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#BTFD – Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now!


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The market took a severe nosedive this year. BTC was breaking down to 6K – altcoins went scuba-diving. BTC recovers slowly into the direction of 12k – altcoins get hit by the flying fist of Judah again.  Especially for traders new to cryptocurrency trading, it is hard to develop trust in the belief that these markets will ever discover. The Damocles sword of a possible bubble is hovering over our heads and make us hesitate to enter a position. But if we believe in this technology and if we believe in the long-term outlook for some serious blockchain projects, it is actually a great time to pick up legit coins and stake some of them for the upcoming better times, aka the next altcoin season (which we and many knowledgeable sources expect to happen in March).

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HODL THAT! #9 – [NEO AIRDROP] We Will Take The Green Pill…


In this issue of HODL THAT! we are going to take a look at NEO. After being hit hard by the recent dump fest, it has hit our buy zone, currently ranging from support levels. The community is split about NEO: many think it is Asian Ethereum, while some think it is an overhyped blockchain, based on garbage code. There are always many rumors around NEO – again and again.  The bottom line of those is most often, that NEO is the Chinese governments favorite domestic crypto project and it is regularly in the talk if it could be the default – or…

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Bitcoin.Tax – Declaring Tax on Cryptos in the U.S.


Oh yes, how we all love it, that cozy winter time when you have nothing better to do than to file your taxes. There are precisely two kinds of people on this earth when it comes to taxes: one that makes that tax stuff with ease and the other that want to kill their declaration paper with fire once they sit in front of it. 

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[Coincheck] …And What About ARDOR ($ARDR)?


There is a history of next level developments, behind Ardor that stems from NXT ($NXT)- a blockchain available for public and private use, with a five-year history, proven technical stability, a healthy community, and a well established proof-of-stake model. Ardor launched in 2016, making it one of the first Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) programs, along with IBM’s Hyper Ledger and Microsoft’s Azure. The purpose of a progression Ardor was to use the solid foundation of NXT while solving the NXT issues of a single token, blockchain bloat, and lack of customizability. The NXT platform provides Ardor the capacity for creating vital, structured transactions.

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“Is The First Litecoin Hard Fork A Scam, Sir?” | Interview with LitecoinCash Dev Tanner

litecoincash interview

A few days back we published a piece about the first Litecoin hard fork “LitecoinCash” and, oh boy, we have been grilled for that. Due to the not yet confirmed support of exchanges and existing Litecoin wallets, the LCC team describes a way of claiming the free coins on their website by the use of their wallet – which needs the private key. As one should know, you never put the private key into any other places like website or wallets, and as Crypto is nowadays wild west, the concerns of the community are not baseless. However, as we researched the…

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CryptoPredicted | AI-Driven Crypto Price Forecasts Using Big Data And Machine Learning


It is every stocks trader’s dream to always make the perfect investments. Unfortunately, technology has not yet reached the stage of predicting future events in fluctuating markets. But we are able to increase our chances of making better trading decisions, this is exactly what CryptoPredicted does. CryptoPredicted is an early stage startup with one core purpose: helping you to trade better and worry less. They provide a service based on pseudo real-time data pulled from hundreds of external sources. Apart from their ability to make pretty accurate short-term predictions, they allow you to look at data in completely new ways.…

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