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Hi Tech Fat Pigs “Extremely Powerful Signals”

Hi Tech Fat Pigs “Extremely Powerful Signals”

by Rico ChetteFebruary 20, 2021

Cooking the bacon with Fat Pigs

When pigs fly! Hi Tech Fat Pigs are doing just that, flying with great trades for you. Below you can check out some of the great features of these flying pigs.

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Fat Pigs Special Smart Options Pricing
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We want to find you the best signals and they have the bacon for you. The service combines both Spot and Futures signals in one group. Take Binance automatic trader bots to the next level! They now have special reports for both Defi and Yield Farming.

Along with 24 hour support for members they leave nothing missing to offer users their crypto currency trading fix.

Hi Tech Fat Pigs Signals

The fat pigs list of features for users is long. Here we show you some of the features these pigs offer. They have many parts of their service, with such things as:

  • Binance spot signals
  • Binance futures signals
  • Market analysis on trending coins
  • Yield farming/passive income opportunities
  • Defi reports
  • News updates
  • 24 hours support for members
  • Live View of Charts

Hi Tech Fat Pigs Charts Setups

Hi Tech Fat Pigs Charts
Hi Tech Fat Pigs Charts

Technical Analysis is very key to the Fat Pigs signal service. They spend all their time analyzing charts from A to Zed. Much of what you will witness in their chatroom is technical trade talk.

Charts are well displayed and shown. Targets are laid out for members.

LIVE Hi Tech Fat Pigs Signals Feed

Hi Tech Fat Pigs Live Chart Feed

The above result sheet is a great way to watch some of the trading pairs the Fat Pigs are trading. You might not get the entry-exit plans, but you can view the trading pairs. Members get detailed signals of the different pairs.

You can view the live feed 24 hours a day. The Fat Pigs keep this going 24/7 for their users. Maybe you want advice on how to make a crypto portfolio, or crypto portfolio strategies. The Pigs are more than just crypto signals btw. They may indeed have some of the best crypto signals but dig deeper into the pig’s trough…

With Red Ball and Yellow Ball signals along with other indicators they use. Much to unpack and members are educated on how they work and why.

Fat Pigs Support

Fat Pigs Signal Support

You often get very quick turn around time with the support team at fat pigs. Many users have complimented them on their fast support. Mainly by the lack of complaints of members.

We can often get comments for different signal providers of a services lack of response. That has never been the case with Fat Pigs, they have done a great job of keeping members informed and updated.

Fat Pigs Fee Structure = Simple

You can also just mention it to them directly for the special pricing. One of the great things about Fat Pigs is their fee structure. With one of the clearest crypto signal provider fee calendar of all.

  • 3 Months = 0.5 ETH – SmartOptions = 0.37 ETH
  • 6 Months = 0.75 ETH – SmartOptions = 0.5625 ETH
  • 12 Months = 1.25 ETH – SmartOptions = 0.9375 ETH

Simply put you can choose 3, 6, or 12-month plans. Nothing to really think about other than if you are new to their service. Many new traders will start with the 3-month service plan, later switch to 6-months or more.

Hi Tech Fat Pigs Results

Hi Tech Fat Pigs Results

Results are what the Fat Pigs focus on and deliver. On their site, they clearly state the beginner’s viewpoint. Giving new traders the ability to get a good start and avoid problems that most run into.

Fat Pigs Results Page

Live SpreadSheet for past signals updated real time. The Hi Tech Fat Pigs keep a detailed tracking of all their trades. Members can view them at anytime.

Hi Tech Fat Pigs Signal Results

Final Thoughts for Hi Tech Fat Pigs

The service has grown and improved over time. The one thing that has not changed is their technical trades and results. Members enjoy the constant list of new trades. If you also interested in the Best Bitmex Signals for Telegram? Check them out.

Be it on altcoins or Bitcoin, you get tons of signals with these Hi-Tech Fat Pigs. Add the new Defi and Yield farming for passive income options. Well, you have a real winning service giving you a plethora of options for the average crypto trader.

Fact sheet for Fat Pig Signals

  • Official website:
  • Telegram Contact: @dad10 or @gangplank123
  • Discount Code:  SMARTOPTIONS (-25%)
  • Plans & Pricing: 3 months 0.50 ETH |  6 months 0.75 ETH | 12 months 1.25 ETH (spot conversion to BTC possible; Discount not deducted)
  • Auto Trader: Yes, Cornix Auto Trader Solution
  • Special Features: Great Community behind this service, relatively safe quality signals – even in the worst bear markets, trades only in highly liquid coins to avoid risky pumps.
  • Signals with technical analysis: All signals came with a technical analysis
  • ResultTracking: Constantly updated Results-page
  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Trading Timezones: 24hrs
  • Free Channel: @fatpigsignals 

Trusted Signal Provider

Coin Observatory is allowed to use the Trusted Signal Provider Seal
Fat Pigs is a trusted signal provider

° Large amount of trades weekly
° Some big winning streaks
° Very active group
° Good communication with members


° Some targets and overall trades are smallish
° Very entrenched on short term trades mainly

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Bottom Line

A top 3 group with great profitability and activity. Price to performance you can't lose with Fat Pig Signals in our opinion.

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  • Jhonny Amico
    June 5, 2021 at 3:51 pm

    Timing for the signals is over the top
    They just give the right amount of signals with excelent accuracy
    Defi recommendations are insanely profitable
    They do a lot of research on projects


    I have no complains at all

    Price/Performance Ratio9.8

    I love fatpigsignals. They literally saved my profits in the latest bitcoin crash right on time. Being in Vip gave a lot of confidence to trade, the accuracy is crazy. Very Recommended

  • Sabra
    April 21, 2021 at 12:28 pm

    The accuracy is insane
    Defi recommendations are awesome


    Cant think of any

    Price/Performance Ratio9.6

    I love Fat Pig Signals, This last couple of years they have made me a very happy person, over the last years I earned money with their signals, Very recommended.

  • adam
    November 12, 2020 at 12:14 am

    Last I checked with this group is that signals cannot be automated on cornix. Does that remain true? Seems like a group that has such a good track record would want to make automation an option.

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