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Fat Pig Signals Review

~ Binance and Okex Signals | Bybit/Bitmex Signals| Analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum| News |Special Reports ~

+++ Experienced traders /Bull market or Bear / Bybit, Bitmex, and Binance Spot Signals+++

Listed in The Best Crypto Signals Fat Pig Signals:

Fat Pig Signals trusted provider badge
Fat Pig Signals is a Trusted Signal Provider

Fat Pig Signals do not come with bells & whistles “Fair Warning”. Thus, they don’t sell you a well-decorated tiny piece of meat on a noble-looking plate. Here, you get a juicy steak like Grandma did. Though from smart guys who know how to bring that bacon home! We tested Fat Pig Signals in the worst bear crypto market. Bitcoin just destroyed the 4K support. And then the financial markets tanked as if they were searching for pearls on the ground of the Mariana Trench.

When I started to monitor their trades, I was in a phase where the most left and right collected stop/losses as if they were stamps. I am still puzzled how they do it. But in times, when you start the Binance app and see more blood than on a Butcher’s table. These guys have their trades running in the few assets that show green.


Meanwhile, the Fat Pig advanced signals slaughter their way to the bear market. By the way, their chat alone is so funny! It is worth the membership fees (for friends with rougher humor, though). This, by the way, is great to have here. The admins spread much knowledge there, and you can extract great extra trades from time to time.

A few additions to what you see here are that Fat Pigs also has signals for both Bybit/Bitmex, additional reports, and even a free live stream for people to view. So, Fat Pigs has made some great strides in its offering.

Fat Pig Signals: The Offering

  • Binance and Okex Spot signals with great risk management
  • Bybit/Bitmex/Binance Futures signals for margin trading
  • Yield Farming Crypto generation tool
  • News updates
  • Fat Pig Portfolio Builder(mid & long-term)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Friendly chat and well-versed team
  • Their signals flowed like the video below
  • DEFI trading signals
  • Special Reports/Opportunity Market Analysis
Fat Pig Signals

The Crypto Signals

Afterward, the Crypto Signals come plain and simple here, always with the appropriate technical analysis attached. During the period we tested Fat Pigs, we saw a nice 100% trade! Subsequently, it could have even become a 200% trade if we’d hold it for more ($XRP). These guys catch those movers and have a great hand for the right picks. To illustrate, this is not a fluffed-up service with tons of features. They bring what they are paid for successful Binance signals – and boy, they deliver even in the worst markets.

Particularly, these Crypto Signals are priceless in the current bitcoin markets and checking their long-term history. One can see that they really know what they do. Since we tested Fat Pigs, they showed a long-term accuracy of 82.84%, with a tendency to rise. Most often, they aim for targets in the 25% range. Their community values their accuracy. Indeed, praising them a lot for the very active channel. Where one can spot many additional setups.

Fat Pig Signals Example:

Trade for GO/BTC

Well, this candlestick chart is going to be interesting. This trade became a 154% trade while BTC was shitting the bed. GO didn’t stop there and went much higher in the coming days. But hey, I won’t complain about a 154% profit in the worst market conditions. (see the results)

Fat pigs “Go Trade on the advanced chart”
Market Update by Fat Pigs Signals

Margin Signals with Bybit/Bitmex

One of the great things about recent additions to Fat Pigs is their inclusion of Bybit/Bitmex scalping Crypto Signals. These short-term trades can be seen below in addition to their Binance signals. Many beginner traders are very happy with the short-term Crypto Signals and take full advantage of this new addition.

Fat Pigs Telegram Trade Example

Example Below of a Fat Pig Signal. *NOTE: Red/Yellow balls are not necessarily signals but advanced trading algorithms. They are not related to the advanced crypto trading signals /tech that Fat Pigs uses for their scalping trade Crypto Signals with Bybit. As well, there is often additional criteria that likely will qualify a signal. Only insiders in the group get outside of the yellow/red ball signals.

