Review: Alan Masters BitMEX Signals

[Signals Review] – Alan Masters BitMEX Signals

Due to their popularity on Tradingview, a review about the Crypto Signals by Alan Masters has been requested quite a few times, so we figured it is time to provide one about these guys. They are pretty long in business and always appeared legit to us, but – of course – we need a deep dive into their work before we can recommend them to our readers. For the group of Alan Masters, we started a small experiment: We decided to take the community opinion into consideration and added an additional hurdle: we audited the new prospect still ourselves, though they had to grant a free membership to one reader of our Telegram channel, which we randomly selected. This member will provide a “community review” added to ours a bit later and only if he vouches for the channel, we might consider it to  add them to the Bitmex Signals post and issue our seal. But now, back to the Alan Masters BitMEX channel and what we have observed there. Keep Reading

– Alan Masters BitMEX Signals"]

[STO Tokens] – From $DUSK till Dawn

Dusk and STOs
Dusk and STOs

DUSK – A Complete STO Ecosystem with Unlimited Scalability

In our last article, we just started a small series about STOs. The first part explained what STOs are, and taking it from here, we are going now over some tokens which might be successful in the upcoming future, once the ball starts rolling.  Today, we are going to start with a relatively unknown project, that did not hit the exchanges yet: DUSK. Breaking it down, DUSK has the following goals: Keep Reading

– From $DUSK till Dawn"]

2019 – The Year of the STO?

2019 - The Year of The STO
2019 - The Year of The STO

What is an STO? How Are they different from ICOs? And will 2019 be the year of STOs?

This article is hard for me to write – my anarchist soul forbids me to embrace more regulation and rules, Bitcoin always was about being independent and provide freedom, banking the unbanked and get rid of the wheelings and dealings by the banks. However, especially the last year has suggested, that we – the worldwide crypto community, cannot handle the amount of provided freedom, unfortunately. Maybe it just needs time to build the needed magnitude of personal responsibility, maybe we will never achieve it. Nevertheless, for a crypto price surge, it seems to be mandatory to let regulation and rules in – managing the wild west of crypto and make it more reliable for the big boys. This is what STOs are supposed to do for the former ICO market. This article about STOs is a prelude for a series of articles, where we will spotlight some coins/tokens that tackle this field and we considering building an STO portfolio for the case the skyrocket this year. Keep Reading

Happy Birthday, Cryptomedics! (incl. Fat 25% Birthday Coupon)

Happy Birthday, Cryptomedics!
Happy Birthday, Cryptomedics!

We are following this group almost since its inception, and it was great to follow their progress throughout a year. Their recently added educational programme is just one achievement, which makes their members rave about them. Staying alive one year in the Crypto Signals Business is like five years in the normal world. A companies birthday is always a good point of time to have a look which goals it reached so far – and of course, it is YOU that will get the presents today: Keep Reading

[Signals Tracker] December’18 – The Best Crypto Signal Providers of the Month


Phew – December was not the official month of leverage trading – out of a sudden, there have been strong up moves, which required a fast switch of the “short! short! short!” mindset. The sentiment has changed and not all adapted to the winds of change on spot. However, we can still see some great results, and I can wait to present you the WEIRD results this month has brought to us! Especially the BitMEX providers have been shaken through and the results will surprise you. Well, this is data analysis for you – the numbers suggest sometimes things that feel unfair – but it is all about the long-term, you cannot figure out who the best provider is by looking at a single month. Profitability proves over time!
Can our latest Binance Signal Provider keep up with the prior results and stay on #1? Where will be our new signal provider “BitMEX Syndicate” be ranked in the listing? Let’s see how the Consistency Rate of the crypto signal providers has changed – we are in month #4 of results tracking. Remember: The more months we use as a base of data, the more reliable and meaningful is the ranking of the providers. Enjoy! Keep Reading

December’18 – The Best Crypto Signal Providers of the Month"]

HTC Crypto Smartphone Exodus 1


HTC has built the first cryptocurrency enable Smartphone, containing a fully featured hardware wallet, that includes dApps, an exchange, marketplace, collectibles, payment options and more. We ordered one piece for a fully unbiased review to come in February (phones will be delivered by the end of January), so we can give you an overview if this phone is worth its 0.2 BTC. The website takes Crypto Payments only and just activated the pre-ordering feature on the website. At the same time, the only competitor Sirinlabs enabled pre-orders for their hardware wallet enabled smartphone “Finney”. However, we refrain from testing this device as we don’t want to put money on a product, which has a very questionable person in their team.  Let’s see what HTC has in the oven! The presentation of the website looks quite nerdy, so we are confident to get a nice tech product, which is really about the crypto movement and not just a gimmick. We will keep you updated. Subscribe below to get the post directly into your inbox, once published.

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