The Gold Standard of Money and The Rothschild Banking
The Gold Standard of Money and The Rothschild Banking

The Evolution of Money Part III: The Gold Standard of Money and the Rothschild Banking

Welcome to the third part of the “EVOLUTION OF MONEY” series, contributed by Cryptomedics – one of the best channels when it comes to Crypto Education, Altcoin and Margin Signals. In this sequel of the epic educational series, we move forward to the beginnings of the stock market, the Rothschilds and finally, the gold standard of money.

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[Customer Review] Shaggad’s Premium Signal Group Review (former Alan Masters BitMEX group)


As you might recall, we recently reviewed the Alan Masters Bitmex Signals group. As a new part of our review procedure, we offer one of our readers access to the group to give you a fully independent review by the community. For the first review of this kind our reader Shaan has been added to the group. Here is his review about Shaggad’s Premium Signal Group, which recently split off Alan Masters and runs the group now on his own. Passing the mic to Shaan now, enjoy his work!

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Shaggad’s Premium Signal Group Review (former Alan Masters BitMEX group)"]

[Signals Tracker] January ’19 – The Best Crypto Signal Providers of the Month

Signals Tracker January 2019
Signals Tracker January 2019

Chop! Chop! Chop! Tight ranges, slow movements and a felt endless consolidation made January a bad month for day traders – owch! Let’s see how the best signal providers tackled this scenario.
So, another month went by and thanks to our great community of readers, we got much feedback on our ranking calculation methodology. If you check back, we always stated that the mentioned profits are not the profits to be expected to hit your account – frankly, you will not find 5000% actual account increases anywhere. In the intro text block, we mentioned that we just take the profits into consideration to not rely alone on accuracy, but unfortunately, many did not read how to use our numbers. That’s ok – we cannot change the way our Signals Tracker is interpreted,  but we can change the way how our rankings are designed. We don’t want to lure the hasty reader into services with wrong expectations, that’s not our style.  We will check for something easier and skip the profit figures in the Signals Tracker from now to avoid exaggerated expectations. But now, grab some beverages and see how the providers performed in January, a month, that has been fierce to traders in general.
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January ’19 – The Best Crypto Signal Providers of the Month"]

Why Crypto Might Have A Boring 2019


Waiting for the Bull Run? Waiting for a ’17 revival? Personally, I think it will not happen in 2019. “Why delusional?” “Why FUD?” I hear some folks yelling, already searching for the forks and torches. Frankly, just because I think Crypto does not deserve it – yet. Take a step aside, take a deep breath and clear your mind. Look at your counterfeit in the mirror, once you don’t see $$ in your eyes, we can start talking… Keep Reading

Signals Thursday #11 – Interview with BitMEX Syndicate

Interview with BitMEX Syndicate
Interview with BitMEX Syndicate

One thing for sure: I cannot say that the review about BitMEX Syndicate left people untouched. So far, we did not got any bad feedback by their customers (which is usually a good sign, as we get notified about unhappy customers pretty fast) and their 0.1 to 1 BTC journey is one of a kind when it comes to transparency in account growth and trading skills. We had a nice little talk with Dan Brown and he told us, he found his way from affiliate marketing to trading, how he achieves this insane success rate and about his upcoming API trader for his service. Ladies & Gentleman, let’s welcome Dan the Man! Keep Reading

The Evolution of Money Part II: The Age of Shylocks and Banking

The Evolution of Money Part II
The Evolution of Money Part II

And we move on with our exciting series about the history of money and its evolution until today. CRYPTOMEDICS just delivered the next part of it and in this episode, we are progressing to paper money. Take a cup of tea/bottle of wine and enjoy this educational piece. Trading & Money education is, by the way, just one of the many strengths by the trading group.  Keep Reading

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