The February 2024 Signal Results. Who Is The Best?

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The February signal results show that February 2024 was a great month for the crypto market. The market peaked at $2.3 trillion in total market cap. This result came after the slow growth we mentioned in the January Signal Results of 2024.

Bitcoin was on fire, hitting $64K and keeping every trader on their toes. Ethereum wasn’t too far behind by lighting the DeFi sector up to $3.3K.

While the market was moving, finding good signal providers has never been more important. Here’s our update of the February signal results:

February Signal Results

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Crypto Signal Results (click to expand)

Fat Pig Signals icon to illustrate their february results

1) Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Signals: They did it once again. With 22 wins and zero losses, Fat Pig Signals showed that they are extremely skilled in catching moves and choosing coins to trade. If you had followed all 22 signals from Fat Pig Signals in February 2024, you would have made an incredible 3545.55% gain – this is not just excellent but the best performance they ever made! Great work.

Fat Pig Signals chart

Universal Crypto Signals icon to illustrate their february results

2) Universal Crypto Signals

Congratulations, Universal Crypto Signals. Once again, proving why they’re one of the top signal groups out there, with spot signals nailing 90 out of 99 trades and futures signals securing 25 wins out of 30 trades – a great team indeed! They deeply understand the market sentiment and provide their traders with valuable insights to help them make winning trades for their members. The February signal results are always celebrated in the Signals Chat.

Universal Crypto Signals chart

Verified Crypto Traders icon

3) Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders (VCT) had a pretty good result trading in February 2024. The Spot Channel crushed it with a perfect 100% win rate across 29 trades. Flawless market prediction and execution right there. Meanwhile, the Futures Channels shared 88 different trades, which led to 60 wins. A win rate of about 68%. Their approach also showcases a high win rate to leverage gains with high percentages of profit effectively & only suffered losses on 28 trades. However, this trading could lead to larger blowups if not appropriately managed. VCT does not share the February signal results of their most structured trader but gives some value through updated videos and explanations about the market and his view on the market. From experience, we can share that he is good at what he does. Check out Erik’s latest video for the VCT Platinum Members for free.

VCT April 2nd, 2024

Verified Crypto Traders chart

Sublime Traders icon to illustrate their february results

4) Sublime Traders

Sublime Traders adjusted their strategy for the February signal results. With various investment strategies tailored to suit different Trader’s preferences. Compared to the January Signals Results, Sublime Traders did extremely well.

The Futures trades hit their target with a success rate of about ~87,5% from roughly ~24 trades, showing traders that futures trading could be something worth following if managed correctly.

The scalping strategy was perfect this month, turning about ~73 trades into huge profits with returns of 2x to 3x or even more per trade. As profitable as scalping methods on futures are, they come with increased leverage, which means a risk of larger losses if things go south.

Spot Trading took a more steady approach, resulting in ~ 25 trades and 3 losing trades, showcasing the reliability of this strategy for those looking for consistent growth.

Sublime Traders chart

CoinCodeCap icon to illustrate their february results

5) CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap, For instance, if one of its members had traded all CoinCodeCap futures signals in February, this would result in 48 trades and 28 losses. Still, the net result would be around 50% profit.

Trading spot signals alone, CoinCodeCap had 10 signals with 3 losses with 32% of profit.

Though both strategies were profitable, the future signals involved many more trades, so there was more risk. The spot signals showed good overall results.

CoinCodeCap chart

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OnwardBTC icon

6) OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC went through a turbulent month marked by the wild crypto market — and its performance reflects that.

There were 33 wins signaling smart strategies employed by their algorithms and risk management systems to stay ahead in trading but 36 losses with high percentages tipped it down to a negative cumulative percentage loss.

OnwardBTC chart

Conclusion – February Signal Results 2024

The February signal results for OnwardBTC trades through February demonstrate how fast things can turn around in this trading space; traders must arm themselves with risk-aware strategies and always be cautious in such high-risk markets.

Around 90% of people will lose in trading. Another must lose so that you can win.. think about it. Without understanding and having multiple years of successful trading experience in the Crypto market, I wouldn’t wish for anyone to trade alone except if you want to lose your hard-earned money fast. This can be a good learning curve for some, but it is the hard way.

To put it bluntly, trading is a very risky business, and trading with leverage on high-volatility assets such as cryptocurrencies multiplies everything by ten.

As the crypto market develops further into mainstream adoption, signal providers will become an asset that is impossible not to use. Whether you are in the action or watching from the side, there is no denying skill and sometimes luck involved in navigating these waters successfully.

Sneak Peek into the Next Month

We are adding two new channels to the ranking list next month. You can read the reviews about WallStreet Queen and Binance Killers and what they offer today.

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! You might encounter a scammer impersonating Saviour from UCS, it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.



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