pensive: So now u can join our new 27k super active mega channel. :sunglasses::sunglasses::+1:

        I will delete this link for our channel in next 1 hour .So this is the last chance to join new channel. :wink::heart:”

        To close “our this channel” ? Please.

        • Totally see your point, Rod. And I feel like you regarding that. The article states that, but I meant more this ‘get my free siganls, join Chanel nowwwwww’ guys. Honestly, I have been with the guy behind cryptonizers now for some time (they have a chat for their premium members) and his knowledge and work is top notch. No shilling here, as reg is closed anyway AFAIK.
          In regards to Palm Beach, I agree the marketing looks somewhat fishy as all this dirty cross promotions (so glad I finished the research, I got my tg back, yay!), but hey once I saw their premium channel all doubts have been cleared. Just check the past signals by them. They also tag each signals with calculates risk factors, which is a great addon. But hey, BTC just started a big bull run, be careful with everything alt right now.

    • Yes, I am still on most of the channels. Be careful, a BTC bull run is starting right now and is better to keep out ALTs until it has settled.
      But yeah, all of them listed here are pretty reliable and gave me great results. As rule of thumb: one eye on the signals and the other on BTC

      • Thank you. Decided to try one of them out based on your advice. Going to wait after bull run. Seeing btc target in the high $19000

  6. I got a big problem with this kind of promotion. I see things like “I’LL LET 20 PEOPLE JOIN MY PAID CHANNEL FOR FREE, BUT THIS LINK WILL BE GONE IN 1 MINUTE!!”, “We will share a 300% secret tip, but just if you enter our secret channel. Link will disappear in 5 minutes!”

    One thing is to try to present your product emphasizing the good aspects of it. Another thing is to clearly lie. And it’s specially disgusting because we’re talking about money.

    Anyway, is there a way to see their past premium calls record?

    • Yes, totally can feel that – unfortunately it is pretty common in that field. I don’t like it either, but that’s how they all play that game. At the end of the day only one thing counts: Can a signal provider help to make more money on my trades and pay for its costs additionally.
      Check the results for their signals they posted in the free channel. Check if they have hit the targets. In the premium channel they openly admit if a trade has hit stop loss – so far it has been just one for me, due to the recent bull run which has started.

  7. You’ve tested signals for 3 days in many channels that you review. What about more long time period? For example 1-2 months. Every channel has history of signals that were given. Have you tested it and if “yes” what channels are really worth it?

    • Meanwhile I am testing them already for a longer while. The ones that are listed here are stable players. Channels that didnt performed well in the long run have been removed. This is our most read post and we update it often to stay on top of things. To get a nice chunk of daily quality signals I personally love Palm Beach Signals, Cryptoland Elite. Cryptonizers has mostly only the really big runners and I didn’t had a loser with them up till now. The support, given in the private traders chatroom, is outstanding. Future Crypto Experts are the ones with the lowest amount of signals, but they know their stuff and teach you the trading basics (they even just released an e-book for their premium members with all the trading basics) and update you with good analysis of coins you can request.

  8. Hey, Bro! Choosing beween Palm Beach & Cryptonizers. Need your advice! Planning To play on mid term! Need your adivce! Thanx!

  9. Hey there, thank you for your thoughts. We have stated that they are not affiliated with the real PBR group and just use the name for marketing. Despite the fishy name, I took the plunge to test them and can they that their premium channel is very good and definitely not a pump and dump channel. The reason why the prices are always up, when posted in the free channel, is that the premium members get the calls first. If you take a look at which coins they call, you can say they don’t use pumpable coins. Their current work is legit and they did not pay us to get listed here.

  10. Thanks for the article 🙂 After being in the paid groups, I would imagine that some groups are better at different trades.

    Which do you recommend for:
    Short Term?
    Mid Term?
    Long Term?

    • Hi there, thank you for your request. Actually all the groups are tagging their trades in those three categories and have all of them in Stock. However, the future crypto experts are more in long term.

  11. They only have 5 spots this month and are extremely busy with the fresh batch of paid members.
    Keep a close eye when they open enrolement again and be fast.
    You won’t regret it. I’m in no form or way being paid to promote this group, just got so impressed by them that i take the time and effort to share my honest thoughts about them.
    Hopefully see you soon in there

  12. hello,
    thank you for your article – very useful and insightful. It’s good to hear you are still testing the groups and updating the article accordingly. You mentioned that several other groups were tested and you were not happy with the results: would it be possible to share it?

    Finally, i am struggling to get a response from both Cryptoland and Cryptonizers. Do you know what the cost of their membership is?

