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Fat Pigs DEFI trading has been on fire for the past year. If you are not familiar with what DEFI is, well let us enlighten you. Below is a short primer of what DEFI is. First, DEFI stands for “decentralized finance” basically an umbrella term for financial services on blockchain ledgers. Thus this is done in the form of smart-contracts in which certain coins like ETH “Etherum” have the ability to perform financial transactions through the blockchain. Below are the different types of DEFI transactions currently seen in the marketplace.

  • Lending – Lend out your crypto and earn interest on it.
  • Loans – Get loans instantly without filing paperwork.
  • Trading – Trade all kinds of assets with synthetic blockchain products, so trade stocks bonds, whatever you want.
  • Derivatives – Trade multiple variations of leveraged products, like options/futures contracts.
  • Savings – Earn interest rates far beyond what traditional finance has to offer.

Each of these different options are available to the little guy, not some accredited investor or having the need to go see a banker and fill out tons of paper work in order to invest in what you wish to. This makes traditional finance look like they live in mud huts in a far off land where nobody lives. DEFI is the the future of finance!

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The benefits of DEFI

Fat Pigs DEFI trading has been phenomenal, but understand why DEFI is so popular. Below are the key reasons and benefits of the decentralized boom! DEFI is bringing us into a whole new world of financial nirvana.

  • Transparent – Through blockchain/smart contracts everything is 100% transparent, unlike the hidden ledgers of banks/corporations.
  • SPEED – Things through the DEFI world are done for the most part instantly, thus leaving banks in the dust.
  • Flexibility – With smart-contracts you can move assets all over in a blink of an eye with no permission or expensive fees banks often charge.
  • Privacy – No name, email, or any of your personal information needed.
  • Open to all – All you need is a wallet, this is blockchain baby!

The DEFI space offers you the future of what banking and traditional finance could only dream of offering! This is the future and why there is so many people stampeding to the DEFI trading coins in mass…

Well for Fat Pigs DEFI simply means profits. They are the DEFI rockstars of trading. Hence Fat Pigs specializes in DEFI trading. You can see by some of their gains and if you were a member of their chat, you can see the in-depth explanations they give of their reasoning for trades.

DEFI trading benefit

As you can see Fat Pigs DEFI trading is about expertise with an extreme profit motive. Their success has been nothing short of breathtaking. They own DEFI trading in the signal provider space. Their results have been stellar! Showing not only the traditional TA “Technical Analysis” chops they are known for but visionary endeavoring into their DEFI trading picks.

Fat Pigs DEFI Results

Fat Pigs DEFI has an ACMR “Average Coin Market Return” of over 742.5%. That means a $10,000 investment from last year would on average be worth over $84,250! Simply amazing! That is over 7x your money! If you picked their top 5 GEM picks alone, think favorite coins. The returns % wise would be even higher! Fat Pigs DEFI has been just killing the market!

Fat Pigs DEFI List

As you can clearly see by going over all the DEFI trades, jaw dropping results. They go across the landscape of ETH or BSC crypto DEFI trades. Digging up under each rock the profits every trader dreams of, but they do it for real…



It is only fair that if we brag about how great the results are that you get a sneak peak into what you are getting when joining Fat Pigs. So, check out their trading results on our Monthly Signals Results Page.

One of the keys to Fat Pigs DEFI trading signals is the cryptocurrency trading education you get, as they have guides to teach you their trading techniques. DEFI can be very complex because of all the layers and intricate solutions it allows traders to access. The DEFI guide walks you through all of what is going on in the space on a monthly basis.

Fat Pigs Daily Trading Reports

Defi Reports Fat Pigs

Fat Pigs trading gives their members daily trading reports so you are not left guessing. Weather a trade is happening or some fundamental news event that will effect the markets. You can count on them for providing you with the latest cryptocurrency trading information.

Many new traders struggle for just a clear understanding of What/Why & How in their trading. Education is a cornerstone of Fat Pigs and with their DEFI trading that is even more so. As the complexities of DEFI require a constant understanding to find the best trading opportunities you don’t want to miss out on the best opportunities. Fat Pigs catches all the big fish and is on top of it all in the DEFI space.

ETH vs BSC a bit of Education…

Binance Smart Chain

A little bit more education on DEFI here for you. One of the things many don’t know when starting in the DEFI space is the primary differences. Many coins can offer smart-contract services but there are differences and the two primary ones are from ETH “Ethereum’ and BSC “Binanace Smart Contracts” add the uniswap/pancake and the rabbit hole gets even more deep for the average trader.

