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CIMETRICS Telegram – 2x super crypto trading tool

CIMETRICS Telegram – 2x super crypto trading tool

by Rico ChetteAugust 5, 2020

CIMETRICS where to start?

CIMETRICS is one of the most useful tools in combination with TELEGRAM. You can use for scanning the markets for trading signals with Binance. Its engine is designed to help traders increase their trading abilities. It does this by being able to spot trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. Using both simple and complex sets of matrices to measure realtime price movements.

Initially the site states it was built for personal purposes. By a group of experienced traders to monitor the market for their own specific needs. As the popularity of this segment of the market expanded. They made their tools/tech available to other traders as well through Telegram.

CIMETRICS Leonardo da Vinci Quote
“I have always felt it is my destiny to build a machine that would allow man to fly.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Where & Why?

Cimetrics various bots collect data from Binance API’s. From there it sends that data to different Telegram channels through it’s bots. Since Telegram is a very popular option, especially with traders and signal providers. This is a perfect place for many to use these tools.

Binance – Is the top exchange for trading crypto and altcoins throughout the globe. As they state on their homepage which you can find here at –>”CIMETRICS

Telegram – Likely the most popular messaging platform for crypto traders ever invented world wide. In addition it is reliable and interoperability for different data providers make them a snap to use. It also works on just about all platforms with ease. You can see our list of Crypto Signals Channels here.


CIMETRICS keeps referring to their Bots as ENDPOINTS. Which is just programmer speak for their final outpoint from the data they collec. Then disperse in their channels. It is terribly silly for them to use such a nomenclature but whatever. So when you see them mention ENDPOINTS just know they mean their Bots.

First lets take a look at the 7 different bots and what they each offer through CIMENTRICS for the enduser. Do note each of these bots performs a specific collection of data that tells you different things. Kind of think of them as indicators with numbers instead of just graphically represented data. Below we will go through each of the 7 different cryptocurrency trading bots.


Here we can see CIMETRICS first bot called BOOM. I myself like boom the most because it simply shows the Price/Volume and % movement. Doing so in its scale metrics. along with the number of alerts generated per pair. In the above example the 100 means that all the metrics were hit and is likely a very strong move.


With TREND likely my least favorite of the tools. Because imo you are better off noting this in the charts rather than as a signal. But again that is my own personal opinion. I do know of a few people that like this tool because well they are nerds. They even still use DOS from the f-ing 80s! So I have no comment on that.


TREND is different from BOOM. As the data construction is off support and resistance levels. Thus it alerts users of the price movements in a contiguous fashion. Where BOOM tracks mainly strong price movements in price & volume. TREND tracks the overall up trending movement. In some cases the moves can be caught by both Bots. A good example to show the differences is the chart provided on their Site above.


This one is not one I would not expect them to have done but here they give trend metrics for those interested in trading the USDT markets.



Where BOOM constantly alerts to strong/short moves, SPIKE just alerts to specific points. So if the price of a crypto currency pair suddenly spikes, well you will get an alert. Because of the shorter span it will catch the move often before BOOM does. We find it to be very complimentary in its use.


BUY THE F*CKING DIP! BTFD is a tried and true calling for all HODL traders. So this indicator is perfect for those looking to buy their favorite altcoin with dips. Think of it as a DIP radar that I know many traders love to trade this way. Mainly for their HODL portfolios.


This apropos named indicator is for BTC-USDT market that alerts when a HUGE MOVE comes our way. They say it is for protecting user funds or to create scalping opportunities. Really imo it is just for big BTC moves.


VOLUMETER imo is the least useful of their tools. It is nice they think to include this for some. A better representation of the above they have included to make more palatable for users in a graphical format. Which this type of data is better for users to view/understand.


VOLUMETER GUI Pro imo is more userful for showing the VOLUMETER data. The basic idea is to gauge the volume of BTC to USDT. Flowing in and out of the markets with say ALTCOINS. As when BTC goes flat often the volume can pickup elsewhere like in the ALT Coin market. A nice addition to their suit of tools.

Final Thoughts…

CIMETRICS first 4 tools imo are the most useful in combination. As a chart watcher most of how I would use this is just for ALERTS alone. That is its primary function imo. Most people are not going to spend their time futzing around with Telegram to display data this way. It is just too cumbersome for most.

There is a die hard audience that loves data, those same people are likely also using DOS from the 80s. Or they are programmers and have a built in # textual focus for data inputs. That is fine as GUI based data fails in SPEED. Any good programmer will tell you the simplest value for data = the quickest. I think most people should give a try to each of the different channels. Thus you can see if any of them can be found useful for you. As this tool took plenty of time for the programmers to script. Especially since these guys are die hard traders and deserve some love 🙂

CIMETRICS is data pure and simple using Binance and Telegram as their ENDPOINT as they call it. Give it a try and see if you like viewing stats this way. If it helps you gain more trades or increases your profits in trading. I think for many it will but they have to understand that this is not magic. Nobody is going to give you winning magical trades. You have to learn to trade with many sets of data not just a few charts or indicators. Until next time, Enjoy!


° Very different from other types of tools
° Easy to view data
° Community based


• Bit complicated for newbies
• Only telegram based

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Bottom Line

Though a bit complicated for most newbies, a great tool to educate yourself, and 100% telegram integration makes it very nifty :)

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