Yo Crypto is back! 20% + 10 Promo 2

Yo Crypto is back! 20% + 10 Promo

Yo Crypto is back! 20% + 10 Promo 3

After a long hiatus where they were no long accepting new members, one of the most popular providers is back and ready to rock

and roll for new members! Not only are they back, but they also have something brand new to offer you. Yo Crypto now has teamed up with Cornix to offer AutoTrading of their signals! This provider mind you was so good they stopped taking members, don’t get left out in the dust as this profit machine starts cranking out those sweet sweet Auto-Trades!

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Yo Crypto – Signals Dipped in Chrome… Jolted With Electricity

in BitMEX Signals
Yo Crypto BitMEX Signals Review
Yo Crypto BitMEX Signals Review

Yo Crypto Review

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

In the past we’ve spend quite some time observing the premium channel of Yo Crypto. Because one of our readers recommended them to us. Today we’re going to update our review of the signal provider going by the infamous name of: Yo Crypto. They are still trading strong but: The closed subscriptions are finally back to open again! So let’s go over what has been upgraded and improved in today’s review. As we said in our previous review they are still damn accurate with their BitMEX signals, not much has changed there. Ronny is still an extremely knowledgeable individual and is happy to help anyone where needed. While monitoring the channel we often noticed them execute quite a bit before the actual move happened. Therefor facillitating both automated trading and manual trading. More importantly: Their trading team proudly consists out of people who have experience trading the stock market prior. A very tricky market to master and one that will greatly empower any trader to be strong in the Crypto Corner. We have found suberb accuracy in their BitMEX signals and more importantly: They are willing to quickly adapt to what the market is giving them, not afraid to change bias or trades. This all added together provides a very strong signal provider which we were happily using in the past already.

As we said earlier: A reader has recommended them for the great success he had with them. At first, they were providing really damn good unleveraged altcoin crypto signals and had an additional channel, where he provided BitMEX signals. I joined both and as much I liked the altcoin signals, as much I was flashed by the accuracy of the BitMEX trades. I went out for a chat with Ronny, the admin of the channel who was and is a very friendly, respectful person. He has shown quite some knowledge, so I decided to take a look. I found a superb success rate with his Bitmex trades, as well as their altcoin signals. They don’t offer a bloated program of services – you pay a relatively cheap fee and get great signals for BitMEX and – once the market allows it, or once BitMEX is untradeable due to price action – general altcoins short-term and long-term signals, simple as that. We first had this provider in our post about Crypto Signals but decided to move it here, as the emphasis was on BitMEX, we figured. This service worked for me even in tricky times and if I am holding a position in the opposite direction than a Yo Crypto signal, I think twice about holding it further!

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4-C Trading Course Review

4-C Trading Course Review
4-C Trading Course Review

Technically speaking we already covered the 4C-Trading course back when it was created under CM branding. However, we never dived too deep into it and aside from that, it had quite some quality updates and additions in the meantime. Hence to why we’re writing a proper review on the course today.

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Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review

Ivan On Tech

Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 5

The day has come that we have the ability to finally review the Ivan On Tech course! To a certain degree this is not a trading course even though it includes a “Trading Algo Section”.

However since this is such a famous piece of education in the Crypto Space we do think it’s extremely beneficial if we review the courses. First I want to give some context surrounding all this material.

The Ivan On Tech Academy isn’t something you should take lightly. And the main reason one should not take it lightly is the staggering growth in the need for “BlockChain Developers” and other professionals in the technology department of Crypto. By no means does this course leave anything to the imagination. Which will become even more clear during our in depth review.

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Bitcoin Weekly Update

Bitcoin Weekly Roundup

30-08-2019: Continued decline?

Let us look at what has happened with the Bitcoin since my last analysis.

In the end, we were given an increase in Bitcoin to the price areas we had indicated in scenario 1: $11600 and $11800. The market then turned around and dropped sharply. The $10088 support was broken due to a very large sales force. Bitcoin has fallen to our light blue rectangle zone, close to the area expected for a strong rebound ($9252) .

Thus, scenario 1 took place before continuing with scenario 2, while respecting the important areas we had indicated to you.

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VCT Platinum Plan Upgrade

VCT Platinum Plan Upgrade 7

Creating smart and worry-free services for our traders to maximize profit is our goal, as such we have made some significant upgrades to the platinum plan adding an additional channel, a new exchange, updated calls and some new features at no cost to you.  

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