The 8 Best Crypto Trading Bots for Automated Trading Profits

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Were you looking for the best crypto trading bot? You just found the perfect guide.

We’ve used numerous automated crypto trading bots and done hours of research to develop our top picks. Here you’ll find the best trading bots for different levels of users and get to know which auto traders are the easiest to use. Which ones offer you a myriad of features?

We’ll focus on the most popular crypto trading bots on the market. You can use them with various exchanges and the best crypto signal groups. The SmartOptions team has personally used almost all of these cryptocurrency trading bots extensively. This means we can give you solid feedback on the pros & cons of each.

8 Best Crypto Trading Bots for Making Profits

  • Bitsgap: Best Crypto Trading Bot Overall
  • 3Commas: Best for Crypto Signals
  • Cryptohopper: Best for Beginner & Advance Traders
  • Pionex: Best Built-in Trading Platform
  • Shrimpy: Best for Copy Trading 
  • Cornix: Best Automated Telegram-based Crypto Signals Bot
  • Zignaly: Best for Building Bots from Scratch
  • HaasBot: Best for Institutional and Leverage Trading

We have considered several factors to create our list of the best crypto trading bots. Our ranking methodology includes trading features, pricing, ease of use, and exchange compatibility. 

Moreover, we also included additional factors like customer support, educational resources, crypto tax software integration, and if the trading bot offers a free trial to its users. Please review the ranking methodology section below to learn how we selected the best trading bots.

Here is a list of the best crypto trading bots for making profits. 

1. Bitsgap – Best Crypto Trading Bot Overall

Bitsgap is known for its exclusive range of services that are available at an affordable price. It’s considered to be the best crypto trading bot right now. It was launched in 2018 and quickly gained popularity in the international crypto community.

Users can create bot strategies within a couple of minutes. The application evaluates over 10,000 crypto pairs and can find coins that have the shortest potential. 

Bitsgap has a “Knowledge Base” section on its website that offers helpful articles. Also, there is no crypto tax software integration at Bitsgap. Regarding customer support, the website has chat support, which users can utilize to get more information or answers to their questions. 

Trading Bot Features

  • The fully automated bot works 24 hours every day.
  • Users can see all of their tradings on a chart 
  • No need to download anything and it can be accessed easily.
  • Users can test the settings before investing.
  • The potential to gain maximum profit through the BTC trading software.
  • Funds are safe on the exchange balance due to security reasons.
  • A dozen different chart types and more than 100 technical indicators to help with crypto research.


Bitsgap offers a free 7-day trial to its users. When it comes to its paid plans, users can choose from three different ones. The Basic Plan is $23 per month, the advanced Plan is $55 per month, and the PRO plan is $119 per month.

Ease of Use

There’s a reason why Bitsgap is one of the most versatile platforms when it comes to crypto management. It’s not only a crypto trading bot; Bitsgap also offers various other services, such as a trading terminal, demo trading, and intelligent trading. 

Moreover, users can combine services they need, from purchasing and selling digital assets to managing their portfolios. They don’t have to pay or sign up for extra services. Thus this saves them time and money.  

Exchange Compatibility

Bitsgap is compatible with numerous crypto exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, Kraken,, OKEX, Huobi, HitBTC, CEX.IO, Exmo, Poloniex, Liquid, Livecoin, Bibox, Bithumb, Coinbene, Bitfinex, Coinex, DDEX, Yobit, Bit-Z, Bitstamp, BigOne, and Gemini.

2. 3Commas: Best for Crypto Signals

This is one of the best crypto trading bots with the best crypto signals. 3Commas helps traders significantly reduce investor risks and losses while ensuring they gain the most profits. Installing extra software is unnecessary, as 3Commas is already compatible with various exchanges.

Moreover, 3Commas offers different tools and features that are customizable. With the help of these tools, traders can work on their trading strategies. The platform has numerous FAQ articles, a Help Center, and customer support in multiple languages. 

