WallStreet Queen Review: Telegram’s Largest Signal Group?

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Review overview

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Finding reliable and trustworthy signal resources can be like navigating a minefield in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading. This is why we released this WallStreet Queen review.

Over the past seven years, SmartOptions has tried to test as many signal providers as possible, with the majority failing. The main issue is that most providers are gone after a year or two and don’t stand the test of time. Performance is, of course, the main item of a signal group, preferably during the bear market, because everyone, including your grandma, is an expert in the bull market. Most groups are established in the bull markets. Most are gone when the market corrects, and persistent results can only be seen over a longer period.

Real traders at WallStreet Queen?

As some traders mentioned on the SmartOptions website, there is a difference between knowing how to trade and being a trader. Most people who have been around for a few years think they are traders because they have had some success. This is also why most people in crypto trading will lose money instead of earning money.

Wall Street Queen is a Telegram-only channel with a substantial following of over 235,000 subscribers. A group of traders and marketers pioneered it. Wall Street Queen has made waves with its bold claim of a 96.5% accuracy rate. This is a big claim for a leverage-crypto signals channel, so if true, it would show the group’s remarkable trading skills.

The Team

Our WallStreet Queen review came after we were asked to check them out. Wall Street Queen has been around for four years, and the team has been trading since 2015. With this Wall Street Queen review, we dive into the world of signal providers, which may be the biggest group in the field.

What Problem Does Wall Street Queen Solve?

Navigating the volatile crypto groups of cryptocurrency trading requires more than just starting. It demands guidance and structure that most don’t have. Wall Street Queen says to be just that. It offers crypto signals, news analysis, and education to guide traders toward profitable decisions. In a space riddled with misinformation and quick opportunities, the promise of quality, accurate trading signals is a lighthouse for traders searching for direction.

Unpacking WallStreet Queen’s Offerings

Wall Street Queen’s menu of services includes regular signals for various crypto pairs, primarily on platforms like Binance and KuCoin. These comprehensive signals detail entry points, targets, stop losses, and leverage levels. Additionally, the channel flaunts its trading prowess with screenshots of impressive profits, underlining its claimed 96.5% accuracy rate and an average return of 178% over three months. I missed the automatic or copy trading options, but this is not for everyone. A signal can help you spot the right coin to trade and use the best trading bots.

Membership Options: The Key to the Group

The Wall Street Queen’s offerings reveal a two-tier membership system: free and premium. The free membership provides a taste of the service with access to signals, news, and updates. For those who want more, the premium membership demands a fee—$150 monthly. $350 for three months or a $450 one-time fee for lifetime access. It’s important to remember that a Lifetime subscription does not ensure anything beyond the availability of the channel for as long as it exists. Many providers offer this option, and it’s often the best choice, even for just a year or two. Additionally, a premium subscription to a reputable channel and sufficient trading funds can earn the fee quickly in a bull market.

The Signal Results

In February 2024, When we checked the results for our Wall Street Queen Review, they stood out remarkably, capturing every significant move and securing its position as one of the most accurate and profitable trading channels on Telegram in that month. With 23 trades executed throughout the month, Wall Street Queen celebrated 19 profitable trades, encountered just two stop losses, and achieved two break-even trades. This excellent performance underscores the channel’s powers in delivering VIP trades with precision. The team’s strategy of focusing on a limited number of highly accurate signals each month has proven incredibly effective, boasting an overall accuracy of over 90%. Although this is slightly below their 96.5% accuracy claim, it’s sufficiently close to affirm their profitability and efficacy in trading.

The Verdict: Is Wall Street Queen A Scam or a Crown Jewel?

Despite the allure of WallStreet Queen’s offerings, a shadow of doubt lingers if you believe some posts online. Concerns about the verifiability of the channel’s claims and the anonymity of its leadership are not uncommon in the signal Crypto space. There is no reason to hide, but I understand that some in this wild world think differently.

What counts is that the signals are good, and the alpha shared is as good as any channel out there. Being online and around for four years shows a good start, and at least they have survived a downturn.

Pros and Cons:


High-Quality Signals: Wall Street Queen’s promise of accurate and well-analyzed signals offers a potential goldmine for informed trading decisions.

Comprehensive Education: Beyond signals, the channel commits to trader education through technical analysis, market trends, and news updates.

Supportive Admins: WallStreet Queen fosters a community where traders can ask questions if needed.


Transparency: The anonymity of the leadership could be improved

Leverage trading carries a high level of risk, and many users struggle with its quasi-gambling nature, often resulting in even greater losses if badly managed.

Conclusion on the WallStreet Queen Review

Wall Street Queen stands out with a promising mix of high-quality signals, education, and admin support, with a confirmed claim of a 90% accuracy rate in February. (This percentage can change depending on the new monthly result) Its offerings, particularly valuable for traders seeking signals, outweigh concerns about anonymity when properly understood, as shared in this Wall Street Queen review. Wall Street Queen is a beneficial resource, offering tools and good signals to enhance your trading strategy in the volatile crypto market. With an invitation to trade alongside them, now is an opportune time to join, especially with attractive limited-time discounts on offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wall Street Queen suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. Its focus on education and a supportive admin provides a solid foundation for those new to crypto trading.

How can I verify the accuracy of WallStreet Queen’s signals?

Check our monthly results page in this Wall Street Queen review or the Wallstreet Queen public channel for the results.

Which exchanges are supported by Wall Street Queen?

Binance and Kucoin


Subscription Option Price with Discount Normal Price Value
One Month $150 $500
Three Months $350 $1,300
Lifetime $450 $2,500 BEST VALUE

Testimonial: A Trader’s Tale

We would love to hear your feedback in our WallStreet Queen Review comments.

Fact Sheet for the WallStreet Queen Review


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Finding reliable and trustworthy signal resources can be like navigating a minefield in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading. This is why we released this WallStreet Queen review. Over the past seven years, SmartOptions has tried to test as many signal providers as possible,...WallStreet Queen Review: Telegram's Largest Signal Group?