The primary ecosystems for DEFI are as follows, we have ETH smartcontracts which were the first and most readily available, then came Binance with their smart contracts, basically a hard fork/copy of ETH with some key differences the average user/trader should note. Binance and their ecosystem of smart contracts are far more centralized then the pure Ethereum based smartcontracts. This can vary but basically Binance sets the rules for their contracts and this can be both be a postive and a negatvive for their smart contracts.

Uniswap DEFI

One example of this is the fees in many repsects are cheaper on the binance contracts, but this comes with a cost. Pancake is a fork/copy of Uniswap, again from the ETH ecosystem, now this is good and bad with interoperability and use still being there, but you will have to go through more hoops and jumps to take advantage of all of what is offered in the DEFI space. Again this is where education not only in trading but in how these products/smart contracts work with each other.

VIP DEFI Signals

Fat Pigs DEFI trading offers both the education and the trading chops for you to take full advantage of not only amazing profits but a real understand of what exactly they are and what youa re trading.

Charting the DEFI future…

Fat Pigs DEFI Charts

Technical Analysis is the key element that Fat Pigs brings to the DEFI space, with unparralled service and understanding. They know the charts inside and out. They have the profits to prove it. With an average DEFI trade ROI of over 742% we dont’ have to tell you. It is very obvious they know the DEFI space inside and out.

Much of Fat Pigs signal service is TA “Technical Analysis” oriented with a emphsis on TA being a part of each and every trade. They make it very clear with their Yellow/Red balls live feed on twitch, as noted below.

Fat Pigs Live Signal Feed

In conclusion about Fat Pigs DEFI…

We think it is amazing how in tune Fat Pigs is with the market and all the new technology/opportunities the crypto markets offer. They provide great trading signals on a daily basis. Many of those signals are now DEFI, but even if they are not, they have their ears/eyes wide open looking for the next hot and very profitable trend in crypto for their signal members.

It is a real pleasure for SmartOptions to work with such pros in crypto and DEFI trading space as with Fat Pigs. They offer the world to their members and hands down some of the best returns one can get in the cryptotrading markets.

So if you need a professional trading group that specializes in DEFI gems to trade, well look no more! Fat Pigs DEFI trading will not only impress you but leave you FAT with profits!


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  1. One of the best Crypto Signals groups available, top 3 and I have no idea who the other 2 are because when I found Fat Pig Signals no other group even came close and I never felt the need to go looking for another group for signals and never did. These signals are spot on and my gains are huge!
    FPS does have free signals and they are good but the real value is in the VIP, where tons of analysis, alt-coins, signals and other information exist.

  2. Top Notch Traders over at FAT PIG SIGNALS! After 4 wonderful years with these guys my life has truly changed. This is not just another BS comment on a BS group these guys are truly life changers and here to provide real gains for real loyal members. Stop wasting time reading comments and trying to find a group give them a try, you literally can join the free chat and hang out first see results and even learn a thing or 2 for FREE! So stop what you’re doing and head over to their telegram chat NOW!

  3. These guys over at Fat Pig Signals never disappoint, they give you real results without the fear of making mistakes, their win ratio is out of this world, literally only win with these guys. NO F’ing JOKE! You usually see comments like these for BS groups but I’ve been with these guys for 4 years and have turned my baby portfolio into whale status. Give them a try, it will blow your mind! And what’s to lose? They provide a free chat to get your feet wet. I promise you the only thing you have to lose is all the profits you’re missing out on for not joining Fat Pig Signals! Stop wasting time reading comments and get over to their telegram chat room and join the REAL Winners!

  4. Fat Pig Signals. The best you will find out there.

    Since I am with Fat Pig Signals my life turned 180degree to the right direction. Not only you are getting huge Profits. NO, you are getting educated every day. Learn how the market works and how to controll your risk.

    Also the Defi Calls are pretty dope. Set your money, you earn from trading to work for you and generate some more cashflow while profiting of the rising prices in the market. Thank you all for this opportunity i got.

  5. I have been a Vip for about 2 years now, there are so many wonderful things I can say about Fat Pig Signals, I was already pleased with the regular signals but now with the Defi calls, I just cant express enough gratitude, my life have changed since I joined. I feel blessed. Thanks Dad, thanks Gang, You guys rock!!!!

  6. Fps is more than a cryptotrading channel for me. Fps puts out allot of work to maintain the service at the best possible. They simply just love crypto!

  7. Fat Pigs are unstoppable. They seem to almost never lose. Risk management is calculated with each trade, but almost never needed cause its always huge profit!!!


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