The 3Commas Trading Academy is a great educational resource that provides many articles about crypto trading bots and other related topics. Unfortunately, there’s no crypto tax software integration at 3Commas. Read our 3Commas review to find out more about it.

Trading Bot Features

  • Access to templates, strategies, and bot presets through the marketplace
  • Advance data feeds
  • Easy for beginners 
  • It comes with its own Wallet App


3Commas is a Bitcoin trading bot that offers numerous pricing plans. However, one significant factor about this crypto trading bot is that users can try this platform for free for as long as they want. When it comes to their monthly plans, 3Commas offers three plans. The Starter plan is $22 per month, the Advanced Plan is $37 per month, and the PRO plan is $74 per month. 

Ease of Use

The web-based platform interface of 3Commas offers more trade management tools than other crypto exchanges. The easy-to-use interface provides helpful analytics and data related to trade performance and history. Users can customize their trading strategies, set specific targets for stop loss and take profit, and use composite short bots. 

Exchange Compatibility 

3Commas is compatible with several exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, KuCoin, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Cex, Poloniex, GDAX (Coinbase Pro), HitBTC, OKEx, Yobit, and Huobi. 

3. Cryptohopper: Best for Both Beginner and Advanced Traders

With Cryptohopper, you can manage all your crypto exchange accounts from one place. This is one of the best-automated crypto trading bots. It’s also an online platform that trades on the user’s behalf based on how the bot was instructed. This crypto trading bot is mostly semi-automated. This means that it’s as good as the user that programs it. 

The Customer Support of Cryptohopper allows users to email or submit an online contact form if they have any queries. There is no live chat option or facility to contact them through a number. 

For educational purposes, there’s the Cryptohopper Academy, which contains numerous helpful articles and guides for its users. Also, Cryptohopper uses CryptoTrader Tax to report all its trades seamlessly. Read our Cryptohopper review for more information.

Trading Bot Features

  • Users can create their technical analysis through this Bitcoin trading bot
  • Bot templates and strategies are readily available
  • Secure protocols have been placed to protect all users’ accounts
  • All data remains private 
  • The interface is user friendly
  • Users can get real-time performance reports
  • It comes with a super advanced strategy designer comprising more than 90 Candle Patterns and over 30 Indicators
  • Algorithms support BB, EMA, RSI, and other popular indicators or signals


Users can try Cryptohopper for free with their Pioneer plan for seven days. There are three paid plans. The Explorer plan is $16.58 per month, the Adventurer plan is $41.58 per month, and the Hero plan is $83.25 per month.

Ease of Use

Despite the advanced trading options and charting tools, Cryptohopper is easy to navigate. The expert-level tools require no coding prerequisites, meaning users can easily customize their investing experience. The setup is quick and simple, which means you can use all features of Cryptohopper with a paper trading account.

Plus, there are no extra fees. Cryptohopper doesn’t charge a percentage fee for their users’ trades. This means you can make multiple trades in a month and are only required to pay the standard fee. 

Exchange Compatibility

Cryptohopper is compatible with exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Bitpanda Pro, Coinbase Pro, Bitvavo, KuCoin, HitBTC, Poloniex, Okex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Huobi. 

4. Pionex – Best Built In Trading Platform

Pionex is among the world’s first exchanges with 12 free in-built crypto trading bots. Users don’t have to check the markets constantly and can automate their trading whenever they want.

The website of Pionex consists of a blog and a detailed FAQ section for users looking for more information regarding crypto-related topics. When it comes to their Customer Support, users can email them or get in touch with them through the live chat option. Users can also ask for help through the social networks of Pionex.

Moreover, Pionex uses CoinLedger to calculate crypto taxes through a straightforward process. 

