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+++Highest Accuracy ever measured on SmartOptions+++

A Universal Crypto Signals review might raise some eyebrows for my endorsement, but I feel compelled to share one of my closely guarded favourites. Despite some reservations about revealing it, this channel truly merits recognition for its outstanding contributions.

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Universal Crypto Signals is a Trusted Signal Provider

Universal Crypto Signals / BitMEX Saviour / UCS has been recommended by one of our readers. He was angry at us for not writing about them, and I get it. Great Altcoin/Binance signal channels are pretty rare. Binance/Altcoin Signal channels with ultra-high accuracy even more. Extremely accurate altcoin & BitMEX/Bybit signals are almost impossible to find. (We wrote a complete BitMEX Saviour review regarding his other channel for those that are interested)

Universal Crypto Signals has it all and costs less than taking your girlfriend out to the movies. I mean, yeah, when the bulls are at the table. Everybody can shine like Warren Buffet and tell you about their God-given talents. In bear times – you can spot the gems from the crap. And with Universal Crypto Signals, we might significantly increase our stack while preparing for the next run.

Universal Crypto Signals Review

Universal Crypto Signals by Saviour are split into three channels:

  • Binance, OKX channel (Altcoin Signals)
  • BitMEX/ByBit Swings
  • BitMEX/ByBit Scalps

Saviour, the founder of Universal Crypto Signals, uses the Cornix trade replication bot and another API solution for full auto trading. One thing I liked when creating this Universal Crypto Signals review is a thing I often observed: bad/missing marketing + excellent trader. It is like finding a rough diamond. Which most folks would not pay attention to and falsely rate as a glass shard.

I have observed the troll box for some time now, and some gamblers are to be found. I assume this is due to the low price. They are trying to push him for more, more, more signals. (That is low IQ trading) At the same time, Saviour keeps cool like a rock in the sea. He suggests some trades occasionally but never really rushes into an “official trade”. People are trying to squeeze a signal out of him. Often getting replies like, “Wait, not safe now – I cannot enter anything”.

A complete view

What makes Saviour very special is his view of the market. I assume his technical analysis is kept relatively simple. Thus, he does one thing many signal providers do not. His signals consider the entire crypto environment instead of just what the charts are printing. This gives him an edge over many other traders. The main reason for his success is that he considers the market cap development against the charts.

For example, if the technical analysis gives him a short signal, though the market cap is increasing, he will stay out of the markets until both factors align.

Warnings and Stop-loss

One thing to mention about the Altcoin signals is that there is often no stop loss depending on the market situation. This looks pretty dangerous to some, though I looked closely at it. Saviour makes this dependent on the current Bitcoin situation. If Bitcoin gives him the impression that it might drop, he gives a stop loss.

If he thinks it is stable and provides a safe environment for Alts to develop their price action, he prefers to leave it without. It is a bit of a walk on the edge, which surely gives him a very easy game to generate good-looking stats. On the other hand, I can’t say that Saviour doesn’t use stop-loss in a loose or unreliable way. It is a dynamic way, and his success proves that his customers are raving over their growing accounts.

I have to pull off some points for risk management here. If stops are given, they come with a very reasonable risk: a four to five percent reward ratio. Difficult to decide. It seems he manually closes failed signals with the Cornix bot for his customers. He (publishes S/L once sentiment has changed), so the customers likely won’t ride into a deep loss.

In January, we had 46 Altcoin signals. Forty-two signals hit at least the first target, and four got stopped out. They altogether created a possible maximum gain of about 1300%. Always remember that these gain percentages are virtual to give an impression of win rates. Also, they have only limited meaning for your real account growth. Impressive: If you scroll back to the aggressive bear phase of March/April. You will see a big phat win streak.

The BitMEX Signals

The post is mainly talking about unleveraged signals for Binance. However, he offers two more channels: quicker scalps and swings with maximum safety. I will not review the scalps as we don’t encourage them to use them for inexperienced traders. These come with extra risk, and you need fast actions – and naturally, the hit rate is much lower.

However, the swing channel is very good and provides rare signals. I have been with them since January and am quite flashed about his hit rate here. This guy is on fire, and only two trades saw stop-loss/ and two breakeven exits since January, which makes a confirmed hit rate of 31/35. Nice.

Universal Crypto Signals Example

Please have a look at this very nice altcoin signal above. See how precisely the targets have been defined upfront. The last target was not filled for some folks, so he didn’t mark it as cleared in the tracker. This is a great example of a trade. As you can see, a trailing stop plays out perfectly, enabling you to reap the full range of profits. The Cornix bot makes it easy to configure that (well, not that easy, but at least it makes it possible).

The Results

The overall results of this service have been very positive. You need to trust Saviour’s skills sometimes, but he knows what he does. The unleveraged altcoin signals can take some time to develop sometimes. Most of the time, they explode quickly and are there—in front of your eyes, as sharp as in Ultra HD.

Most of his signals hit much faster than those from other channels, so your capital is not bound too long in one place. However, if we wanted to take full profit, we’d need to stay in a trade sometimes for two weeks or more, so the altcoin channel by Saviour is a kind of “patience pay” if you want to reap the full profit available on each trade.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. It can give the right learnings for your trading career. If you just followed the first targets, hit very fast. Much faster than other people’s signals.

Sea of Altcoins

He surely scans the sea of altcoins and detects where the money pumps slowly and steadily early so the majority won’t recognize it. To me, he made unleveraged trading fun again. The only big drawback I see with Universal Crypto Signals is the stop loss. Risk-averse traders might enter such positions with shivering fingers. For cool guys who don’t play emotions here, it is a very cool ride with many profits to be made.

To be fair. I have to mention that the BitMEX signals always came with a defined stop-loss. He would never let his customers become liquidated.