Red/Yellow Ball Signal

Special Reports/Analysis

Additionally, one of the great things about Fat Pigs is they have grown to include an expanding service. A prime example of this is their reporting on special opportunities, market patterns and analyses. This reporting goes in-depth into the market to bring home the bacon for their trading group. Check out the report below to see an example of this tool:

* Click the above Fat Pigs report image to get the PDF special DEFI report *

Now, as you see in that report, you gain all kinds of insight into SNX (Synthetix). A coin I recently bought myself in the $4-$5 range with dollar cost averaging. We also see a few other in-depth analyses of ANT (Aragon), who recently announced their DAO. They even talk about staking. Flash loans and other more esoteric, deep-in-the-know trade ideas that maybe only a DEFI nerd would enjoy. Still, it is up to you to decide!

Anyway, you look at it whether investing in LEND (AAVE). Which had a recent almost 50% move up the last month or what other DEFI coins are on the up and up, you get great value in these Fat Pigs’ special opportunity/analysis reports, and that alone will bring home the bacon with Fat Pigs, and a lot of bacon at that imo 😉

The Results

Fat Pigs signals are able to deliver results.  Recently, we have seen accuracy rates between 90 and 100%, but we are in good market conditions. It is more important to consider the results they have shown when everything was red, like in our test month. This ended pretty positively with around 110% profit – and that while Bitcoin headed sub 4k. What I liked very much was these AGPs (Account Growth Potential). It has been achieved with just around 14 trades! So they don’t overdo it with the trades but instead select carefully the good ones.

Below are the last three months’ results as you can see they are nothing less than astounding! At the prices they charge and the quality of their crypto trading signals. Well, this is one deal you can’t shake a fork at! Fat Pigs do a great job of finding good trade opportunities. Key trades that subscribers can take advantage of in the cryptocurrency market.

Fat Pig signals three months results

The stops never exceeded 10% loss. So they always keep a calculated risk reward ratio in mind and the few losses have been ironed out nicely. One cannot count the many trade setups that have been posted in direct customer communication in their chat room. It is very active, but surely you can grab some education there with a loose and funny atmosphere. Ok sometimes the jokes go a bit far, but it is a thing of taste, I guess.

Fat Pigs – FREE Live Signal Feed

Another great example of how hardcore these guys are is demonstrated by their free crypto trading signalsfeed. A rudimentary live feed that may be on the surface seems somewhat vapid. But when you couple it with their charts/analysis on the inside of their group, it becomes charts on STEROIDS! *CLICK on the image below to view the free signals feed.

Click the above image for Fat pigs FREE Live Signal Feed

As you can see, they have more than just a few feeds for analysis. If you are in the room, you get the VIP treatment with their analysis in real-time for you day traders out there. This will bring it all home and connect the dots. This way, you fully understand what the chart analyses/indicators mean. So when it is or is not a good time to buy or sell the cryptos of your interest. They don’t leave anything out, and everything is included here, kitchen sink too!

The Support

They are always around and they maintain quite a neat big support team. There is always someone near, willing to help. The traders are very active traders themselves are very responsive if you have questions. Again always around when it comes to the need for a helping hand.

Customers can also request help in private messages. They are very easy and one has to ask when they ever sleep. However, Fat Pig Signals does not offer general crypto support. You will need basic knowledge about trading or you will be depending on the help of the community. The support of the channel owners is limited to the served signals.

The Critique

No big critics here. They always consider the Bitcoin movement before handing out a signal, they have proper stops in place. They support their members very actively in their chat. The Risk: The reward might be considered mediocre. If you consider its ratio between target 1, the stop, and the finally locked-in target gains.

However, this is a critique on paper and totally OK. If it is their strategy that helps them keep up with the high accuracy provided, Another point of critique is the limited support, which suggests signing up once you gained some basic trading knowledge.

What makes this channel unique? 