Trading Bot Features

  • Through Smart Trade terminal, traders can set up take profit, stop-loss, trailing within a single trade
  • With the Grid Trading bot, users can purchase low and then sell high within a specific price range
  • With the Leveraged Grid Bot, users have five times more leverage
  • With the help of the Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot, retail investors can generate passive income and not worry about potential risks


Pionex only charges trading fees at 0.05% and has no monthly plans. Moreover, the trading fee is the lowest compared to other crypto exchanges.

Ease of Use

The Pionex platform is easy to use. Users can easily set up and activate their bots through a simple process. New users should download Pionex’s mobile app, which is easier to operate. 

Exchange Compatibility

Pionex is compatible with a few exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi Global, and Pionex.

5. Shrimpy: Best for Copy Trading or Social Trading

Shrimpy is one of the best crypto trading bots for copy trading or social trading. It comes with automated trading strategies to reduce risk and help with performance. Users can create their portfolio strategy, monitor the market, and track their performance.

For educational purposes, there’s the Shrimpy Academy, where crypto newbies will find videos, courses, ebooks, and articles. Regarding taxes, Shrimpy users can use crypto tax software and calculators, such as CryptoTrader Tax, to automate their tax reporting process. 

Shrimpy’s customer support works efficiently to solve its users’ issues. You can get in touch with them through live chat or email. 

Trading Bot Features

  • Users can see the live market price
  • It makes managing your portfolio easy
  • The API key of the user is encrypted and saved using the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)
  • The dashboard comes with portfolio performance metrics and asset statistics


Shrimpy offers multiple plans, and one of them is a free plan. Their Standard Plan is $19 per month and the Plus plan is $49 per month. 

Ease of Use

This crypto trading bot is popular among new traders because of how simple it is to use. Shrimpy is a web-based app with a user-friendly and straightforward interface. As a user, you can utilize various features, such as portfolio management features, to handle your digital assets efficiently.

Exchange Compatibility

Shrimpy is compatible with several exchanges, like Binance (standard and US), KuCoin, Bittrex (standard and global), Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Huobi Global, Bitbox, OKEx, BitMart, Bitstamp, HitBTC, Bitfinex, and Poloniex. 

6. Cornix: Best Automated Telegram-based Crypto Signals

Cornix was launched in 2019 and it’s a Telegram-based crypto trading bot that manages users’ portfolios and trades through Telegram. It’s considered the best automated Telegram-based crypto signal provider due to its user-friendly interface and mechanisms.

Cornix is a part of TradingView, but users can customize their trading strategies, especially if they are experienced traders. However, beginner traders can also benefit from signing on to Cornix as it has easy-to-use features.

Customer support at Cornix is available 24/7 to answer any queries. Also, Cornix has a Help Center on the website, where users can learn about crypto, trading, bots, and other related topics by reading the many available articles written by their experts. However, there is no crypto tax software integration.

Trading Bot Features

  • You can manage your trades in numerous ways, such as by viewing the trades and looking at their history
  • You can evaluate the risk ratios plus the rewards of all your trades
  • Keep track of your portfolio’s performance
  • Evaluate how your assets are distributed on multiple exchanges 
  • Receive all updates about your trades so you know when to take action
  • Get notifications regarding all activities on Telegram
  • The crypto trading bot comes with customized trading configurations for the user
  • The Cornix Telegram bot places orders on the users’ behalf and it can also make several trading entries 


Cornix offers its users a free trial for 14 days so they can get an idea about the platform. They offer three paid plans. The Beginner plan is $19.90 per month, the Intermediate Plan is $26.90 per month, and the PRO plan is $39.90 per month.

Ease of Use

As a cryptocurrency trading bot, Cornix is quite simple to use. This is mainly because everything happens through Telegram, a messaging platform. Users don’t have to do manual trading. The automated, single-click features make it easy for users to navigate everything.

You can take care of everything right from your mobile phone. Plus, you don’t need to open any exchange as you can do everything through your Telegram app. 

