Margin Whales Signals Review
Margin Whales Signals Review

Margin Whales Review – We are Family.


Margin Whales

Starting at $150



Risk Awareness




Price/Performance Ratio


Yay! 🙂

  • Ongoing Market Updates
  • Fantastic Hit Rate
  • Very Good Risk/Reward Ratio
  • Nice Support
  • Listed in "The BitMEX Signals on Telegram" Post
  • Active Market Monitoring for Trades

Nay! 🙁

  • Sometimes Operations Close at Breakeven
  • If you don't use the Auto Trader, you have to attend the trades
  • Often Scalps with smaller gains

Margin Whales Review

+++ Great Success Rate and Quality BitMEX Signals+++

~Insane Accuracy | BitMEX and Altcoin Signals | Great Risk:Reward~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Since quite a few months, I was a member of the free channel of Margin Whales. I liked the quality of their posts and already asked them if they want me to check their premium channel. Unlike, the most I got no very enthusiastic reply and we left it like that. It is OK for me and I value that, as I know good quality traders are often not very fond of marketing and not very good in promoting their stuff (hence other paid groups or coaching products like courses, etc. which are marketed very good, are often garbage or scam). However, sometime later, one of the channel owners of our other listed signal providers, asked me if I know these “Margin Whales” guys as they’d produce nice results. I contacted them again, and finally, I got a seat on their channel.  Check with me, which quality & results the BitMEX trading group delivered.

Margin whales is a channel for leveraged trading signals for BitMEX and similar exchanges that allow margin Trading, but they also offer a second channel for Altcoin signals included in the Membership. Since its inception end of June ’18, they had quite a good series of success and might be a good addition in your signal provider arsenal. There is not much to tell about the story behind the channel, but this is sometimes not the worst to keep a clear view of the signals itself. Let’s review them.

Signals Review

Margin Whales are not spitting signals like a firework but are still quite frequent and active. I actually don’t like it if it gets too active – the amount of tradable assets on BitMEX is limited, and if you place e.g. shorts on multiple altcoin futures there, you are increasing your risk exponentially due to the dependence of Bitcoin moves. Margin Whales play the responsible card and you still get an average signal amount of around 20 signals a month. These are around 70% regular trades, 25% scalp trades and 5% so-called Whale Trades, where they play bigger moves.

If a signal setup fails, they detect it very fast and get out at breakeven quickly to avoid a stop-loss. I can say that they are very good in re-evaluating the market situation and take action proactively, something that is rare to find. They don’t just want to push signals to deliver, they seem to care for the signals published, which is a great attitude. Furthermore, I liked it that they kept an eye on the markets in general.

For example, if they are long with an altcoin future, they keep on monitoring the behavior of Bitcoin. If a bearish outlook forms, they are likely to close the altcoin long trade. As said, Margin Whales trade very actively. While you don’t get multiple trades per day, they treat each signal carefully and support you while it is running with directions according to their observations. The chosen risk:reward ratios are very reasonable (see trade example), something I really like to see.

With the active market monitoring, they are able to get out of the most failed setups at breakeven, which gives a warm and fluffy feeling, as every trader’s first job is to reduce risk and to protect capital. This is done very precisely with Margin Whales.

An area of improvement could be the signal reasoning: If you like to understand the signal given, by looking at their technical analysis, you’d need to ask for it as the signals itself are presented without further reasoning. This has been different in the past, if you scroll up the history, you can find great technical analysis, reasoning and expert tips on risk:reward and risk management – I’d love to see this again!

Signal Example

In this example from today you can see how they figured the recent drop of Bitcoin and closed their altcoin long position before that, switching their bias according to the market movements.

And here is how it played out on the charts:

Margin Whales Review - We are Family. 1

The Results

Overall, the results have been pretty good. I want to imagine this service on an auto trader as one thing is a downside: if you enter a trade by Margin Whales, you should be around to receive the updates and act accordingly to reproduce the same results. Happily, it is possible to have custom alerts on Telegram for particular channels, so this would be a quick fix.

In December, we had 22 signals, where 12 have been closed in profit, 4 losers,  5 closed at breakeven, and one order has not been filled.  Considering only the winners and the losers we have a juicy success rate of 75%, considering the trades closed at breakeven we are at 57.17%. The achieved profits have been in the range of 12 to 87% and the month closed with almost 500% profit, a figure which has been already exceeded by the time of writing for the current month January (we are currently at 580%), so we might close this month with even better numbers. The risk:reward ratio has been chosen wisely and the loss never exceeded 17% (maximum loss in December).

The fees of the paid group can be found on the lower side, so if one takes some of their trades, the monthly fee might be back in the pocket with some trades, though, of course, past results can’t speak about the future outcome.

The Critique

So far, the signals have been very good and I don’t see much to put in here. But I recognized one or two times, where the signals have been posted and it was impossible to enter, as the market reacted too fast. Furthermore, I saw one time that an entry has not been really hit, it was ETH entry at 144, but the price hit only 143.7, so it is unlikely that the order has been filled. At first they updated the channel like it was a successful trade, but stopped that later on and did not count it as a success, happily. I think this was just a human error.

The Support

Mr. W, the support guy, was always around to help. Not much to ask though, as the instructions are very clear.


Margin Whales is definitely a good channel and deserves it to be in our BitMEX shortlist. The Risk/Reward was fine in 95% of the trades, here and there was a slip, but that’s ok. Many scalps but also some bigger trades have been found. There was one case where a trade has been celebrated as success, but the entry had never hit – but they recognized that quickly and stopped it. However, the signals in general are really great – a damn good hit rate anyways and this without risking too much capital. Margin Whales is a great BitMEX signal channel and I personally use their signals.


  • Telegram Contact:
  • Discount Code: (SMTO19) for 5% off
  • Signup Form:
  • Plan and features: 1Month - 3Month - 1Year (VIP includes: VIP chat, 24/7 support, help in risk management)
  • Pricing: 0.0255 for 1 month - 0.068 for 3 months - 0.2125 for 1 year
  • Auto Trader: No
  • Member Chat: Yes
  • Results Tracking: Google Docs Sheet
  • Signals with technical analysis: No
  • Trading Timezones: 24/7
  • Free Channel:
  • How the channel looks inside:


Margin Whales is a Trusted Signal Provider
Margin Whales is a Trusted Signal Provider
Margin Whales Signals Service
Margin Whales Review - We are Family. 2

In this review, we check the reliability, accuracy, and support of Margin Whales. The quality of the signals in this channel have been tested for quite some time and lead us to a positive outcome for this telegram channel. The initial editor's rating was 8.3 - the overall rating is influenced by 20% through community votes from the comments section.

Editor's Rating:

Steve McKenzie is Crypto Investor, Enthusiast and Trader since Mt. Gox ages. He was hodling through bull runs, bear markets, and has seen bubbles grow and bubbles pop. Well-connected in the world of Fintech he loves to review Crypto Signal groups on Telegram - the good, the bad, the ugly. He reviews the technical analysis, fundamental analysis, the risk/reward ratio and if the channel is giving you the best bang for your buck and tries to save others from signing up with scammers. Legendary Posts: The Best Crypto Signals on Telegram | The Best Bitmex Signals on Telegram

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