The channel has a very unique flavor, which you cannot bring down to a few words. They don’t feature many extras and gimmicks, but more than most channels. Fat Pigs are just plain and straightforward offering rocking trade ideas on BTC and altcoin signals, no matter how bad the markets are.

They restrict their signals to coins/tokens with decent volume. Which makes it easy to get in and out and also decreases the risk of getting pumped & dumped. Good research behind the trades. Furthermore, they feature a 24/7 YouTube Channel. Where people can see them live trading, making sure their work is unique and based on their real trading knowledge.

Customer’s Insights Review

In this section, we ask existing customers or members of the smart options telegram channel for an additional unbiased review. Form and content are completely free, so the channel tester is free to express his/her opinion. This customer insights review has been provided by long-term Fat Pig Signals member Felix.

“Hello out there.
My name is Felix and today it is my turn to give you a summary of my experience. In the last 6 months with FPS VIP Service. As I mentioned before I joined the FPS VIP channel in October 2018 and the results are fantastic.

The Signals

The first Point I want to mention is the signals themselves. So when I joined, I thought TA and fundamental analysis is just nonsense, but Fat Pigs taught me the opposite. The signals are shared very fast. The market updates are very quickly available after some rapid movements in the market. Sometimes it happens that these signals run up very fast. Just after they were shared in the Fat Pigs VIP Channel. But this is just if it’s a lower-volume coin.

I personally just use the BTC and ETH updates to make some leverage trades with the signals shared. I also have a look at the Altcoin signals, and mostly, they hit the provided targets very fast. From time to time there is a signal that is running in the opposite direction than expected. Also provided Stop-loss gets triggered and you´re out of the trade without too much loss. Generally, there is just a very low percentage of “Failed Signals”. If you trade all these signals, you should make a significant profit soon.

The Technical Analysis

The second point will be the TA (Technical Analysis) that is provided on top of the Signals. I mentioned before that 2 different types of Signals are shared in the VIP Chanel. On the one hand, there are the Altcoin signals, and on the other hand. You will find market updates on the biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and XRP.

The Support

The third point is the Telegram Group and the admin support. Since I joined Fat Pigs I´m spending a lot of time chatting with the Fat Pigs admins. There are two admins, and it seems as if there will be 24/7 support. If you have any questions about recent Signals that were shared. Or even, if you have some questions about your personal TA, ask in there. The admins are more than willing to help you within minutes.

Now after I’ve been in that group for almost 6 months. I have to say it is not just a signal service for me it has more for me. It just feels like a big family you join, and everyone is nice and helps each other.

Especially Gang Plank and Dad in Telegram supported me a lot in starting my own TA. Also, they give me some pieces of advice and answer all of the questions I have. These are a lot to be honest because I’m just at the beginning. The support you receive from those people in Fat Pigs is amazing.

The Customer Judgement

In the end. I want to summarize my thoughts on Fat Pig signals. I have to say that these guys are worth their money. You don’t just receive these sick crypto trading signals with decent accuracy, NO! You also get all these amazing admins, and the other members in Fat Pigs chat are decent. If you just want to make money and you’re not interested in a community. Well, just go for the Fat Pigs VIP Signal Service. Trade these Signals, and you will get your money back within a few weeks, in my opinion. Depending on the funds you’re trading with.

Fat Pigs October Update

If you want to make money, search for a nice and amazing Community. Then just go for Fat Pigs signal service and get into Fat Pigs Chat as soon as possible. I guess you will soon feel that this was the right decision. To finalize my summary, I would like to thank the Fat Pigs team for the amazing support you provide. Your accurate signals are the best out there, and I love every day I’m in telegram with you guys <3.

Hope to see you soon in the Fat Pigs chat! I also hope they give you this feeling I had when I joined the Fat Pigs!”

