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Review overview

Price/Performance Ratio

Bitmex Saviour is really part of the Universal Crypto Signals Review. Saviour has branched out to include not only Margin Signals/Leveraged. But also Trading Binance Futures, Bybit, Deribit, Bitseven & Bitmex. As well having Full-Auto Trading through Cornix.

Now if you ever watched Saviour trading style you would be impressed by his extremely high win rate. Which he once again brings to us with Bitmex Saviour. Not only is it very profitable but his win streaks have been absolutely outstanding to watch! After the good success of spot and Altcoins trading. Saviour started giving the Bitmex signals in October 2018 and has been tearing it up ever since!

Bitmex Saviour two strategies scalp and swing

Bitmex Saviour has 2 different main strategies, one short term scalps and one for swing trades. So many will find a great deal of versatility with his trading. Some often will bifurcate into one or the other group. With Bitmex Saviour and its format, you will find it very easy to trade. Both Scalps and Swing trades. Again up to your own preference. This is the perfect example of quality over quantity and he never forces any trades without any proper setup or Analysis.

The structure of his Premium –
Bitmex Saviour works on 2 different strategies – 1. Scalping strategy and 2. Swings strategy.

1. Scalping strategy – in this strategy, signal comes with 2 entries and 2 or 4 Targets (Depending on this trade idea/setup). These type of trades hit targets faster as compared to his swing trades. Also, the risk management is good in these scalping trades with tighter stop losses. He prefers 5X to 10X leverage while doing scalping.

2. Swing strategy – This strategy is based on “Saviour’s Safe trading strategy”. It is like Quality wins over quantity and less profit is better than losses. Coming to the point, this strategy usually has 4 Entries (sometimes 2 based on market trend) and 4 Targets. This strategy takes full advantage of DCA (dollar cost averaging) strategy.

Swing trade excellence

These signals tend to take a bit longer time than the scalping signals, but the accuracy of swing trading is brilliant. Also, he is been very consistent with his accuracy over time and in just about any kind of market situation. His swing trades usually can give a larger profit. As those are given considering the larger timeframes and bigger possible moves. He prefers 3X to 5X leverage for his swing trades.

So now unto something unique about this strategy & style which you might have not seen before. Bitmex Saviour knows how to reduce losses if a trade is going into a negative direction. Rather than his given direction. As his strategy is based on his “Saviour’s Safe trading strategy” and “DCA strategy”. It gives traders an opportunity to do inter-scalps if trade is going in a negative direction.

So what is a inter-scalp ?

Bitmex Saviour usually gives 4 entries in his swing setup. Let’s say entries are – 100,90,80,70. After filling first entry if trades goes negative and fills second entry and bounces to say 95. Then Bitmex Saviour suggest to take profit on the bag which got filled at 90 and reorder it at 90. So it can reduce the losses if goes into negative territory. Also eventually your trade can come in positive. His swing trades has very high Accuracy of 92%-94%. While scalping has Accuracy of 86%-90% and overall it is 90% Accuracy.

In the addition to Bitmex , Saviour also gives margin trading Signals on Bybit , Deribit , Binance Futures exchanges.

One good thing that we noticed is if a trade fails. Saviour always re-analyses his mistakes trying not to repeat the same next time and trying to improve the next time. This is really a good thing. Saviour also keeps testing strategies and applies them if it is going good in testing. Taking the recent example, Saviour tested the swing strategy on Binance Futures. He started giving signals in July 2020 and the win rate was 100% in 11 signals. All of his 11 signals hit at least one target or closed in profit. Many of these hit very nicely like #LTCUSDT which is running in 60% profit using just 3X Leverage.

His signals come with an easily understandable setup of entry, targets and stop loss. So a new trader can also understand it.

Drawback of his signals?

The drawback of his signals. We noticed a drawback in his swing trading is usually his 1 or 2 entries get filled and sometimes all. Hence many times, not his all entries get filled. So your allocated amount will not be fully invested giving lesser profit because of this. But if there are no losses then also it is a good way to trade – a safer way of trading.

So if you are looking for consistency and consistent Accuracy and also an affordable price then Bitmex Saviour is the one you should subscribe with. In long term, consistency is very important and this channel definitely has it!

Bitmex Saviours Win STREAK Trade Examples

Here we can take a look at some trade examples of what makes Bitmex Saviours winning trades so extraordinary. This is where the low prices and positive feedback come into play a great deal to make this provider stand out and surpass many of its competitors. It uses a good mix of leverage and risk/reward on its trades.

