July SIGNAL RESULTS 2023: Market of Opportunities

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SmartOptions is constantly exploring the cryptocurrency world, which can be overwhelming sometimes.

Analyzing signal results and reflecting on the crypto market in July, we initially observed a stalling BTC.
While some were anticipating a new bull run, the market, however, decided differently for now.

Accompanying the fluctuations of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other altcoins, the market still demonstrated resilience. Consequently, this presented ample opportunities for investors, despite the unpredictable nature of the market.


Bitcoin (BTC) had a turbulent July. It hit a 52-week high above $31,000 but lost steam later in the month by falling over 3%, finishing July below $29,300. Ethereum (ETH) had a slow but steady month, with its prices gaining less than 1% to close at $1,859. Despite the slow growth, Ethereum’s year-to-date performance remains impressive, with a 55% increase.

July was a turning point for Ripple’s XRP. A court favoring Ripple Labs in the United States resulted in a significant price surge for XRP, setting a potentially influential precedent for other crypto companies entangled in legal disputes with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Consequently, popular cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Kraken reinstated XRP trading on their platforms.

From Solana to Dogecoin, these altcoins demonstrated strength and independence. Solana (SOL) was among the top performers in July 2023, with a stellar 56% gain. This robust performance has put Solana on the radar of many investors. Dogecoin (DOGE) also made strides in July 2023. The meme cryptocurrency jumped on July 24 after Elon Musk changed his bio on the popular social media app to include the Dogecoin symbol. Speculation that Dogecoin might play a more significant role on Twitter’s rebranded platform, now known as X, has fueled its surge.

Crypto regulation

July 2023 also saw significant advancements in the area of crypto regulation. The US House Financial Services Committee advanced new cryptocurrency bills that could help clarify the regulatory outlook for digital assets. These developments are crucial for the industry, providing much-needed clarity and stability for investors and businesses alike.

Facing this bustling crypto landscape, we can now see how our best Crypto Signals Providers navigated the market’s intricacies and how they performed and showcased their ability to identify and capitalize on those opportunities.

July Crypto Signal Results 2023

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1) Fat Pig Signals

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Last month, Fat Pig Signals managed to secure 9 profitable trades using their knowledge and expertise. They have taken advantage of every opportunity with this significant impact on their results. Combined with their market update and portfolio builder information on critical projects, they have been a top Signal provider since 2018!

2) Universal Crypto Signals

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Universal Crypto Signals got second in July results, but they didn’t disappoint. For 13 signals provided, they had only one loss giving the traders a 92%-win rate! Keep it up, team!

3) CoinCodeCap

  • Telegram Signals
  • Discord Signals

CoinCodeCap secured a better position for their Spot Trading Channel yet provided only three signals this month. Of course, trading is not about the number of trades but the quality and the net result. On the other hand, CoinCodeCap spotted the 5th position in the Margin Trading Channel, releasing 85 signals and achieving a 77% win rate; this is impressive.

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4) Sublime Traders

The good news is that Sublime Traders are back on track for the July crypto results! Sublime Traders has been missed for the last two months, but they didn’t miss the previous month’s opportunities to show their capabilities. Sublime Traders returned with 68 signals from their Futures and Spot trading channels combined. Their Spot channel has performed much better, with a 95%-win rate from 58 signals. That’s a very healthy score, given the number of trades. However, their Futures channel lowered them to a 67% win rate. Welcome back, Sublime, and keep going!

5) OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC provided a half-half month to the traders. They issued 54 signals with 50% profit. Not bad, not good, maybe some opportunities were missed on their path. For the next month, we know you can do better.


6) Verified Crypto Traders

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Verified Crypto Traders are working on their structure and have stopped releasing their signals temporarily.

July Signal Results – Final Thoughts

July 2023 painted a vibrant picture for the cryptocurrency market. From unprecedented highs and lows in leading cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to Ripple’s significant legal victory and the impressive performance of altcoins like Solana and Dogecoin. Each event brought opportunities for those who knew how to trade this tempestuous market.

The best Crypto Signal Providers were pivotal in guiding traders through the month’s highs and lows. FatPig Signals stood out, grabbing every opportunity that came their way. Universal Crypto Signals maintained an excellent performance with CoinCodeCap right behind them, and they did well with its 100% win rate in the Spot trading channel.

The return of Sublime Traders is noteworthy, with their Spot trading channel showing good promise, while OnwardBTC had mixed results. While the crypto market in July 2023 presented its share of turbulence, the market’s resilience and the adeptness of crypto signals providers together ensured that those willing to take the plunge had a good chance of finding solid ground.

The upcoming month WILL be interesting!

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! You might encounter a scammer impersonating Saviour from UCS, it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.


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