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Elon did it again! Buys $1.5 billion in BTC!

Yup, he is the biggest visionary of our generation… By a longshot, when I had doubts he might do a Warren Buffett style miss, he pulled through! Elon Musk went all in and even did it dogecoin style to boot! Simply amazing the intelligence of Elon. It makes you proud to be a human being, which was the opposite effect with Trump…

Elon Musk can see now the digital currency future that is in store for us all. He not only sees it but wants to lead the way! See you at $1,000,000 a Bitcoin :))

The valuations as adoptions increases will be enormous IMO. We have not seen anything yet. Once the millionaires who follow Elon lockstep and smoking barrel figure it out. The stampede is just starting. They are in “How to create their Coinbase pro accounts mode” All I can say is GAME OVER! Read my original thoughts below. I am amazed he figured it out, but he is a Genius so *shrug, guess it makes sense…

Elon Musk has you by the short and curlys

Simply put Elon Musk is betting on stupid. First, it was the stupidity of the short-sellers. Ones who sold short at one time, just under 20% of Tesla stock. That did not turn out well for them did it! Well, again Elon Musk is playing a strategy game where he has nothing to lose. This time he is betting you Robinhood slice-loving millennials. Who will be dumb enough to help push his stock to the moon and beyond!

Elon Musk is nothing short of a genius in so many ways it is not funny. He and his companies show what happens when you organize the intelligence of engineers & scientists. With great business management skills to boot! Elon Musk shows us what the American spirit is. Kicking @$$ and taking names can accomplish, for the betterment of us all. But let us not be naive and not see some of this is absolutely a game of stupid.

So how does Elon Musk have everybody by the short and curlies? Well, let us take a look at the 3 Things he hopes you don’t know in our opinion.

1) Elon Musk and the 5 for 1 Tesla stock split *GANG BANG*

Hence very simply I am sure he was advised to do this for a combination of reasons. It is all subterfuge here imo.

  1. Tesla sets stock price @ 5 to 1 stock split in the $200-300 range. Back to where it was before the takeoff. Thus tricking most by old price memory. Though there are now 5 times more shares on the market. This is diluting true value and still extremely overvalued.
  2. Lower share price attractor for the Robinhood daytrader/ETF buyers by the slice. If nobody knows the new $0 commission slice shares method is disrupting the stock market. It is a winner take all kings rule modus operandi. Elon Musk knows and is taking full advantage here!

Tesla the car company is now the worlds largest by capitalization = money. Now don’t kid yourself that Tesla is bigger than Ford, GM, Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz combined! Only its current overvaluation has it as such. Elon Musk is flying high on paper profits.

Tesla and Elon Musk deserve a high valuation as Tesla is the future, but he is not Jesus and can’t walk on water, so his stock being valued at these prices is likely due for a real reckoning at some point in the future, VW and many competitors are right on his heels. I do wonder if Elon Musk has a way to capture the value of that over $160 billion and lock it in so he can totally crush his competition in the future. Odds are this bubble won’t last too much longer in the future with the elections right around the corner.

Nice move 5 for 1 Elon Moon Lambo

So he has stabilized for the time being with the 5 for 1 stock split and this helps with the leveraged ETF Robinhood dumb-dumbs, the FED pumping in money to pump the stock market for Trump to get re-elected and buffer the economy short term vs the effects of covid-19 can’t last forever, the bill will become due at some point. I can’t help repeat over and over that all of this likely won’t last, so unless you have any other rabbits in your hat Elon Musk? But hey don’t doubt that he does 😉 This man has the magic hand!

2) Bitcoin and Elon Musk, the boy is soooo coy!

Now comes the future of currency which will be digital, heck wtf Elon Musk! Dude seriously why are you acting Warren Buffett Stupid here!? So let’s examine some reasons why? Could it be all the Nigerian scammers who have left a bad taste with all their games using their names pretending to be famous people to scam others? Is it his Paypal roots showing the anti-decentralized nature of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies that makes him think “PASS!” is he just afraid of the government and taking a pro crypto currency stance?