The Judgement

Fat Pigs signals offer unique work. You will never find stolen signals or anything else shady with them. An upfront, honest crypto signal provider with a strong community that engages you in learning in a funny environment. That being said, the received signals are always of great quality. An outstanding sign of quality is how they monitor the complete crypto market environment. Way before they are handing out trading recommendations.

The technical analysts’ knowledge consists of way more than “muh triangle memes” and to be honest. I love the “almost hidden” Bybit signals they give as a bonus here and there. For those who complain about the basics of risk management. It is all part of their strategy and has been proven to be consistently successful.

The thing is if you have a proven track record and success rate like Fat Pigs for months and years. You can allow yourself this drawback.
All in all, Top work for a really good prices. 0.5 ETH for three months is more than justified if ETH drops. Another time, as I did in the last month’s, I’d make sure to get a yearly subscription at a discount.


Fact Sheet for Fat Pig Signals

  • Official website: fatpigsignals.com
  • Telegram Contact: @dad10 or @gangplank123
  • Discount Code: SMART60
  • Plans & Prices: 3 months 0.50 ETH |  6 months 0.75 ETH | 12 months 1.25 ETH (spot conversion to BTC possible; Discount not deducted)
  • Auto Trader: Yes, Cornix Auto Crypto Trader Solution
  • Special Features: Wide range of short-term signals, professional analysts, advanced algorithm, profitable signals – even in the worst bear markets, trades mostly in highly liquid coins to avoid risky pumps.
  • Signals with technical analysis: All signals came with automatic market analyses and TA
  • ResultTracking: Constantly updated Results-page
  • Exchanges: Binance, Bybit and Bitmex
  • Trading Timezones: 24hrs
  • How the paid channel looks like:


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  1. Its superb as your other articles : D, appreciate it for posting. “Even Albert Einstein reportedly needed help on his 1040 form.” by Ronald Reagan.

  2. I am very satisfied with signals from fatpigsignals, They are excelent in bull market and even better in bear market, Great Team!

  3. I was impressed with the performance of fatpigsignals whole 2021. I mean, most of their signals hit most of their targets and I dont remember any hitting Stoploss, maybe a couple, not sure, but the trades I took went very well. This is a group to be confident with.

  4. Fat Pig Signals is a great community not only because they offer a great service, but their chat is golden, great people in there and offers a lot of fun. Their VIP calls are very accurate and they rarely hit stoploss. Great team, very recommended.

  5. I am a big fan of Fat Pig Signals, they have been around for quite some time and never seems to disapoint. 2021 was a great year with massive returns on their signals, you just need some patience. I honestly recommend this group for newcomers and experience traders alike.

  6. FatPigSignals change my perspective on Telegram Signal Providres, I mean, before I join their VIP service, I tried some other crappy channels that the only thing they did good was advertise their so called big gains. Thank God I found out about FatPigSignals, even for me that I dont know anything about technical Analysis, I just follow their signals and boom, easy money. This guys are the real deal. And a big plus, it is the funniest channel I have ever been to in telegram. 1000% recommended

    • The Ftc Has been helping victims of scams recover stolen funds from online scams. Over the last several years I have been directly responsible for the delivery of nearly £1bn of improvement and efficiency across the UK utility industry.
      A results-led Programme Manager and Transformation Director with 15+ years of diverse experience across B2B, B2C, Big Data, utilities, pharmacy, retail, public sector, consulting, SMEs & corporate sectors. and I can assure you that if you have lost any crypto do not rely on anyone other than a government organization the FTC for example can be contacted via mail they require you to file a report on the official site and submit your generated report number to the mail for chargebacks which work.

  7. FPS equals the whole package, I mean what else can these guys offer with that price, you get alt signals, BTC updates when is need it, straight to the point customer service, the funniest telegram channel I have ever been to (I would have paid their VIP subscription just to hang out in there), and now they are including Margin scalp signals in that ridiculous cheap price. But most important thing is the accuracy, you rarely get stopped out. Before joining Fat Pig VIP I lost a lot of money following other telegram channels, sure there are some legit channels out there (very expensive ones), but most are scams. I read about FPS right here at smartoptions a way back and I am very grateful for that. God bless Gang, Dad and Fat Pig Signals crew.

