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Did you stumble upon Bybit while looking into cryptocurrency trading platforms? Well, it appears that you’ve fallen into quite the rabbit hole. Bybit is a professional cryptocurrency exchange established in March 2018. While it may not be as common as Binance or Coinbase, it’s a big name among the professional crypto trader community. 

It offers users a professional platform where crypto traders take advantage of a robust matching engine, top-notch customer service, and multilingual community support.

Day by day, more and more people are eyeing the cryptocurrency financial market, and are taking advantage of Bybit’s trading platform. But cryptocurrency being a risky investment is no secret. Yes, the rewards are high, but the risks are too. 

5 Best Bybit Signals for Profitable Trades

  1. Universal Crypto Signals
  2. Verified Crypto Traders 
  3. Fat Pig Signals
  4. CoinCodeCap
  5. Sublime Traders

Note that the list above is in random order. You can find the actual signal provider ranking below according to our signal providers’ monthly performance results.

What are ByBit Trading Signals?

When first venturing into the alluring world of crypto, you may come across terms such as trading signals. Put simply, signals are when expert traders tell you to buy and sell specific assets to make profits.

A standard ByBit crypto trading signal will comprise a Telegram message which contains the following information:

  • Trading pair: Which cryptocurrency to trade for another 
  • Entry point: The price level you have to buy crypto at
  • Exit point: The price level you have to sell at
  • Leverage: The proportion of original capital you want to borrow for a leveraged trade
  • Stop-Loss: A safety measure to mitigate losses in case a trade goes bad

Risks of Cryptocurrency Trading on Bybit

Bybit allows you to trade with up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin and up to 50x on altcoins. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading using Bybit, it’s best to keep in mind that every high-leverage trade, apart from having high rewards, also comes with high risk. Read our Bybit review to learn more about the exchange.

This is because crypto is one of the more volatile investments. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up losing your principal quickly. The process of losing your money is expedited if you’re leverage trading. The risks are pretty obvious, if your margin is eaten up, the trade – and in the worst-case scenario your account – is liquidated if you go with high-leverage trades. 

But what if I told you there was a way you could make handsome profits on your leverages trades without little to no trading experience? That’s where the best Bybit trading signals come in. 

All you need is a trading plan. A detailed plan to enter and exit a trade at specific price points for each of your trades. Our selected signal providers are here to give you exactly that. With high-quality crypto trading signals for Bybit, you can make the most out of leveraged trades and make huge profits while minimizing your risks at the same time. 

Finding the Best Bybit Trading Signals

When it comes to Bybit signal providers, there are very few present in the market that I can describe as good. Seemingly impossible to find, scouring the marketplace for good signal providers is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. However, there’s no need to make this your headache, because we’ve done the dirty work for you. 

By extended monitoring of their channels over a long period of time, I can with certainty that the advice they provide (pun not intended) is second to none. If I had to make a trade based on a signal provider’s advice, I’d follow a provider from some of the top providers in the group I’ve chosen!

Generally speaking, trading signal providers operate either on separate, independent channels or are solely Bybit-focused telegram channels. 

Are you perhaps a fan of using Discord? If so, then you’ll feel like you’re right at home with the Discord crypto signals for Bybit. On the other side of the coin, don’t stress out if Discord isn’t your thing, there are many other channels for trading signals as well!

#1 – Universal Crypto Signals

+++Highest Win Rate and Auto Trader Support+++

~ Trading Signals for Binance and Bittrex | Margin Trading available | Auto Trader ~

Universal Crypto Signals is the ultimate king when it comes to ByBit trading signals. They are famous for having a 100% win rate and rarely go below that number. They experience profitable trades almost every single month. A few trades might go wrong every now and then, however, this has never impacted their overall win rate. 

For people who are looking to make secure trades and healthy profits, choosing Universal Crypto Signals is the right way to do it. They are consistent when it comes to generating profitable trades even through tough market situations. This guarantees that your trading experience with them will be a pleasant one. 

If you are new to trading and searching for a way to have successful crypto trades, then all you need is a Universal Crypto Signals subscription. You can get more details about UCS and their team by going through our UCS review.  

Universal Crypto Signals Review

Learn more about the team behind UCS and what makes them so successful in our UCS review. Our in-depth analysis will surely give you a good idea of UCS’ professionalism.