Warren Buffett did the same thing long ago, with a little company called Apple and most tech/internet related stocks that were slam dunks, now you have Elon with Bitcoin doing the same exact thing. Well nobody is perfect but man this one is as clear as day Elon so much for you having insight into the future! Simply put Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are the future! They won’t be stopped and you are 100% STUPID for not riding this train into the future.

Elon Musk is having a Warren Buffett Moment on Bitcoin.

Nigerian Punking Elon Musk with their scamming

I can understand how the Nigerian scammers have p*ssed you off but I don’t understand why you are not a super fan of Bitcoin and Crypto as they are so OBVIOUSLY the FUTURE! You are a great visionary but you miss this! Amazing indeed, but lets take a look at more than the meme coin (DOGE) which Elon Musk has spoken about in the past the love of “DOGE” coin.

Elon Musk’s Nigerian scammer attacks. Let us take a look at the Nigerian problem, now granted it is more than just Nigerian scammers, but they are the largest group and their scam tactics are very well known in the crypto community. Here are a few of their tactics.

  1. Using famous peoples names with slight alternative spellings and various media associations.
  2. Social media hacks/Jacking of famous people’s accounts
  3. Videos/fake websites pretending to be famous/known crypto people.

These are all tactics of the Nigerian Prince & Nigerian “419” fraudsters just moving on from email to going after people like Elon Musk and all others where they can apply their criminal activity on the crypto community.

Here is the Nigerian Scamming PROOF

Below is the chart and we note that Nigeria is the richest country in all of Africa, but why are they not the #1 Holders of Bitcoin then!? Why is South Africa, which is well behind them economically ahead of them in holding bitcoin? Nigeria does not even register on the scale, well neither does Africa at all but you would think with a chart like that in activity they would be much higher, it is all the scammers using it to buy dollars and imo most of this activity is illegal and bad for the bitcoin/crypto community.

So this country does not even register anywhere for their bitcoin and crypto currency holdings, yet they comprise a extremely high amount of crypto search traffic and activity lol. How we don’t have a digital police force to eliminate these silly f*ckers from scamming famous people like Elon Musk is beyond me. All of their stupid scam videos on youtube pretending to be famous people like “Vitalik Buterin” the creator of Ethereum, Do you really think he would be asking for you to send him ETH so he can send you 3-5 times more ETH back! Yup Nigerian scammers hard at work. We in the crypto community hate these ___ing ___s!

Get a CLUE Elon Musk and join the CRYPTO REVOLUTION! It was made for you!

3) Elon Musk and the Silver Connection

This is one Elon Musk is likely scrambling to look for alternatives for. Silver as the cost of this is likely to explode in the future, bad enough you have JPM holding about 50% of the worlds silver supply and manipulating the F out of it, noted in my article “JP MORGAN’S SILVER MANIPULATION, LOCK THEM UP!” before it jumped up over 60% in the last month.

Elon Musk and Tesla simply need Silver as a component in their manufacturing of EVs.

“Why Elon Musk Secretly Loves Silver.”

A good article in the above piece that demonstrates the whys better than I ever could only the Elon Musk Silver connection, though I can’t know how much Elon Musk is holding of silver for his companies needs, I do think he should be overweight in it, like duh! 😉

Final Thoughts…

Elon Musk and Tesla is a on the road to become the biggest company in U.S. history to date, his vision is just exponential and ready to explode! I think even more so than his stock price lol, which imo is just an indicator and a START. Too bad he is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency vision impaired as that takes a great deal away from him helping build a better future for us all.

If only Elon Musk could take some time and really really deep dive into his mind to see the coming future of blockchain, but again he is not Jesus and he can’t walk on water, but why not at least try! All you have to do is PREACH it brother! You can help usher in the crypto and blockchain REVOLUTION! You don’t have to be everything to everybody and I guess many want to leech off your image for their gain, but that is not what it is about.

It is about LEADERSHIP for the future, if Elon Musk can’t see, and does not have the VISION, then he does not deserve to be counted as a great of history. To be blunt as one can be, it is that simple. Anyway until next time, hope you enjoyed this article and DRIVE ON my cryptocurrency friends, of course in a Tesla! 😉


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