You must download the Telegram app and look for @cornix_trading_bot to sign up with them. Once you are set up, turn your notifications on to get regular updates whenever something happens.

Exchange Compatibility 

Currently, Cornix is compatible with only a couple of exchanges. This includes Binance, Binance Futures, Bybit, Bitmex, KuCoin, Huobi, and Bittrex.  

7. Zignaly: Best for Building Bots From Scratch

Zignaly is a crypto trading bot with services on a cloud-based system. Thus, users can access all features regardless of location, even if their primary device is inaccessible. This is because Zignaly provides its users with unrestricted access.

Moreover, Zignaly is a popular crypto trading bot among traders because of its simple yet innovative concept. It’s a Bitcoin trading bot that offers repeatable performance, particularly with Binance. Also, it allows users to build bots from scratch. 

The customer support of Zignaly is available 24/7. Users can contact them via email, live chat, or social media. There’s also FAQ Support available and a Zignaly YouTube channel, where they regularly upload educational tutorials.

Zignaly offers a ‘Knowledge Base,’ a ‘Help Center’ section, and a blog on their website that offers all sorts of information. There’s a Crypto Wiki section on the website for crypto newbies, a comprehensive glossary containing the different crypto definitions and terms. Lastly, there’s no crypto tax software integration at Zignaly.

Trading Bot Features

  • Through crypto profit sharing, users can locate expert traders who can help manage their crypto
  • Traders get to use their strategies and signals 
  • Users can trade automatically with the help of the bot
  • Users can develop buy or sell alerts through TradingView and transfer them on Zignaly
  • Newbies can experience copy trading for the first time through Zignaly
  • The trading terminal allows users to create different trading strategies
  • The platform allows users to enable their crypto signals on their account to trade
  • You can quickly sign-up without any verification
  • The interface is beginner friendly and comes with an efficient dashboard


The trading platform of Zignaly is free to use for everyone. Users can create a free account and access all services, like unlimited coin pairs, exchanges, and trading positions.

You do have to pay for extra trade signals on Zignaly. Generally, the prices for trading strategies are around $20 per month. 

Ease of Use

Zignaly was designed to be a user-friendly program for beginner and advanced traders. Once users have created their accounts, they must configure some settings to begin trading. This includes choosing their base currency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Plus, they would have to set up Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, and Buy Price Deviation. 

There’s an explanation for each feature on every tool, which makes it easy for beginners to use each feature. On average, it will take a user about 10 minutes to set up and start using Zignaly.

Exchange Compatibility

Zignaly is compatible with a few exchanges, like Binance, Bitmex, KuCoin, and the VCC Exchange.

8. HaasBot: Best for Institutional and Leverage Trading

HaasBot is one of the first crypto trading bot platforms. Automated trading is available over numerous exchanges. Users can create their trade bot line-by-line through HaasScript or develop bot strategies through a single click. This is the best crypto trading bot for institutional and leverage trading.

This automated crypto trading bot is more appealing to advanced users; however, beginners can also take part if they want to learn about all the tools that HaasBot comes with. Users have to download and configure the HaasBot Trade Server to use it. 

Regarding HaasBot’s customer support, users can email questions to their support desk. There’s also a detailed FAQ section on the website. Moreover, HaasBot provides a tutorial section on its website explaining everything you need to know about using crypto trading bots. Lastly, there’s no crypto tax software integration on HaasBot.

Trading Bot Features

  • Through bot automation, traders can create different trading strategies
  • Users can create their technical analysis with the help of this Bitcoin trading bot
  • With the help of this bot, the users’ codes and data are secured
  • Users can view real-time performance reports
  • Through custom dashboards, users can keep an eye on market movements and their trading bots
  • HaasScript was created by HaasOnline for crypto trading bots, which a purpose-built scripting language


There’s a 14-day free trial for users who want to experience HaasBot’s features. Regarding their paid plans, HaasBot offers three payment options in their Beginner, Simple, and Advanced plans.  