#2 – Verified Crypto Traders

+++Advanced Signal Group by Seasoned Traders offers Autotrader & Market Updates+++

~ Crypto Trading Signals for Binance, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi, BitMEX | Bitcoin Analysis | News | Market Overview | Auto Trader ~

Verified Crypto Traders have the support of veteran traders. These are experts in everything that has to do with trading, such as analyzing the market. 

They have a helpful ByBit trading signals Telegram group, where all types of traders come together to share their valuable knowledge. Hence, if you are someone who is searching for an informative crypto community where you can learn from the experts themselves, then this is the one for you. 

One of the many great things about VCT is that they regularly share informative resources in all of their trading groups. If you have a question, you can always open up the Telegram group and share what’s on your mind. Someone will always be there to help you out. 

Moreover, you have the option to choose from a variety of pricing plans that VCT offers. This includes Binance Futures, Leveraged trading signals, auto trading with Cornix, and BitMEX, to name a few. In addition to all this, you also have valuable education resources, which makes VCT the ideal choice for anyone who is new to crypto. Take a look at our VCT review to learn more.

Verified Crypto Traders Review

Read our VCT review for an in-depth look at all the ins and outs of this signal provider service.

#3 – Fat Pig Signals

+++ Pro-traders bull or bear Bybit/Bitmex/Binance Signals+++

~ Binance Signals| Portfolio Analysis | News ~

Fat Pig Signals is a popular Telegram ByBit trading channel that is famous for bringing in profits, regardless of the market situation. Their win rate is above 90% which is a lot higher as compared to other ByBit trading signal providers. 

They also offer a premium membership plan that includes BitMEX/ByBit trading signals for margin trading, Binance signals that come with risk management, portfolio management (mid-term and long-term), the latest crypto news, special reports, a private Facebook group, opportunity analysis, and much more.

No matter how volatile the market is, these people can get your profits without any issues. Also, they are a friendly group of people, hence you will never be bored in the Telegram group. For more information about these awesome people read our Fat Pig Signals review.

Fat Pig Signals Review

Our Fat Pig Signals review will give you greater detail on what makes them so awesome. If you’re thinking about subscribing to them, do give it a read to be sure you’re making the right decision.

#4 – CoinCodeCap

~ Coin Monks | Auto Trader | Education Videos | Bots & Tools | Dashboard | Low Leverage Future Signals | Bitcoin Analysis ~

The people at CoinCodeCap are experts in what they do. They have one of the most popular Telegram ByBit trading signals groups on the market. They’re skilled at what they do and come with a plethora of crypto knowledge. 

They are also called Coinmonks and rightfully so as their main aim is to write as much helpful content as they can that covers everything about crypto trading. CoinCodeCap initially started writing about crypto content to educate people regarding this topic. This resulted in the launch of CoinCodeCap. 

Every new crypto trader will greatly benefit by becoming a part of their Telegram ByBit trading signals group which offers all the essentials and information one could need. 

Moreover, if you face any sort of issue then their talented customer service is always there to help. Many new traders have difficulty when it comes to Cornix for auto trading. Hence, there is also Cornix bot support available at CoinCodeCap.

You can also visit their website’s blog for more resources, where they share a detailed analysis of the crypto market. 

CoinCodeCap Review

SmartOptions’ CoinCodeCap Review gives you a solid understanding of what this signal providers offers and how good it is at offering profitable trades.

#5 – Sublime Traders

+++Advanced Crypto Signals Telegram Group by Seasoned Traders offers Auto Trader & Market Updates+++

~ Crypto Trading Signals for Binance, Bybit, BitMEX, and Coinbase ~ | Bitcoin Analysis | News | Market Overview | Auto Trader ~

Sublime Traders are popular for being revolutionary ByBit trading signals providers as they offer a variety of different features as compared to other conventional signal providers. You can get the complete package when you sign up with Sublime

Sublime Traders offer simple pricing plans that are pretty straightforward. This makes it easier for you to pick the pricing plan that’s ideal for you. After getting everything you need from their pricing plan, all you have to do is choose the ideal time you can commit to. You will get more discounts if you pick a longer plan. 

There are numerous features that you can use once you become a Sublime Traders member. Signing up for their membership is truly worth every penny. 

Moreover, they recently incorporated the Brutal Scalps Algo in their trading strategy to help with well-analyzed market reviews, stop loss points, and profits. You can read our Sublime Traders review to learn more. 

Sublime Traders Review

Check out the Sublime Traders review to find out what more they offer.

