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Coin Observatory Review

+++ Powerful Trader Mentorship Community with Active Trading Support and a plethora of Discord rooms+++

(added 10/2018 ~ Coin Observatory Crypto Trading Signals for Binance & Bitmex | 24/7 trading chatrooms | Powerful Technical Analysis | 

Educational workshops | Market Screener with in-house strategies | Institutional services with business intelligence ~

When I came across Coin Observatory in October ’18. I was a bit overwhelmed by the service level provided by George and his crew. Their discord trading community is a universe on its own. Barely comparable with anything else seen in this space.

This is “Earn while you Learn” in a great way! They train an army of traders directly within their customer base. They even recruit the best of them as a signal provider for their Service later on. Follow me into the Observatory…

Holy cow, these guys are fanatic when it comes to trading! This is not your average cryptocurrency signal group. This is a complete authority pack. Their team is diverse, and their motto is “Trade Opportunity“. So they don’t just focus on crypto.

They trade options of various asset classes as well. So if you want signals for crypto, leveraging stocks, indexes and commodities, well here you go! Coin Observatory is basically a full service signal provider trading all the opportunities everywhere they can.

If you’re looking to become a fully-fledged trader, make use of their knowledge and practice what they teach. In fact, this is the master goal by Coin Observatory, which they follow with their Discord channel.

They are about building an army of good traders. According to the channel owner George, they already have trained some of their customers to a level, that they even went on to join their trading team.

These guys are real pros and all about education – accompanied by extremely good signals. Very strong trading community that takes pride in their accomplishments, treating each other like one big family!

About George Saber

Coin Observatory - Owner George Saber
Coin Observatory – Owner George Saber

Founder, Technical Strategist, Swing Trader. Once an Cryptocurrency Analysis Contributor the momentum Swing Trader, specializes in strategizing for and predicting bull runs. He published about the GOLD bull run in early 2019, before it broke out, he also published about and predicted the 2019 Bitcoin Bull run within a week; It happened just 2 days later! Think that’s impressive? Saber’s technical analysis predicted a large incoming correction across all markets in December of 2019, and 2 short months later came the COVID-19 crash. It’s no wonder Coin Observatory members call him the Wizard. Saber also mines Ethereum and has a knack for finding the next big market opportunity. By Big, we mean BIG. 1000% + return on equity for his trades is normal. He’s been featured on Tail Lopez’s Crypto Mastermind program, as well as, and is an active Technical Analysis contributor to Knowledge Society. “I’m in markets so that my money does the work for me, so identifying the Market’s Structure is my top priority. Then patiently waiting for the opportune moment to strike, and disregarding chart noise is the formula for fewer clicks and bigger returns.”

Hey, this set of insane traders called the full $RVN move from the bottom to the top! I actually thought the time of this crazy triple-digit jumps is over in the bear market. Apparently not as Coin Observatory has shown with this juicy 200% move.

But we reduce the capabilities of  Coin Observatory if we’d talk about some technical analysis alone. Such as “get in here – get out there” stuff. George, the founder and head trader of Coin Observatory. His a well-known trader, speaker on several conferences, and a writer for

The websites mention signals only incidental as their offering is much bigger. They are far more than being just a simple discord signals channel. They also run institutional services along with providing Business Intelligence.

This is their custom tool for fund managers. This tool isn’t offered for retail. They run the BI currently for Lavie Capital Partners. Located in Puerto Rico, a main institutional client and provide the hedging desk to them.

Coin Observatory no need to be a Whale

The good thing is, you don’t need the money of a whale account to follow them. So if you want to get your funds traded. Instead you can follow their signals, learn what they are teaching. Prolly build up that way if you have enough strength and willpower for that. 

They are trading the markets like on a level you always wanted to sit next to. You can get a glance by following them. The beauty is, that you will understand how traders really work.

You will hedge your positions to de-risk them, update your positions with trailing stops. You will actively react to what the market gives you if you follow the signals to a T.

The educational video workshops (so-called Power Hours). Will help tell you later why you did this. So that you get a better holistic, understanding of how you want to play the markets safely. From our test timeframe, we can confirm:

1. you will get many actively traded signals and

2. you will very much learn yourself if you start your brain engine and keep an open mind.

Keep in mind you might need some spare time for this Discord channel, as they don’t offer a get rich quick scheme. But rather an in-depth education along with their signals.

The Discord Server Structure

We have a wonderful example here, what channels can achieve by using Discord. This is for their education program and trading signals. I can say Coin Observatory mastered the optimal usage of Discord’s capability for this case.

