CoinCodeCap Review: A Comprehensive Signal Analysis

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Are you on the lookout for the best crypto signals on Telegram? You’re in the right place. I tried out CoinCodeCap to see what they offer for their subscribers in my CoinCodeCap Review.

Right off the bat, I’m pretty happy with the results. The platform provides much value with its signals to subscribers but to those who haven’t subscribed yet.

Let’s look at who’s behind the platform and then explore what you’ll find if you subscribe.

Who’s Behind CoinCodeCap?

When looking for the best crypto signals on the market, you better look for guys with some experience. The remarkable fact is that the guys behind CoinCodeCap are vetted crypto professionals with massive experience trading and marketing.

Also known as Coinmonks, these guys are focused on writing informational publications that cover all things crypto. After writing thousands of pieces of crypto-related content, they noticed that their knowledge about the market could provide even more value to their followers.

That conclusion resulted in the birth of CoinCodeCap, a crypto signals platform with all the essentials a beginner crypto trader would need. The platform’s analytical team tracks crypto signals on the market.

Gaurav is the person running the Telegram channels. He is a dedicated signal tracker who shares the signals on several CoinCodeCap channels, some of which can only be accessed by subscribers as mentioned in this CoinCodeCap Review.

Still, Gaurav shares some signals on the public CoinCodeCap Classic channel.

CoinCodeCap Review Signal Example

One of the recent spot signals Gaurav shared indicated a 6% during the day.

The CoinCodeCap Review Signal Result:

The IOTA peaked around 9 AM and 6 PM. During this window, the target profit was true, as the price peaked several times around 1.52-53 and then corrected a day later.

Gaurav shared this news around 3 AM, which gave IOTA traders plenty of time to act and make some profit.

Aside from offering crypto signals, Gaurav also provides futures signals. Have a look at a recent share.

I like that he’s made available some great signals on the public Telegram channel. It’s a free opportunity to make a profit and see how his signals perform.

Customer’s Point of View

While browsing the Telegram channel, I decided to ask one of the members for this CoinCodeCap Review if he tried the platform. Boy, was I lucky to have run into him; he was quite helpful. These were Steven’s words:

“Hey, I’ve been on CoinCodeCap’s chat for several months. Several interesting signals popped up when I was not even a subscriber yet. After gaining some profit, I decided to try out signals from these guys for a month, and I loved it.

I cannot guarantee that you will always receive remarkable profits, but the earnings are consistent and accumulate gradually. It is encouraging to observe a member of the group chat sharing such information. I am confident that the signal tracker is reliable.

How Do They Get Their Data?

The guys at CoinCodeCap are professional signal trackers. They perform comprehensive analyses for their subscribers, and their data comes from current market trends hand-picked by their team.

You won’t find a massive number of low-profit opportunities with these guys. They aim to point to trades that will make you a decent profit. They call this approach “quality over quantity.” 

Whenever you get a crypto signal from these guys, you’ll know that it’s an opportunity worth taking!

Coincodecap subscribing signal features

A Range of Useful Features

All these platforms try to differentiate themselves in one way or another. CoinCodeCap has some tricks up its sleeve, as its range of features offers real exclusivity to its subscribers. After signing up, you can enjoy the following.

1. Subscriber-Only Reliable Crypto Signals

After subscribing, you become an exclusive member who receives only the best crypto signals the team can find. These guys will always opt for signals that bring the best profits. Therefore, you won’t find them spamming you with opportunities that are not worth the look.

While they offer plenty of valuable resources outside their subscription plans, crypto signals are only for subscribers.

2. Dedicated Customer Support

Do you need any assistance from the CoinCodeCap team? They offer dedicated support to their subscribers. I like this about the platform as it’s very beginner-friendly. That approach is not something that other signal trackers often provide, making this a great platform.

They’ll be there to help and explain everything to you whenever something is unclear. It’s the perfect approach that many new crypto traders will love about CoinCodeCap.

I took the chance to ask for help from other channel members, and I had a lovely experience as everyone was friendly and trying to help. The whole community is inviting, as everyone’s there for the same reason, to get those signals, ride the wave, and have some fun.

3. Cornix Trading Bot Support

These guys know you don’t want to spend countless hours buying and selling your precious coins and tokens. They’ve added the Cornix Trading bot support to simplify everything.

With some help on their side, you can easily set up a bot and adjust it to make trades on different exchanges. Control take-profit and stop-loss with this bot and automate profit-earning using it daily.

4. Crypto Signals on The Go

CoinCodeCap delivers crypto signals using Telegram. That’s the perfect approach as you can see the latest updates on the go. No matter where you are, look at your Telegram and check out the newest update from the CoinCodeCap Telegram bot.

With that in mind, you can act quickly on the go and benefit from all the profitable trades.

