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April 8, 2021

SIGNAL RESULTS MARCH 2021 “XRP to the Moon!”

Signal results for March are here! We once again will rank in order of how each signal provider did overall during the start of spring. Also again we had another super month with bitcoin threatening to break the low 60k range resistance and floods of new cryptocurrency traders joining our ranks.

A few mentions were the near physic friends network call from VCT on XRP of which recently went above $1.10 from the .40 range and under. A shout out to Fat Pigs for their flawless performance in the DEFI space once again with stunning returns. We also would like to welcome Sublime and Onward BTC to the ranking system and hope to see more of their success in the future. [...]

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March 29, 2021

Fat Pigs DEFI trading signals “Offer Giant Profits!

Fat Pigs DEFI trading has been on fire for the past year. If you are not familiar with what DEFI is, well let us enlighten you. Below is a short primer of what DEFI is. First, DEFI stands for “decentralized finance” basically an umbrella term for financial services on blockchain ledgers. Thus this is done in the form of smart-contracts in which certain coins like ETH “Etherum” have the ability to perform financial transactions through the blockchain. Below are the different types of DEFI transactions currently seen in the marketplace.

Lending – Lend out your crypto and earn interest on it.Loans – Get loans instantly without filing [...]
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March 5, 2021

Signal Results February 2021 “The Crypto Bullrun is Intact!”

Signal results for February are in order to rank how each crypto signal provider did during the month. With the recent explosion in telegram crypto signals, we have seen a giant influx of traders to all the different groups. The results from one crypto signals group to another went very well… Most taking full advantage of the new highs in both BTC and ETH.

Rate & comment on the providers! Monthly Signal Results 1) Universal Crypto Signals

Once again the best crypto trading telegram signals can be spotted in universal signals, having several key trades of large returns, being higher than maybe all the trades of other groups. Thus this was [...]

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February 20, 2021

Hi Tech Fat Pigs “Extremely Powerful Signals”

Cooking the bacon with Fat Pigs

When pigs fly! Hi Tech Fat Pigs are doing just that, flying with great trades for you. Below you can check out some of the great features of these flying pigs.

25% Discount code Fat Pigs discount code for 25% off on all subscriptions.Don't like to read and just want to join the 3rd on our best provider list with a 25%...Show More Don't like to read and just want to join the 3rd on our best provider list with a 25% discount coupon. Show LessFATPIGSMARTGo to the deal Click Image for Special SmartOptions Pricing

We want to find you the best signals and they have the bacon for you. [...]