Bitmex Saviour Pricing

Here we dive into his pricing model which for what he offers in terms of results is fairly reasonable. Pricing just like with Universal Crypto Signals service he has is very similar in pricing.

Manual Margin/Leveraged Premium – This breaks down into if you want auto-trading or not more than anything. With users of his channel just manually trading you have either Monthly $81, Quarterly $207, Biannual $360 and Annual $646 pricing options. Again the longer you commit the cheaper the prices are.

Full Auto-Trading Margin/Leveraged Premium – Of course, this will cost a bit more as it is really the same but with the addition of using the cornix auto-trading bot to execute trades in a user’s Bitmex/Binance accounts. Again you have Monthly $111, Quarterly $297, Biannual $540 and Annual $916 pricing options.

Bitmex Saviour Pricing for Full Auto-Trading and Manual Trading.
Bitmex Saviour Pricing for Full Auto-Trading and Manual Trading.

Bitmex Saviour Goals

Here we see some good points to add as why Bitmex Saviour is not only one of the top providers, but also the many reasons that make him so successful as a trader, he is very goal-oriented and this works very well for the benefit of the subscribers. He wants to be the best and he works very hard at it, add his plan/goals and you have a winning combination that can’t be beaten.

Bitmex Saviour Goals statement.
Bitmex Saviour Goals statement.

The Why?

Here we have the why of Bitmex Saviour and in our opinion, this says it all, he is Experienced, Auto-trading, Quality over quantity in signals, easy to understand, unique trading style and has different proven strategies for each of his users trading style/ideas. He basically gives you the full molly of reasons to signup to this fantastic service that in our opinion is well worth what he charges users for his crypto signals.

Why Bitmex Saviour?
Why Bitmex Saviour?

Outstanding results!

Here is the one area where he leaves most signal providers in the dust, simply put he GETS RESULTS!

More than a few comments of users have been how accurate and timely Bitmex Saviour is in his results and trading signals. This is what we like to hear at SmartOptions and will agree he has really good results that keep in line with his “Quality over quantity”. This is the ideology of which he adheres too. You can click on the below image to see his results page for Leveraged/Margin trades below.

Bitmex Saviours Performance Sheet
Bitmex Saviours Performance Sheet


I will repeat this before going into a final conclusion on Bitmex Saviour. Take note of his trades and win streaks. An example is with his recent Binance futures trades. He not only had an accuracy of 100% but did it with 16 trades in a row! That is absolutely amazing and he seems to have many win streaks, which is another reason he is a very popular provider on our site. Two examples below for your amusement to ponder his recent Binance futures trading.

Bitmex Saviour Binance Futures Win Streak
Bitmex Saviour Binance Futures Win Streak

The Support

Saviour has always had a separate chatroom for his members and nothing has changed here as he is a very friendly and happy fellow. Saviour keeps very calm and friendly to his customers. He constantly reminds members in keeping a good trading perspective and the reasons why his signals are being made, along with a bit of emotional support which more than a few traders need every now and then. He updates with is trading signals and insights but don’t expect advanced trading courses or the like as he is a meat and meat kind of trader, not into education and teaching, which is fine because his signals show this again and again.

The Critique

If there is a critique I could give for Saviour to be honest is his communication with customers sometimes can get lost and is the only real complaint I have seen of substance, this may also be due to his popularity and large member base so I can’t fault him much here. With how his service works members mostly can’t complain due to the accuracy and results he gives, but anything he can do to improve this here would be welcome.


So as reviews go we can go on and on about how Saviour and now as I like to call him Bitmex Saviour is a bright shining star in the trading space, he is singularly focused on producing good trading signals of high quality and has more than a few long winning streaks to his credit. We highly rate this signal provider because of his good work and passion for trading.

So if you are looking for a signal provider who not only has great signals and long winning streaks for both Bitmex and Binance futures too, well this is your guy all the way! Do note he is not very chart/education-oriented so he will give you signals upon signals but don’t expect a lot of education outside of the perils of wisdom he drops to his members in his chatroom, which IMO is as much edu as some ever need. With a bit of common sense and watching the trade entries/exits, you will pick up more than you may know what to do with! Until next time Enjoy!

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Bitmex Saviour is really part of the Universal Crypto Signals Review. Saviour has branched out to include not only Margin Signals/Leveraged. But also Trading Binance Futures, Bybit, Deribit, Bitseven & Bitmex. As well having Full-Auto Trading through Cornix. Now if you ever watched Saviour...Bitmex Saviour 1-2 MASTER class trading signals