Coin Observatory servers have specific categories for various markets as well as specific channels for certain traded pairs. Expect BTC and ETH charts updated daily in their respective channels. Most margin traded pairs have their own channel. Some of the less traded ones aren’t updated regularly.

This team has an entire category dedicated to the stock market. Indices, stocks, even commodities like gold and silver. When they say, “trade opportunity” they really mean it.”

Coin Observatory Discord Rooms
Coin Observatory Discord Rooms

Though this may sound overwhelming at first. By using Discord’s mute settings, you can just keep notifications for the channels you’re interested in.

As for chatrooms? This community is active 24/7! And various chatrooms serve different purposes. Just make sure to ask a Moderator or an Admin to show you around their Discord when you join!

Coin Observatory Signals Review

As you will see in the example trade below, Coin Observatory is a different kind of channel. They not only source the signals, they actively manage it on their discord channel.

They give recommendations on how to get the maximum profits out of it (for example by setting up a trailing stop). This is very good for learning how a trader works on his actions – I can only recommend to follow the instructions and ask for the reasoning in the chat, as the chance to learn a thing or two is high.

While the altcoin signals are presented very clearly. Beginners might be in trouble with the Bitcoin analysis for the #bitmex-long-short channel. Here you find ongoing and a very in-depth analysis of what XBT is doing right now.

If you search for clear & easy to understand signals this sub-channel is not your first place to go. Coin Observatory trades Bitcoin on Bitmex very differently in an advanced way. They long futures, and hedge ranges in an attempt to catch the significant swings. Once subscribed you should scroll through the channel #to_the_moon, and you’ll be able to get an idea of how they do the bitmex XBT futures.

Coin Observatory very active trading group

It is important to know that Coin Observatory is a very active trading group. If you want to follow them on your own (without the auto trader and with BitMEX hedging) it can become a bit hard to follow everything and you should read the groups trading chat. But if you decide to do so – SKY IS THE LIMIT. You will learn how the Pro’s trade instead of how to follow signals.

The group’s philosophy is it to trade less, profit more, hedge and capitalize on volatility, all that while letting stop losses and the market do the rest of the work. The Bitmex channels for altcoins are much clearer to understand in terms of getting signals in a classical way, although they also come with a good portion of background info. If you know already some stuff in charting you might be happy as you will be enabled to understand the trader’s point of view – if you don’t, hey – here is your chance to learn and become a better trader.

Example Trade: 

Well, finding the right example trade was quite easy with Coin Observatory. I like this one very much.

See, you usual signal providers would no say – great – all targets reached, brag brag brag. However, the pros might smell that the charts indicate some kind of news or strong fundamentals, and so they updated the post in time with their trade_updates channel.

By the use of trailing stop loss, they managed it to make a 100% trade a 200% one – Geezus, this almost felt like December ’17. Active trading really rewards us well here, and Coin Observatory tends, in general, to run trailing stops until they get stopped out. The trading group stays play by play on most of their signal until they see a reversal pattern and signal an exit in the exit channel. It is a great thing that they try to hold everyone’s hand through the big boomers to get the most out of it.

Coin Observatory Pricing

With coin observatory you have two main options of which to signup for depending on your knowledge level, you also get a great deal of bang for your buck as they have included access to many of their featured rooms in the pricing structure as a bonus.

Coin Observatory Premium & VIP

  • Premium – This is where you can start your journey until you become more familiar and develop more as a trader. Though you are given a great deal this is a popular option for those starting out.
  • VIP – Like the name applies this is mainly for the seasoned trader who wants edge to edge action packed trading, which includes full on live access to channels of high value.
Coin Observatory Pricing

The prices are straight forward for Coin Observatory with either $89 a month for premium or $189 a month for their VIP. Also to note they offer 6 month and yearly plans, but only as requested by members who know their service well, Inquire within on pricing.

The Results

It would be pretty short-sighted to highlight accuracy alone with Coin Observatory. It is not the right way to view the results of this channel as it would not tell you an inch about their profitability. They hedge positions, some losses are plans and needed to execute their strategy properly. You can say everything you want about Coin Observatory, but one thing would make me really angry: if you put their transparency in question.

