Sublime Traders Review “Powerful Scalping/Swing Signals all in 1”

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Review overview


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Sublime Traders was reviewed as a signal provider partner on SmartOptions in 2021. Sublime Traders ushers in a new line in the sand for what a crypto signal provider should offer. They are the complete package, as you will see below.

We found a plethora of features members receive. Simply put, you get a great bang for your buck with Sublime Traders. It is simply Amazing all that they can offer their members. We were amazed…

Firstly, Sublime Traders offers 3 core components of their service: Support, Education, and Automation. From there you will find a range of features with their 3 simple pricing options.

  • Spot trading signals
  • Futures trading signals
  • Long/mid-term trades
  • Brutal Scalps Algo/trading tool
  • Scalping trades
  • All trades include TA charts
  • One on One session
  • Full automation with the Cornix Bot
  • Access to Sublime Tradingview Indicators
  • Crypto trading education
  • Live video streams
  • Trading videos
  • Tips and strategies
  • Amazing interactive trading community

The Who…

Sublime Traders are a merry group of programmers, traders & awkward dancers. They say they complete each other and have a good sense of humor. Trust me in trading you need to have one!

  • @logicalorangex – Head trader & profit monster, can create profit where there is none.
  • @dmoon – Researcher and source, to which he can find you a moon rock on Mars.
  • @oviwan888 – Python expert, some say he was born on 010101.

The How & Why…

At the beginning of Sublime Traders had entered the market in cryptocurrency trading unprepared for what they found. Unlike traditional financial markets, crypto is very emotional & news-driven. This can leave many dismayed at first.

After many poor experiences, they developed their winning systems & styles of trading. Building on success day after day growing both members and their balance sheets.

The group is from the traditional trading space. Which is what we in the business call finex, think traditional financial exchanges/banks. After a few years, they created enterprise-grade trading Algos specifically for the crypto markets.

Their focus from that point on was to not only provide stellar support but also have an extreme emphasis on the education of their members. Having their members understand the how and why keeps their community thriving.

Finally, add the crypto trading automation of their technical expertise and you have a winning solution that can’t be beaten.

Sublime Traders Pricing

Sublime Traders offers a range of pricing plans, starting with an accessible Lite option, designed for ease of choice. Each plan ensures comprehensive access to their trading resources, tailored to accommodate varying trading strategies and preferences.

They do make it very easy for sure! But what do they offer in their plans? You can check on the image below what you get from each plan:

Addition of the Brutal Scalps Algo

In August 2022, Sublime Traders supercharged their trading signals by incorporating the Brutal Scalps algo in their trading strategy. Sublime Traders also offers the Brutal Scalp tool for Tradingview to their subscribers. Brutal Scalps is one of the most powerful trading tools out there that lets users analyze tons of data quickly, get stronger signal confirmations, and get better entry and exit points to maximize profits.

Brutal Scalps offers strength-based signals, better take profit and stop loss points, and well-analyzed market overviews. The freshest addition to the Sublime Traders’ arsenal will surely boost the signal providers’ performance and is an added benefit if you choose to subscribe.

Sublime signals flow

Above you can see the simple workchart flow of how Sublime traders work from start to finish. They list 4 aspects of their internal workflow.

  • Sublimescanner – Identifies the best trades
  • Identify and Filter – Using high-tech screening to weed out bad trades
  • Human curation – A trader with experience decides on the best signals to send members
  • Trade Execution – Sent through manually, semiautomatic, or fully automatic

Sublime Traders Scanner

Sublime Traders has its proprietary market scanner. This allows them to search out the best available trades in the crypto market for users.

With this trading tool, they can get above-average returns and higher cryptocurrency trade frequency. The trading tool works with both Spot and Futures crypto exchanges.

Trade entries have 3 levels of confidence. With level 1 trades are posted to their scalping channel. You then have level 2 & 3 signals that are sent to the traders for further review. From there they decide which signals are validated for posting in their VIP telegram channel.

Cornix integration & scalping Autotrader

Many traders love not only crypto signals telegram groups. Also using API solutions for say a Binance automatic trader solution. Many crypto signal providers offer this through Cornix or their trading APIs. These APIs connect to various crypto exchanges.

Well, Sublime Traders has both an in-house scalping API setup & Cornix integration, so customers have different choices to trade automatic Sublime Traders crypto signals with.

Do keep in mind to take advantage of the crypto AutoTrader you will need to have one of the below.

  • Binance account
  • Binance futures account
  • Bybit or Bitmex account

Video Edu & Live Streams

In this video, you can see LogicalOrange explaining the latest goings in the crypto market. The Sublime Traders also do live streams, along with technical analysis on various cryptocurrencies.

This gives members a high degree of understanding of what the trades and various technical analysis ideas are. Good communication is a bedrock of success for members of a signal group!

Sublime Traders, Crypto Signals Monthly Results Page

To get a good overview of how they are doing Sublime traders have left nothing out. They produce their monthly report with various visual statistics.

Members receive detailed data on how Sublime signals perform, including wins, losses, and overall returns. This transparency ensures that members gain a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of crypto trades, further enhancing their trading knowledge and decision-making process.

Sublime Traders Crypto Signals Support

Sublime traders pride themselves on a high degree of communication and A+ support of their members. They have a high degree of technical knowledge along with working relationships with hedge funds.

This leads to a very professional attitude and key skills in relationship building along with the education of their members.

