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How to use TA to scale in and out of Crypto Trades for extra profits!

Crypto Currency trading can be a wonderful and horrible thing at the same time. You fall into the depths of hell when you are faced with losses and you float on air amongst the heavens when your alt coins have big rises. In both cases, you are a victim to emotions and likely lack logic that is needed to stay balanced in your efforts to simply profit from the markets moves. I can tell you that true profitability comes from grounding yourself not only as a trader but also as a person. Any fool can make or lose large amounts of money in this space quickly. If you are wise and follow some of the guidelines, using your own good logic and discipline, which I hope you will develop. The amounts of your future gains could very well be staggering indeed. Keep Reading

HODL THAT! #10 – Pillar


This issue of our popular HODL THAT! series, we want to present an analysis by a Telegram channel we follow closely: CryptoMedics. We like their exclusive content very much and are currently in the rating process to decide if we take them in our crypto signals post. Until now the quality of their content has not to hide behind Bitcoin Bravado, and is even more progressive in our opinion. We will follow closely and let you know. For today, we want to present one of their top picks as HODL THAT #10, which is especially interesting in the light of the…

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[ICO SCOOP] HOLD – Lend. Borrow. Earn.


Rich in cryptos, poor in fiat? This is something we observed quite often. Many people hold cryptocurrencies for thousands of dollars, but live a life with an average or below average standard, when it comes to their everyday needs. A general fiat-bridge into the real world is a demand. How about a fiat-bridge that enables you to spend your crypto funds as a kind of short-term loans without the need of selling them? On the other hand, there are many people just holding cryptocurrencies and while it is nice to have them growing in value in bull times, it feels…

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[Cryptoptimism] 9 Reasons Why Cryptocurrencies Can Make This World A Better One


The era of today has people from all walks of life and all sets of mind and ideologies. In times where the big cryptocurrency fancy gots a bumper, we want to publish a bullish article against all the FUD which is spread. There are differences in every sector and cryptocurrencies are not a different one in this case. Many mainstream businesses are in the decision process of how to adopt the setup of cryptocurrencies in a way it makes sense to their market and there are still many areas where crypto has made its impact and in the coming days,…

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Finding Bargains with ATHCoinIndex


What to buy in this megadip? Which coins are far away from their all-time high and now a bargain? The Website shows you exactly this. Nice idea to get an overview about coins that suffered hard in this bear times. Note: Always do additional research before you invest. You should search for rock-solid coins that dropped hard and have much room for a recovery.

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7 Countries That Are Unlikely to Accept Cryptocurrencies Anytime Soon


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are under threat with several countries moving to ban local and foreign trading of digital money as well as its use in transactions. These seven nations show no signs of letting up when it comes to their implementation of cryptocurrencies as illegal.

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