June SIGNAL RESULTS 2023: A Rollercoaster Ride

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The cryptocurrency market experienced significant fluctuations in June due to various factors such as macroeconomic developments, meme coin hype, catalysts, and regulatory obstacles. Despite this, the market displayed resilience and potential for growth.

Bitcoin had its highest gains and losses during this period, dropping 8% at one point and rising 8.5% to its mid-June peak, ultimately closing the first half of the year above $30,600. Ethereum also experienced volatility, resulting in a 4% decrease in value over the month. However, most altcoins remained relatively steady or increased in value, with Ripple gaining 7% and Litecoin experiencing a 12% rise.

Although June was a challenging time for crypto traders, the market’s overall performance indicates that it is stable and capable of recovering quickly after periods of volatility. Let’s now examine how our trusted crypto signals providers fared during last month’s tumultuous time.

It’s vital to note that education is of utmost importance, as it has an immeasurable impact on our trading lives and plays a crucial role in developing our trading skills, knowledge, and understanding. Education equips us with the tools to make informed decisions throughout our trading lives.

June Signal Results 2023

June 2023 Signal Results Rank

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Important note about the signal providers’ results: Verified Crypto Traders (VCT) didn’t have any recorded signals in their bot. The primary trader Erik was online and shared many great trades like Canoo, XRP and updates about the market, including ETH and BTC updates and his view on the market. His expertise in the Gold and silver market is always an extra for the VCT members. As I have learned, new team members are recruited as we speak. Let’s see if they can reclaim their top 3 positions next month. The Sublime Traders didn’t respond for the second month. If the next month we don’t see any activity, We will drop them from the list. We are also talking about new channels that could be added soon.

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1) Universal Crypto Signals

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Universal Crypto Signals did even better this month with a 95% win. They issued a total of 20 trades, succeeding 19 of them. They are back to #1 now. Welcome back, Guys!

2) Fat Pig Signals

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Fat Pig Signals went down to second place this month after two months in a row being in the first spot. Despite not scoring 100% in June, they issued eight signals and got seven wins, more than double the number of calls compared to May. Well done, team!

3) CoinCodeCap

  • Telegram Signals
  • Discord Signals

In the third spot, we’ve got CoinCodeCap, which secured the third position with a 59% success rate in their signals by their Margin channel and the #5 position by their Spot channel out of the 86 signals issued jointly by their Spot and Margin channels, 47 generated profits.

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4) OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC had a much better result compared to the last two months. They issued 60 signals in June, 12 more than in May, succeeding 32 times with a 58% win rate. Keep raising guys.

June Signal Results – Final Thoughts

In the unpredictable cryptocurrency trading world, June 2023 took traders on a wild ride filled with ups and downs. It was a rollercoaster month, but despite the turbulence, the market demonstrated its resilience and potential for growth.

Amidst all the volatility and excitement, our trusted crypto signal providers showed us their prowess. Universal Crypto Signals came out on top with a stellar performance, once again proving they know their stuff. FatPig Signals didn’t disappoint either, bouncing back to claim the second spot with their winning streak. CoinCodeCap secured a respectable third position, and OnwardBTC raised the bar with an improved result compared to previous months.

So, while June may have been a difficult month for crypto traders, the overall performance of the market and the impressive gains made by both major and minor players indicate that the crypto world is still going strong. The market says, “You can’t keep us down for long; we’re here to stay!”

We are looking forward to July!

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! You might encounter a scammer impersonating Saviour from UCS, it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.


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