5. NFT Signals

Coincodecap extends its offerings to include NFT signals, catering to enthusiasts in the NFT space. While we at SmartOptions haven’t tested it yet, we suggest that those interested in NFTs engage directly with Coincodecap’s team in their group for more detailed information and insights. This approach allows for a deeper understanding and tailored advice regarding how to start with NFTs.

6. An Abundance of Valuable Content

Subscribers enjoy valuable resources in the form of live market analysis on YouTube. Join their sessions to learn what’s happening with the market and how to follow signals independently. They give good advice on when to buy, when to sell for a profit, and when to stop a loss to protect your money.

Additionally, I saw plenty of useful crypto news on the public channel. I think it’s worth joining the channel to explore what Gaurav shares.

Available Plans

CoinCodeCap offers their customers three simple and direct subscription plans designed to keep your needs in mind. What’s fantastic is that you can access all the platform’s features with any plan. The only difference is the length of your subscription.

You can opt for:

  • One-month plan: $70
  • Trading Lifetime plan: $499
  • NFT Lifetime Plan: $599
Coincodecap New Price Plans

I’d advise you to sign up for a month to understand the platform and see how it works. It’s a great way to try all its features and check whether they can deliver on their promise.

If you feel more confident after one month, the lifetime plan can offer significant savings. Subscribers pay a one-time, non-refundable subscription fee to access these crypto signals or NFT signals.

Amazing Blog Content

These guys don’t just offer crypto signals. The resources on their website’s blog provide a detailed look at the current state of the crypto market. If you have the time, I suggest seeing several blog posts. I enjoyed reading them and could tell these guys were pros immediately.

Aside from all the crypto news, you can find plenty of resources about various trading bots, crypto wallets, exchanges, lending, and the important part – tax software. Don’t forget to check your local crypto legislation, people!

In CoinCodeCap’s blog section, you can find informative articles on swapping, crypto debit cards, and methods for safeguarding your crypto assets. This valuable crypto-related content caters not only to beginners but also to seasoned crypto enthusiasts. I enjoyed reading plenty of cool articles!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top crypto signal providers known for accuracy?

CoinMarketCap, Fat Pig Signals, and Universal Crypto Signals (UCS) are among the most accurate crypto signal providers as shown in this CoinCodeCap Review.

How does CoinCodeCap function in providing crypto signals?

CoinCodeCap, operated by experienced crypto professionals, offers high-quality crypto signals. Their analytical team closely monitors the market to identify profitable trading opportunities. These signals are shared on various CoinCodeCap Telegram channels, some exclusive to subscribers.

Is it possible to earn money through CoinCodeCap?

Yes, CoinCodeCap provides an opportunity to earn money by offering reliable crypto signals. Subscribers can benefit from these signals by making informed trading decisions. However, it’s important to note that while the platform aims for consistent and gradual earnings, profits are not guaranteed, and the results may vary depending on the value you trade with.

Concluding Thoughts

we showed in our CoinCodeCap Review that they are an excellent crypto resource that only shows that it most likely delivers the best signals to its subscribers. The best part is that trying out the platform for a month will not hold you back. It’s only $70. 

That’s plenty of time to see whether you’re satisfied with signal results. Plus, you can try out all their features without breaking the bank.

Overall, one thing’s sure: CoinCodeCap’s blog is worth checking out, and you can contact Guarav directly on Telegram!

Check out our monthly signal results and main signals ranking page to learn more about other crypto signal platforms. You’ll see how the best crypto signal trackers are performing.


  • Reliable crypto signals
  • Great customer service
  • Cornix Trading bot support
  • Telegram updates on the go
  • Educational content
  • High leverage channel (20-30x leverage signals)
  • Lifetime subscription


  • They could improve their communication style

FACT SHEET for the CoinCodeCap Review

Discount code: Use SMARTCOIN10.

Pricing and Plans:

  • Website:  Join CoinCodeCap
  • Telegram Contact: Sales BOT
  • Discount Code: SMARTCOIN10
  • Results Tracking: Results sheet
  • Auto Trader: Cornix: Semi-automated + Fully Automated Both (Binance, OKX, Bitfinex, BitMEX)
  • Special Features / What makes the channel unique: High Accuracy, Fast Target Achievement, Automated Trading on Binance/
  • Exchanges: Binance, OKX, IdEx, Huobi, Kucoin, and some Hidden Gems on other exchanges.
  • Signals with technical analysis (for manual entries): Yes, on Demand. Full Support about Analysis and Educational activities in Chatbox/Trollbox
  • Trading Timezones:  24 hours

Don’t hesitate to contact @gaurav_zen by Telegram to enroll after reading this CoinCodeCap Review. The discount code Is SMARTCOIN10 for all pans.


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Are you on the lookout for the best crypto signals on Telegram? You’re in the right place. I tried out CoinCodeCap to see what they offer for their subscribers in my CoinCodeCap Review. Right off the bat, I’m pretty happy with the results. The platform...CoinCodeCap Review: A Comprehensive Signal Analysis