  • Beginner Plan: $99 (0.005 BTC) for 3 months, $140 (0.007 BTC) for 6 months, and $220 (0.011 BTC) for 12 months
  • Simple Plan: $140 (0.007 BTC) for 3 months, $275 (0.014 BTC) for 6 months, and $395 (0.020 BTC) for 12 months
  • Advanced Plan: $240 (0.012 BTC) for 3 months, $450 (0.023 BTC) for six months, and $650 (0.033 BTC) for 12 months

Ease of Use

The HaasOnline platform might be complicated for newbie traders looking for a simple interface. Setting up the bots and order settings will take some time; therefore, getting familiar with everything might take a while. Using the HaasBot is more suited for advanced traders in this sense.

However, if newbie traders are willing to invest their time and want to learn how to use the platform, then they won’t have any trouble. It will just take them longer to learn the ropes. 

Exchange Compatibility 

The HaasBot is compatible with numerous exchanges, such as Binance, Binance US, KuCoin, Kraken, Kraken Futures, Bitpanda Pro, Bitfinex, Cex.IO, BitMEX, Bittrex, Bitstamp,, Gemini, Deribit, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, HitBTC, OKCoin, Ionomy, Poloniex, Mandala, OKX, and Bybit. 

Ranking Methodology for the Best Crypto Trading Bots Exchanges

  • Trading bot features: These are the key metrics within the crypto trading bots platform
  • Pricing: The pricing plans offered by each crypto trading bot
  • Ease of use: The usability of the platform and if it’s suited for beginners
  • Customer service: How helpful is the platform’s customer support
  • Educational resources: If the platform provides any resources to its users 
  • Which exchange it works on: The cryptocurrency exchange the trading bots are compatible with
  • Free trial: If the platform offers its users the option of a free trial
  • Crypto tax software integrations: If the platform comes with an easy way to pay crypto taxes

What Is a Crypto Trading Bot?

Crypto trading bots help purchase and sell cryptocurrencies when the time is right. The key goal of this automated software is to reduce risks and losses while looking to increase revenue. Applications like these allow users to manage multiple crypto exchange accounts from a single location.

The majority of crypto trading applications operate efficiently. A user will authorize the crypto trading bot to purchase or sell an asset when and if it reaches a specific indicator or price point. The bot will then handle everything. It will place and execute orders, making it easy for the user not to monitor the platform constantly.                       

Why Use a Crypto Trading Bot?

So, why should you use a trading bot in the first place? The finance industry has been utilizing automated trading for several decades. Therefore, it wasn’t long before automated trading entered the cryptocurrency world.

Traders use bots for the cryptocurrency markets, where trades take place 24/7 all across the globe. Bots tend to react quicker than investors, while most investors don’t fully dedicate their time to achieving the best trade. This is something that crypto trading bots can do.

Moreover, trading cryptocurrencies tends to be an emotional experience, especially if you lose money in this volatile market. This results in traders making irrational decisions. Using a bot means taking a systematic approach to crypto trading that involves no emotions.

Also, trading bots are generally faster when it comes to speed. Trades take place in microseconds, which is so much faster than what one trader can achieve. Therefore, a trading bot can make numerous profitable trades in just a short time.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency markets are known for being extremely volatile; thus, trading bots minimize the risk. A trader can achieve that by running several trading bots. Also, automated trading ensures that trading occurs even during volatile conditions.  

How Do Crypto Trading Bots Work?

Users must authorize a trading bot to connect with their account through Application Program Interface (API) keys. They can remove access whenever they want. Essentially, there are four stages when it comes to crypto trading bots. This includes data analysis, signal generation, risk allocation, and execution.

Data Analysis

Data is everything, and analyzing this data is essential to a crypto trading bot’s success. Machine learning-enabled software can better recognize, collect, and analyze a massive amount of data in a brighter, better, and quicker manner.