What they offer here is unparalleled: George is a statistics nerd and he runs the numbers each month with a passion, it is a joy to follow up his conclusions about their performance. Nothing hidden, all open, all honest – a real trader’s attitude that is in full control of his ego. Here is an example of their monthly statements (taken from this example report):

The Support

Imagine a signal service, where you don’t just pay and are thrown into the crowded channel, but where you get an introduction with a real person. A tour that might take an hour or even more, so you can max out everything out of your subscription. This crypto signal discord server is more than just signal, and you can observe this clearly in their multiple chat rooms, which are not only there to clear questions about running trades, but also to teaching you to become a trader. 

Coin Observatory is well-known for acquiring their best students/high potentials, and therefore you have a bunch of traders at your fingertips. However, the given support is top-notch and on a very high level. Someone from the trader team is always around to help.

The Critique

Coin Observatory is an honest and good place to be. You won’t find any faked numbers, there is nothing to be hidden by them. But one has to know that this channel is not for everyone as it is active Pro trading. I can see two variants:
a) the convenient one: You signup and just make use of their trading bot. Great case, great value for the money.
b) the active one: You signup with the intention to learn. Though you want to take your time through the initial tour with the team, get used how everything works and be very active with the chat and the trades.

The educational part could come with more prepared PDFs, documents and videos, so you can get into everything at your own pace. Be aware it can be confusing if you don’t take the time for the tour, in fact, if you want to trade this on your own you HAVE to take their tour to make something out of this subscription. The confusing part is actually to help you de-risking your trading efforts, but if you just follow signals here and there you see on the channel, it will expose you to much greater risk. Some of the trades are hedges for example, etc.

While I think the service you get is very well worth the price, there are circumstances – depending on your trading equity size – where very small wallets to might just make back the fee. Bigger sized bags should not face any problems and should enjoy a quite nice compounding passive income.


 This channel is my personal favorite and top-pick if you want to learn a great trading methodology by folks that know what they are doing and also if you value the education work they put in their community. They are not the cheapest but you buy education along with the trade recommendations. There is so much garbage out there if you want to start learning to trade. All these nonsense resources will confuse you and leave you clueless.

The team here is made of pros and they will take you by the hand through their trades and on your way to becoming a trader yourself. The recent RVN example has shown that they are able to read the news before on the chart itself (without knowing the news) and to act accordingly to take the maximum profit with you.

Fact sheet for Coin Observatory

  • Website:
  • Discord Contact: albinomonkey#5909
  • Discount Code: Tradesmart (55% off the first month)
  • Plans & Pricing: $89/month, USD recurring and VIP $189 per month
  • Special Features: Power Hours education – Video Trading, active trading support, Hedging with Bitmex XTB trades,  Mentorship
  • Further Information: Interview with Coin Observatory
  • Auto Trader: Yes, custom solution
  • Exchanges: Markets on Bitmex, Binance, Bittrex
  • Signals with TA: All signals include a screenshot of the Technical Analysis behind the trade and we also write a brief description of why they are taking the trade. All trades have appropriate Risk to reward
  • Bitmex Signals: Yes, separate Bitmex Channel
  • Trading Timezones: EST, but the analyst team is all over the globe. There’s always someone online guiding the community and supporting


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Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.


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  1. George and the team are awesome. I’ve been with them a short time and they really try to help you in any way they can (especially the most important way $$$). Their calls have been great

  2. Coin Observatory was like find the light in the dark to me.
    I was a very novice trader, got lots of bad trades, bad advise, and bad signals coming from several paid Telegram groups.
    I mainly joined Coin Observatory looking for signals. At that point, I somehow forgot to continue an education on trading and thought that rely on profesional signals to do my trades would be the only option.
    Well… After a few days and private conversations with George Saber (El Patrón), Cam, Ched and other members of the group, I realized how much I could learn from all those years of trading experience, their way of manage the indicators and analyze charts, and at the same time enter great trades from the signals provided by George to enter long or short positions in several assets, from crypto to stonks, touching commodities and indices too.

    I started trading futures after get a clear idea of what was leverage trading with whis guys, I learned what is to hedge to protect an opened position during reversal days, and a lot more useful stuff that are making me slowly to not rely only in 3rd party signals and do my own TA and enter my own positions out of my own decisions. There is a lot of good eductional material availanle too.
    Even though, CO signals are great most of the time, way better than any other signals group I have been.

    I definetely recommend to any new or advance trader to join this awesome group, there is so much to learn from them.

    Beside all that there are weekly streams to ask George about any crypto or asset you want to trade, they offer their own indicators to be used on Trading View.

    I stopped wandering and asking on every group I saw, I stay with Coin Observatory from now and long time ahead.

    Uncle Onion.