  8. This group has been very beneficial for keeping me updated on market trends and short term flips. I don’t necessarily have time to cover as much on my own. Trusting Gang and the team has produced much positive gains even in this crazy manipulated crypto market space.

    I enjoy holding one long term project (Credits.com) as well as flipping smaller amounts on Binance with the team plus some margin over time on my own. Gang Plank and the team helps verify market pulses as well doing much tracking of coin trends and possible critical decision points for buy/sells.

  9. User @Narba88 here.

    This group is solid. The same admins/members are around daily, multiple times. They live and breathe crypto. The calls and TA are great. I definitely compare with other good groups I follow and seems to align with other views. I mostly use it for cross-referencing information before deciding on a target.

    In 5 weeks, the group has helped me gather an additional .43 BTC in my portfolio. This has been a great hedge against my private sales 🙂

    Have faith in what they provide because they’re pretty accurate but also some signals can take hours to 12 days. (Bigger coins will need more time to reach signals. ) The group constantly reminds you of the basics to stay safe in crypto and secure profits.

    Gang, Daddy Bitcoin, and Iosif have given me plenty of help with learning TA. I’ve probably been annoyed at the very least but the group is helpful. There is no drama within the group at all if there is it’s probably you. (Seth)
    It’s a great community and NEVER turn your back on Arthur.

  10. Been following these guys before they were even doing coordinated signals. By far the best group I have come across. They are extremely educated and more importantly extremely accurate on specific calls and general outlook on the market. The VIP group is is where you want to be but you can even get help if you are new to this in the main chat. Cant thank the team enough for the money made and the analysis I’ve learned. This is not some scammy pump group, these are real guys putting in the effort to give solid calls. I consider myself lucky to have found them.

  11. I have been a member going on for 2 years now. This group knows what they are talking about and gives real good signals. They are available to listen to your concerns as soon as they can. They also have a bot trade where you just have to set it Ana’s forget it where you don’t have to stop what your doing and try to log in quick to place the trades. Compared to the other signals it’s by far one of the cheapest and best quality signals. But in conclusion I highly recommend this group. At the end of the day we are all out here to make money and this group helps me in doing so.

  12. At the moment on joining FPS chat, i´ve noticed a very funny, helpful and insightful community, that even without paying for VIP, which i would suggest to pay as its very cheap and worth every penny, even so, i myself learn tons of tricks and glitches with the community, beside the super fun and wide mentality they have as a whole.
    I feel like home now there, sometimes being more of a watcher laughing behind the scenes like in a Cinema.
    Even so, being a noob, a started to grow exponentially and understand very strong fundamentals about it, if you´re easy going the harshness you might find sometimes in the chat is only taken lightly, life is too tough to be sensible to tiny things…
    As theres the saying, life is a game, you only have to get better at it.

  13. I been in the fat pig signals for months and it was one of the best choice i made in crypto. Signals are amazing chat is buzzing and support from especially from gangplank is more than helpfull. They taught me so much about trading.

  14. I have been a member since September 2018 and it was the best thing I’ve done so far. I’m not part of any other group, fatpig is my reference today and where I got consistency to operate in the crypto market. Thank you all

  15. One of the cheapest services in crypto space with real signals including ta & fa not just random t1 t2 pump n dump bs. Best community


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Fat Pig Signals Review ~ Binance and Okex Signals | Bybit/Bitmex Signals| Analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum| News |Special Reports ~ +++ Experienced traders /Bull market or Bear / Bybit, Bitmex, and Binance Spot Signals+++ Listed in The Best Crypto Signals Fat Pig Signals: Fat Pig...Fat Pig Signals 1 professional group bringing home the bacon