Signal Generation

After data analysis, the bot’s next task is to generate signals. This is basically what a trader does, which is now done by a bot. It involves making predictions and identifying potential trades based on technical analysis indicators and market data.

Risk Allocation

This is when the crypto trading bot diffuses risk based on a particular set of rules and parameters the trader put into place. This includes how the capital is allocated and how much it gets distributed. 


In this stage, cryptocurrencies are purchased and sold according to the signals generated through the pre-configured trading system. This is the stage where the signals generate buy or sell orders sent to the exchange through their API. 

How to Select a Crypto Trading Bot Software?

When choosing a cryptocurrency trading bot, there are several factors that you need to think about before finalizing your decision. 

  • The credibility of your development team: If you grant access to a bot to your portfolio, you need a qualified team. Plus, the support of your team matters too.
  • Is the bot compatible with your strategy: Look at the bot’s reviews left by others to see if it can use your implemented strategy.
  • The cost of the bot: You can try out the free trial offered by several crypto trading bot platforms before investing your money in their paid Plan.
  • Can the bot be adjusted based on market conditions: This will prevent you from losing your investment because of bad strategy execution.
  • The usability of the bot: Newbie traders need to check if they can easily use the bot. This includes its functionality, available tools, simulated profit and loss order, and if the bot has a mobile app. 

What Are the Types of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots?

Listed below are the different types of cryptocurrency trading bots.

Arbitrage Bot

This bot purchases coins from one exchange and sells them on another simultaneously. This strategy helps crypto traders in making fast profits most safely.

Market-Making Bot

This bot prevents massive swings in price, which is one of its many advantages. This includes creating buy and sell limit orders close to the latest market price. Numerous market-making bot traders are known to have joined forces with their trading project.

Momentum Trading Bot

This trend-following system sells assets whenever the positive momentum of the market reverses. The cost of an asset will increase and eventually fall after running out of momentum. In this case, it’s crucial to start buying or selling.

Mean Reversion Bot

This AI crypto trading bot is based on if a coin’s price is different from its average, a trader can go back to its average. If a crypto coin’s price drops to 50 cents from its average of $1, several traders will take the latest price to be low and purchase in large quantities.

Copy Trading Bot

With a copy trading bot, you can copy expert traders with just a few clicks. It often involves a social community and a leaderboard (gamification elements). Read more about copy trading for Bybit signals in our review.

Best Crypto Trading Bots – FAQ

1. Do crypto trading bots work?

The majority of trading bots do work. As long as the crypto bots are created with prediction, automation, and execution or order placement technologies, they can generate profits when trading crypto.

2. How profitable are cryptocurrency trading bots?

If you can configure trading bots correctly, they will continue to generate more profit. The best cryptocurrency trading bots are the ones that consistently make a profit; therefore, it’s essential to test them in advance or ask for some guarantee before purchasing them.

Knowing how crypto trading bots work, only then can you make them generate profits. Otherwise, you may experience some losses. 

Using bots for crypto trading is entirely legal. Since trading bots are technical, they have been tested in different forex and stock markets. But remember that not all crypto trading brokers allow using bots for trading.

4. What is the easiest crypto trading bot?

CryptoHopper is a highly popular trading bot with numerous features that even a beginner can easily use. This includes backtesting, paper trading, a strategy designer tool, etc.

Best Crypto Trading Bots for Automated Trade & Profits – Conclusion

When searching for the best trading bot, finding one with numerous beneficial features is essential. The ideal crypto trading bot is less costly, can accommodate several trading strategies and indicators, permits backtesting of automated trading strategies, and generates good profits.

This helpful guide details the eight best trading bots for automated trade and profits. These bots are some of the most profitable and efficient, as they have been tested numerous times. You can try different bots, as most offer a free trial to get an idea of which bot is right for you.


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. The information provided from SmartOptions is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance.

Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.


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