Although the BitMEX signals are not behind his Altcoin services, I want to mention them. They also show juicy profits and his positions are often on the right side of the trade. The scalp signals often shoot pretty fast. Sometimes, getting in with a limit order might not be possible. I prefer to wait for the rare but very safe swings.

The Support

Saviour provides the support in a separate chat room. Especially as I have recently observed a lot of rude talk in other chats. I was happy to see how calm and friendly he kept with his customers. He is constantly working to advertise the right trading attitude. This gives exciting insights into his view on the charts (and additional information he uses to source the signal). However, don’t expect advanced trading courses and the big bells and whistles here. He supports his trades well and updates his community with current support and resistance levels. It also gives insights into his trading style from time to time.

The Critique

Saviour knows how to navigate his followers through the wild crypto waters. His signals are very good – both bullet points have been covered to exhaustion now. His picks have been outstanding over a long course of time. So, I went back to observe the language in his chat to get a better impression. He seems honest to me and is not super hungry for membership fees. I guess he designs the stuff as he sees it with other channels. This puts him in a bad light without a reason. My suggestion: no cross-promotion (done! Less hype and big words – that would make a much better impression.

Universal Crypto Signals a Customer Insights

As you know, your trust is everything for us. Hence, we started to pull in customer reviews. We grant readers access to the reviewed channel on our SmartOptions Telegram channel. We have chosen the user “DRE” for this free review opportunity. You can find his summarized experience of a test period here:

“Every trader is different: different risk management strategies, different goals for profit targets and length to be in trades. I tracked the January results for Premium Universal Crypto Signals and found the following results for Binance Altcoins.

**Approximate 80% win rate. (A few trades were on Bittrex, so I didn’t track their W/L, but they were included in the Loss/Open group.)

**20+% of trades hit T2, average time in trades to T1 target 2.59 days (several hit same day or next day)**Assuming absolute worst case scenario (meaning ALL entries were at the top of the entry zone, all Losses were at their suggested 7.5% below the lowest entry zone AND ALL profits were taken at T1 to be conservative) the overall % ROE was 55%. Getting in at a lower entry, taking partial profits at T1 and leaving some for T2 and T3 could increase that return. That being said, a 55% return was the worst-case scenario.

Overall, I like the ease of use for this channel, especially if you are a fairly new trader. They offer signals you can follow with a bot, making days like Feb 7, where eight trades were posted, easier to follow and track. Signals are clear:

Standard Signal Example

Pros and cons based on my conservative trading style. I prefer a moving target stop strategy as they occasionally hit T2 and T3.

Customer Conclusion:

I was originally sceptical of Premium Universal Crypto Signals’ claim that they had 95% accuracy. Consequently, Jan was a rough month, and they achieved 80+ % customer results. He applied his own stop/loss strategy, so I think it’s possible. I also think the very loose use of stop losses helps to achieve high accuracy. Overall, I would recommend this channel.

Thus, they appear to strive for high-quality signals that are highly accurate. I would also suggest looking into their Premium Bitmex channel.

The bottom line is that it is a fantastic channel: the signals are high quality, and I was using stop losses where he wasn’t, hence the decreased success rate.

THE JUDGEMENT for Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals is a great channel that we recommend. The owner is not greedy about the fees and has shown fundamental knowledge of Altcoin and leveraged Crypto Signals.

Hence, his hit rate is one of a kind, and it will be hard for other channels to beat. The only thing I missed was a technical analysis of the customers. He doesn’t throw out signals like a firework but knows exactly when to become active and when to sit on the hands. The marketing of the channel is a catastrophe for sure. Update: The cross-promotions stopped!

He is so much better than doing cross-promotions in his free channel, and I hope he recognizes that one day, he will downgrade the perception of his quality work by doing it. Furthermore, it is left to say that the Saviour is not a man of many words; don’t expect a wall of text if you ask him something. Precise and helpful replies, yes, long explanations – forget it. Therefore, If you can deal with it and would like a fantastic hit rate in exchange for burger money, Universal Crypto Signals is the way to go.


  • Website: Join UCS
  • Telegram Contact: Telegram Saviour
  • Discount code for 25% on all subscriptions: SMART25
  • Results Tracking: See our Monthly Signal Tracker
  • Auto Trader: Cornix: Semi-automated + Fully Automated Both (Binance, OKX, Bybit, BitMEX)
  • Special Features / What makes the channel unique: High Accuracy, Fast Target Achievement, Automated Trading on Binance/Bittrex, Fully Personal assistance and learning activities through VIP Trollbox, Hidden Gem Signals
  • Exchanges: Binance, OKX, IdEx, Huobi, Kucoin, and some Hidden Gems on other exchanges. Also, a Dedicated Premium channel For BitMEX signals with high accuracy
  • Signals with technical analysis (for manual entries): Yes, on Demand. Full Support about Analysis and Educational activities in Chatbox/Trollbox
  • Trading Timezones:  24 hours
  • Free Channels: Universal Crypto Signals Telegram


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  1. Trading can be an enormous amount of enjoyment. You can use learning to improve the experience and they usually have additional or even tertiary improved results. The UCS Support was fantastic and prompt when I had an issue, even in the whole pandemic-related nonsense. It’s a great way to pass the time and earn Bitcoin.

  2. Premium Universal Crypto is a great channel with a perfect, profitable and safe signals in both Alt coins and BTC, Thank you.


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+++Highest Accuracy ever measured on SmartOptions+++ A Universal Crypto Signals review might raise some eyebrows for my endorsement, but I feel compelled to share one of my closely guarded favourites. Despite some reservations about revealing it, this channel truly merits recognition for its outstanding contributions. Table...Universal Crypto Signals Review "Accurate as Hell and Cheap as F!"