Selection Criteria for the Best ByBit Signals on Telegram

Finding credible ByBit trading signals on Telegram requires plenty of research and insight into the market. Most of all, it requires time to carefully evaluate each signal provider’s performance over several months before we can positively recommend it to readers.

We have been monitoring these signal providers’ Telegram groups for a long time. As we’ve subscribed to their Telegram crypto signal channels, we can say these guys do a good job of providing profitable crypto signals. The ByBit trading signal providers we’ve mentioned above would be our way to go if we have to trust anyone for a leveraged signal.

Here’s the selection methodology we used to make our picks for the best ByBit trading signal groups.

  1. Monthly win rate: The win rate is the percentage of successful trades over total trade signals issued in a month. This number gives a solid idea of how well a ByBit signal provider performs month-to-month. 
  1. Leverage: We always recommend subscribers never exceed 10x leverage on any trade. As we rank our providers by their consistency rate, we even give out a High-Leverage Penalty if signal providers exceed 10x leverage, no matter how sure they are about a trade.
  1. Automation and other features: Auto trading, bots, portfolio management, integrations, and other features play a significant role in enhancing user experience. ByBit signal providers that offer extra bells and whistles tend to rank higher. 
  1. Team experience: Highly-experienced teams with a proven track record of trading gives you confidence that they know what they’re doing. We rank more experienced signal providers higher than newer ones with shorter track records. 
  1. Credibility: We consider the reputation of the signal provider and how strong their community is when ranking them. The credibility of a signal provider helps us make sure it’s not a fake or pump-and-dump channel and will give you a good experience with a vibrant and helpful community. 
  1. Price of membership: The cost of membership for each of the signal providers’ premium signals group has an important role to play. Providers offering high-quality services at lower prices rank higher than overpriced ones. 

What Not to Do?

As always, never – and I repeat – never make the mistake of giving someone else your account credentials to trade your account. You never know what scam’s just waiting right around the corner to catch you off guard! If you come across anyone asking you to give them direct access to your trading account, be certain they’re scamming you. 

Connecting a signal provider with your trading account through API integration is a different thing entirely. That’s something you can do and I recommend you if you go for an automated trading plan with a premium signal provider. 

We rank signal providers based on their consistency rate, and if they recommend 10x leverage, we’ll penalize them regardless of how good their decisions have been in the past. The reason is that 10x leverage is like playing with fire: you’re bound to end up hurting your own wallets. The crypto market is always fluctuating- at no point in time can you be completely 100% sure regarding a specific signal.

I know that going all-in is often quite tempting – especially if you have a reliable provider. However, keep in mind that even the most reliable of providers will fail once in a while. After all, you can never be completely sure of a signal, and this always remains to be the case. At times like these, money management’s got your back and will be there to protect you from such situations.

The Best Bybit Trading Signals Require the Best Advice!

I’ve assembled a quick Bybit trading signals lesson on how to avoid depleting your funds. If you follow these rules to the letter, your account will be sure to prosper. Many people join signal groups and then proceed to go all in, however, this is a surefire way to burn your account.

Here are the rules, which you can print and stick on your desk.

Bybit Trading Signal Rules

  1. Never assign more than 10% of your total equity to a single trade.
  2. Modify all your even-number entries to odd numbers.
  3. Spread 10% of your equity for each signal as follows: 4% at entry, 3% more above, another 3% even more above for short order, 4% at entry, 3% below, and another 3% if the price drops even further for a buy order.
  4. Remember to take profit on targets, and if even, make targets odd numbers.
  5. Extract 50% out on TP1 and shift the stop-loss to break even. Doing so allows you to simultaneously book profits and make the trade risk-free. Take 10-20% on the targets after TP1 and leave a tiny percentage on the trade as you never know.
  6. Begin with low leverage. Once Target 1 has been hit and you moved your stop-loss to entry, you can go even 100x! It doesn’t really make a difference as long as you have your stop market order in place (restrict your usage of a stop limit)
  7. Always keep in mind that there are never any “safe trades”. Treat each trade with due diligence. Safety begins with how you handle your account via money management.


To summarize, Bybit is a high-quality crypto trading platform: one that provides you with the ability to trade different cryptocurrencies utilizing leverage. With our aforementioned handpicked signal providers, you’ll have a good sense of direction on what the next best step is. However, it’s best to take things with a bit of salt, and exercise self-restraint. After all, it’s better to earn less than to lose it all!


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