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January 29, 2021

Silver Manipulation by JP Morgan!? “Lock them up!”

Silver is sexually exploited

Silver manipulation = CRIME CRIME and more CRIME! This is how I would sum up JP Morgan’s operations, especially in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic.

NEWS UPDATE 1/29/2021

Here comes the SILVER BUGS & WSB Short Sqeeze attack on JP Morgan and other institutions. Anger of the elites screwing over retail traders in big institutions has hit a tipping point. With recent trades on Gamestop/Dogecoin and now Silver!? The Reddit crew has much to say!

Yes silver the most manipulated asset is now being targeted by the Institution screwers. Can Wallstreetbets beat a JP Morgan or other banks? This could get interesting. [...]

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August 23, 2020

Warren Buffett buys Gold is BTC next? Super 3 B’s

Warren Buffet hedges dollar drop?

Wow when did we think Warren Buffett would get into gold!? After last weeks announcement of his buying into of Barrick Gold (GOLD), we can now see the anti-inflation motive here or do we?

So what kicked all of this off? In a the recent 13F filing which money mangers of assets greater than $100 million, must file with the SEC “Securities and Exchange Commission” within 45 days after the end of a quarter in the United States. The big eye catcher is the buying of Barrick Gold, as anybody who knows Warren Buffett, knows he is not a fan of GOLD.

Warren Buffett is old hat and I mean really old hat, him and monger [...]

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August 16, 2020

Elon Musk BIG 3 Tesla, Silver & Bitcoin

Elon did it again! Buys $1.5 billion in BTC!

(Updated 2/16/2021) Yup, he is the biggest visionary of our generation… By a longshot, when I had doubts he might do a Warren Buffett style miss, he pulled through! Elon Musk went all in and even did it dogecoin style to boot! Simply amazing the intelligence of Elon. It makes you proud to be a human being, which was the opposite effect with Trump…

Elon Musk can see now the digital currency future that is in store for us all. He not only sees it but wants to lead the way! See you at $1,000,000 a Bitcoin :))

The valuations as adoptions increases will be enormous IMO. We have not seen anything yet. Once [...]

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June 25, 2020

World Markets Review

World Markets – FIRE! THUNDERBOLTS AND LIGHTENING! All keywords to harken an image of amazing consistent results. Results that would make even some of the best fund/auto-trading platforms drool in amazement.

Firstly they are simply HOT HOT HOT!!! Secondly they are tearing it up in the Autobot trading space right now. Lastly this trading platform has come up completely clean with all of the research we have done into them.

We found far too many varied responses from sources all over the globe. That simply are in love and I do mean in love with what WorldMarkets is providing. As an award-winning trading and investment service.

World Markets [...]