  3. I heard about George from Another YouTube trader on one of his videos. He said George was one of the best traders he knew. So i Started following George on youtube and boy was i in for a surprise! Not only was his prices reasonable but his calls where spot on. George is by far the best trader on youtube Hands down. I personally 10x my account because of his calls on bitcoin and Ethereum if it was not for him i would of blown out my account like before. In conclusion i want to say that i have so much confidence in his ability as a profitable trader that i will start trading my retirement account soon on his options plays. My cousin who was a 25 year investment banker trader tried the 7 day trial that is offered and will be joining this week. He was very Impressed.
    P.S i ALSO SUBSCRIBE TO HIS PHANTOM INDICATOR THAT I USE TO TRADE FUTURES. The guy is a Trading Genius. Do not take my word for it follow him on Youtube try his products out and you will fall in love with everything Like iI did and The Best Part is you will make a ton of money! BRAVO George !

  4. I’ve been in this group for nearly a year now. After a few months I knew I’d found the right group, jumped on the Lifetime membership and haven’t looked back. So much good TA and great calls. I’ve actually learnt how to trade in this group. Best on the net by far!!!

  5. I actually stumbled upon CO when I first got into trading crypto. I count this as probably the luckiest this that has happened. George and the crew are not only great traders, but also great teachers. If you want to learn how to trade this is the place for you. I came into the group knowing only how to blindly follow signals that usually ended up with me losing because I was clueless. Since spending time in the VIP at CO I have learned so much about trading not only crypto but also, options, stocks, Forex and commodities.

    Using the videos & articles resources in the education section you will be able to learn a variety of trading techiniques and the reason why the crew is signalling they way they are – the method behind the madness of 1000% ROI trades. This past week I have almost doubled to my RH account and mt ETH stack.

    One of the best thing about CO is the variety you find with all of the active traders. There are guys that trade using Fibonacci, Skrypt Cloud, moving averages, Elliot Waves, TD Counts and more techniques. I did not know anything about any of these things when I joined but now have a basic understanding of each and how they can be applied. There are specialists for Crypto, Stocks, Options, Forex, Commodities, and Trading Bots. There are bears and bulls that are always giving you an informed view from both perspectives on the market. This variety allows you to learn and develop your own edge in trading. The group is extremely active also with traders from around the world – always somebody around chatting and trading.

    If you want to get a free education in how to become a good trader this place id for you. I say it is free because by following along as you learn you will more than pay for the subscription. Plus the group is a bunch of great friendly people that are fun to hang out with. Spend some time and you will definitely feel like part of a community.

    Come join the group – learn and earn – I guarantee you won’t regret it!

  6. What can I say. Honestly I don’t want to leave this review as more people will know our strategy but they really deserve recognition. I have been part of 3 other trading groups. When I say part of I mean heavily invested, including heavy losses. Learning to trade is not easy. There are many strategies out there and the majority are garbage at least in my experience. I can not express how amazing this group is. It took me a good two months to fully assimilate the info and correct my bad habits. This group is a God send. If you want to trade like the whales you need to follow Saber. This guy is a genius and he loves teaching us little folk how to win in a ridiculously treacherous market. I went from losing over 7k in capital to making over 5 times my loss in only 4 months. Gains in Btc, Eth, and many other coins, including stocks. Like when they called Tesla right before it went from 450 to over 1000. This group is the real deal. We long at the bottom and short at the top it’s that simple.

  7. The best trading/knowledge group there is . More than just signals , it strategies including hedging strategies which is a complete game changer to preserving your gains and capital . You have access to chat and discuss with the other traders in the group and not miss any moves in the market . Multiple markets to choose from BTC, crypto margin , alts , forex , traditional markets . I’ve had huge gains on my crypto account and recently on my Robin Hood account . One click trades that paid for my entire years subscription fees , and i didn’t start out with huge trading account balances . In one week in July when i finally started joining in on the Robin Hood trades i had an account balance go from $225 to $2700. Nearly 1000% ROI , and my EC looks parabolic in a week! Do yourself a favor join , learn , and gain . It’ll pay for itself in the first few trades and the knowledge/mentoring you get are priceless


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Coin Observatory Review +++ Powerful Trader Mentorship Community with Active Trading Support and a plethora of Discord rooms+++ (added 10/2018 ~ Coin Observatory Crypto Trading Signals for Binance & Bitmex | 24/7 trading chatrooms | Powerful Technical Analysis |  Educational workshops | Market Screener with in-house...Coin Observatory - Watching for the Moon