With new members, they can request a 1 on 1 session with LogicalOrange to help them get acquainted with the group. In the 1 on 1, they will go over the risk/reward factors, as well as do an overall portfolio assessment.

An interesting fact to note is that LogicalOrange speaks 5 different languages (English / German / French / Italian / Romanian). This helps users from various countries develop a good rapport.

Supported Exchanges

Sublime Trader’s list of exchanges of which they work are the top exchanges in the cryptocurrency space. Yes, you can use whatever exchange you like on your own.

  • Binance
  • Binance Futures
  • Bybit
  • Bitmex
  • Bitfinex

For the automation, they provide you with a good amount of exchanges to trade with.

In conclusion

Sublime traders offer you great support, education, and an easy-to-use auto-trader. Add an experienced team of traders who are available on Telegram/Discord. The quality of the channel may very well be unmatched in what they offer for the price of their crypto trading signals.

When you first start you get a 1 on 1 session with LogicalOrange, we recommend you use this. It is very wise to get your bearings straight and it is 100% FREE!

Sublime Traders are very ethical in their approach, not just here to get paid to trade. They wish to make a difference to their members. They want you to get the most from their service.

The group gives you options to Auto, semi-auto, or manually trade their Sublime signals. Add the detailed reports, videos, and their fantastic crypto trade scanner. Well, you get the idea.

For what you pay, the ease of use and all the features included. An unbeatable combination. We are excited to see the response from the trading community and I am sure you will be too! Remember their success is your success, a great philosophy to live by.

Wishing you successful trading, and until we meet again, make the most of it

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sublime Traders provide educational content?

Sublime Traders enhances its community’s trading proficiency by providing an array of educational resources, including live video streams, instructional videos, and insightful trading tips and strategies. They are committed to nurturing a well-informed trading community. Also, Sublime Traders are in the process of launching an online learning module to further expand their educational offerings.

Can I automate my trading with Sublime Traders signals?

Yes, Sublime Traders offers full automation capabilities through the Cornix Bot and has its in-house scalping API setup for various crypto exchanges.

Who are the people behind Sublime Traders?

Andrei, the sole founder of Sublime Traders and the head trader, is renowned for his exceptional ability to generate profit in challenging market conditions. His unique blend of expertise and innovation significantly enhances the trading platform’s effectiveness.

Fact sheet for Sublime Traders

  • Website:
  • Discord: Join Sublime Discord
  • Telegram Contact: Sublime Traders 
  • Results Tracking: Yes Result-page
  • Features:
    1. Daily 1-5 HIGHLY ACCURATE trading signals as per market conditions
    2. VIP chat group for members
    3. Crypto News, Special Information
    4. Trading Strategies
    5. Short, Mid, Long Term Crypto Trading Signals
    6. Semi-automated and Fully Automated Trading
    7. Dedicated swing trade Channel with great accuracy ( separate Channel)
    8. Premium channels for Swing and Scalp Trades and All Trades with great Risk Management
  • Pricing and Plans:
    • Sublime Traders VIP Signals: Lite Plan $69 | Basic Plan $118 | Full Plan $198
  • Auto Trader: Cornix: Semi-automated + Fully Automated Both (all exchanges)
  • Special Features / What makes Sublime Signals unique: High Accuracy, Fast Target Achievement, Automated Trading on Binance/Bittrex, Fully Personal assistance, and learning activities through VIP Trollbox, Hidden Gem Signals
  • Exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bybit, Bitmex, and Coinbase Pro
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes and full Support for Analysis and Educational activities in Chatbox/Trollbox
  • Trading Timezones:  Euro/US
  • Free Channels: Yes
Sublime Traders Trusted Provider Badge
Sublime Traders is a Trusted Signal Provider


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  1. Been in sublime group for over a year and experienced bull and bear periods and in both periods sublime was underperforming.
    The performance advertised on their website is totally unrealistic.
    They count the highest take profit that a signal has achieved as the 100% profit mark while the signals themselves are split in several take profits. Many calls reach stoploss which don’t balance out the profits.
    Their excuse is ‘all trading website do it like this’ which tells a lot in my view.

    Sublime preaches risk management strategies but even with a conservative risk management I was still down a lot following their calls. Logicalorange gets a bit aggressive when pointing out the frequent bad calls. Always hiding behind risk management but in the end if you keep having bad calls it doesn’t matter the risk management.

  2. Wow, amazing weblog format! How long have you ever been running a blog for? you made blogging glance easy. The entire glance of your web site is fantastic, let alone the content.

  3. Overall I would give a 6.5/10 because his accuracy is based on a bullish run, which anyone can do it too. A good trader trades well on bearish runs too, but a lot of loss suffered during the mini bear/bearish run. And the support he gives in the telegram is not responsive at all.

  4. Impressed with the trades so far, was making good money before the dump on the weekend and I’m sure it won’t take long to be back in front. Logical orange is very knowledgeable and shares his TA in the chat group

  5. I have a constant improvement in the way I trade since I joined this group (Oct 2020). It was a good decision. Tnx Logicalorange

  6. I would greatly recommend Sublime Traders, as my own experience with them, has been amazing thuishaalt. No fast money, but based on solid foundations!


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Sublime Traders was reviewed as a signal provider partner on SmartOptions in 2021. Sublime Traders ushers in a new line in the sand for what a crypto signal provider should offer. They are the complete package, as you will see below. Table of contentsThe...Sublime Traders Review "Powerful Scalping/Swing Signals all in 1"