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August 9, 2020

Bitmex Saviour 1-2 MASTER class trading signals

Bitmex Saviour is really part of the Universal Crypto Signals Review, Saviour has branched out to include not only Margin Signals/Leveraged Trading Binance Futures, Bybit, Deribit, Bitseven & Bitmex but also Full-Auto Trading through Cornix. Now if you ever watched Saviour trading style you would be impressed by his extremely high win rate of which he once again brings to us with Bitmex Saviour, not only is it very profitable but his win streaks have been absolutely outstanding to watch! After the good success of spot and Altcoins trading, Saviour started giving the Bitmex signals in October 2018 and has been tearing it up ever since!

Bitmex Saviour two strategies scalp [...]
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August 5, 2020

CIMETRICS Telegram – 2x super crypto trading tool

CIMETRICS where to start?

CIMETRICS is one of the most useful tools in combination with TELEGRAM you can use for scanning the markets for trading signals with Binance. Its engine is designed to help traders increase their trading abilities by being able to spot trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets using both simple and complex sets of matrics to measure realtime price movements.

Initially the site states it was built for personal purposes by a group of experienced traders to monitor the market for their own specific needs. As the popularity of this segment of the market expanded, they made their tools/tech available to other traders as well through [...]

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July 29, 2020

Kyle Bass USD/HKD Hong Kong dollar trade

Tik Tok the clock is ticking for the special administrative region of Hong Kong located on the Kowloon peninsula with China and may GOD HELP THEM! The CCP has gone insane with their policies and honestly, they are not even true communists anymore, but rather some bizarro totalitarian fascist state like Ingsoc of Oceania from George Orwell's book “1984”

Kyle Bass chief investment officer and founder of Hayman Capital Management has long stated what has been going on with China and the western world is now seeing the evils of the Chinese Communist Party and all the damage they are doing with Hong Kong, Uyghurs of Xinjiang, the south china sea and next to come [...]

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July 23, 2020

SMART BOT 35% SALE! (Ends Aug 3rd) Stop losing NOW!

4C-Tradings SMART BOT

[Brussels, Belgium]: 4C-Trading has just published its newest performance report on their top-tier product – The SMART Bot. Smart Bots are fully-automated crypto trading bots invented to grow your USD portfolio value in the mid and long term using cryptocurrencies and stable coins as collateral. Check out: “4C-Trading Review HERE”Here are the fantastic results from May to end of June:

What are the Smart Bots and how they work?

The primary objective of those fully automated algorithmic-backed SMART BOTs is to secure profits to have stable and consistent monthly growth in your USD portfolio. The bots are designed to operate on [...]

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