    Many thanks

    • Hello LN, I am from the cryptoland team, you can contact with us here: @TCCINFO This is our free channel in telegram: @cryptolandtrade


  13. Best wishes from Altcoin Experts 🙂

    recently come across this channel Link removed, as unchecked they are saying
    As Per Current Crypto Market Cap. We Are Sitting at 0.8 Trillion Dollars Market Cap Now 👏

    Very Soon it Will Reach 1 Trillion Dollars . cheers miners

    • Beside that I really hope there are worlds between my English and the English I have found in those “Singal Chanels”, I have to admit that you are right. Some of these articles have been written in the very beginning of the blog, and I have to reassess, proofread and correct them – have that on my list alrady.

  14. I signed up for the premium at Cryptoland Elite. Paid my btc through the address given by TCCINFO and sent screenshot of transaction. Its already been 18 hrs and they havent replied or added me to the channel. Is this a scam?

  15. Hi. I want also join the cryptoland elite, but don’t get any answer. Can you help me join their channel? I was first thinking of to join the paid channel of cryptonizers, but there is no contact address given above.

  16. With your knowledge of having invested in each of the channels. Which is the best? or the one that I would most recommend? I want to enter one and I want it to be good with quality signals

    • Hey there,
      thank you for your comment.
      If you want to go all professional with massive TA background, coaching sessions etc. I can vouch for Verified Crypto News, though you will get only a medium amount of high quality signals. If you want a larger amount of signals, but with less background Palm Beach Signals would be my way to go.

  17. Thanks for a good article!
    I subscribed to the premium Cryptoland channel. For several weeks of stay, only one signal (TRX) was in plus, the rest up to minus 20%. At the same time in the free channel there is false advertising of when they have “super profit” in the premium channel. In general, not a very good channel.

    I also really want to get into the paid Cryptonizers channel. But as I understand there is no way to get into the paid channel now. This channel looks very professional.

  18. When did you guys revised this list? I joined CryptoLand as it was recommended in this post before and Ashu i was in contact with them thinking of using their services which is not stated as mediocre? So Ashu should also be taken off the list?

    • Hi Eric,
      do you think things never change and always remain the same? Or, if things change would you want us not to revise the list, so it is not updated? And do you actually read before you spent your money? Ashu’s rating was mediocre from the beginning, the only thing changed was having a tag in the overview – the review itself has shown him as mediocre before. We are just doing our job, observing the market and updating the list. That’s all.

  19. Well, i think the fact that i read it only a few days apart felt it was one day this and another day that. I realise this is not so. As for Ashu being mediocre … the sub-title to your article is “Crypto Signal Reviews: Hand-selected and stress-tested Groups “. Why hand select a mediocre channel to discuss on. Anyway … thanks. No more comments from me.

    • No need to snap.
      Yes, Ashu had amazing results in the beginning, but with the bear market, the performance dropped, along with the high amount of signals I had to adjust. But I get it, you prefer static reviews that don’t adapt to current situations and just stay as they are. Prepare yourself: If the results of Ashu stabilize again, I will re-adjust it – if they worsen, I will remove.

  20. Can you comment how cryptoland completely out from your top? You recently recommended them. According to your advice, I bought a subscription. I certainly do not like their channel, but nevertheless, you should at least write a reason. I think it would be a good idea.

    • Hi Alexander,
      you don’t simply buy something because you read something, but do more research. Nobody but yourself is responsible for your actions. If you don’t get that simple fact, never visit this site again, best for you would be to leave crypto and trading at all as the very first thing you have to do, is to take responsibility for all your actions. Cryptoland does not a bad work, but we just want providers in here that post only their own signals and not copied stuff from other channels.

  21. Hey how do I request you review another group? I’m in their free channel and they are very low signal, but the last 21 out of 22 calls have been dead on with huge ROI. They also just partnered with one of the best technical analysis groups on tradingview. I’d like to chat with you!

  22. I was thinking like u. Cryptonizers channel looks very professional. BUT its not and this article is not true.

    First there is no more chat. They stop it ! maybe the writer should update that ? No more Alfa and Beta group.
    The price is not more 0.2 BTC but 0.3 BTC. Maybe update that too ?
    Second the signal was all down, just 3 signal in one month and none win even 10 %. All are loose

    I regret to pay that 0.3 BTC for that 🙁 but at least i try if u never try u will never win !

    But its life i still think there is very good channel, i want to be rich 🙂


    • Thanks for reminding me updating the article – will do it right away. However I am still in the chat, so I actually don’t know what you are talking about.
      The signals: What do you expect in a bear market like this right now? They did the best thing they could do and refrained from new signals but provide a decent daily report currently.
      As we have to fight daily here with guerilla marketing comments, that want to defame competitors services, would you please be so kind send us your TG handle, so we can verify you are member / have been member of Cryptonizers?

  23. Hello, could you please check Excavo (the best trader on tradingview) announced their partnership, but heard not nice opinions. Thank you

  24. Alexander Hi. I am collaborating with cryptoland team. Would you like to chat with me about how we can level up your satisfaction. There are great things happening in our community, you may be interested.

    All of those who have a complain with Cryptoland Elite channel can talk to us via our telegram channel.

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