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KuCoin – The Bullish Exchange (Review + what to trade there!)


Recently we wrote about High Volume Exchanges and to that date KuCoin has been nowhere at the map. How fast things can change! Suddenly Bittrex, Binance (Update: REOPENED!), Bitfinex and other exchanges stopped taking new members as their servers aren’t able to handle the extreme storm of new members anymore and KuCoin became the shooting star, everybody is talking about. Other, younger exchanges take this to their advantage and grow like there is no tomorrow. KuCoin is the smiling winner in this situation as it grows and grows. Like Binance with BNB, KuCoin offers also its own coin $KCS and you won’t believe its growth rate – from $1 to over almost $18 meanwhile in just a few days!

So let’s take a look why KuCoin is so darn bullish.

KuCoin skyrocketed and became the place to be for insiders – making using of the exchange closures it’s volume has gone moon from $20m to over $1 billion – can you get that? They got flooded by new users every day and here are the reasons why everyone wants to get on the KuCoin train:

Fresh & Super Bullish Altcoin Selection

KuCoin has the magic touch when it comes to select the glowing red-hot tokens that enter the market. So many highly anticipated coins and projects with much hype found a new home, ready to make traders chunks of money. And we are not only talking about their own coin $KCS, but about many more. Here would be our selection of the hottest assets KuCoin offers:

  • PO.ET ($POE)
  • QLINK ($QLC)
  • of course their own Kucoin shares ($KCS)
  • and many usual suspects like $ETH, $NEO, $GAS and other popular coins

These are the coins, many investors are talking about, having a great future and the potential to rise 5x – 10x. Their selection is simply top notch, filtering the coins you have to buy and hold. But not only that: imagine you sign up and buy some $KCS shares and participate in the insane growth of this exchange! That being said, they often offer trading competitions. Right now you can win a Porsche by trading $RPX.

The KuCoin UI and the Charts

The clean user interface is a great relief – so clean, so easy and crisp. Refreshing. The charts are realized by the help of TradingView – actually the best charting software available in our opinion. You can have those on Bittrex too, by using a Chrome plugin. However, having it natively on the exchange is way better. The navigation ways are a bit unclear, but you get used to is quick. KuCoin provides a native Android and iOS app, which both run very smooth.

Ku Coin Charts - Bullish KCS

The Kucoin Verification Process, Deposit and Withdrawals

Do you remind how we ranted a bit about this “humiliating” process of creating a selfie holding a BITTREX sign? Well, with KuCoin there is no KYC, no verification needed and there are no withdrawal limits. So on this subject, there is not much to say happily!

Deposits take ages, that is to be known. With having Bittrex, Binance and others closed the storm of new users puts the system in this area a bit down it seems. While the exchange itself runs smooth and fast (no more lags, yay), the deposit processing takes a hit – so expect 1-2 hours until your funds appear. Same goes for the withdrawals.

The KuCoin Extras

Holding the KuCoin ($KCS) shares give you some nice revenue over time. If you purchase those KuCoin shares and hold them, they will reward you with a nice bonus. Similar to the SPECTRE dividend model you will receive a daily Bonus or dividend. These funds are a generated by 50% of the trading fees spread over the shareholders. Means, the more $KCS you hold, the more the volume of KuCoin is exploding, the more of these awesome coins are traded, the more your shares will grow – hands-free.
Besides this pretty nice add-on, KuCoin loves the gamification stuff, which is so common for Asian exchanges. You will find competitions & prizes where you can win stuff like cars or coins all the time – something is running all the time!


We suggest to signup FAST on KuCoin. By that unbelievable growth it could be a matter of time until the registration is stopped out like on the other exchanges. We’ve seen people selling Bittrex accounts for 1 BTC (LOL!) on twitter and other outrageous things. You are good to sign up now, even if you don’t intent to use it right away – we don’t know what the future brings, so it is always good to have your sheeps in the dry (Update: Same goes for Binance, as they just reopened a limited window for new registrations). There is no verification process yet, that could be denied, no withdrawal limits that could hinder you from taking your profits out. We are currently looking for good entry points on the mentioned coins and hold already stakes with $KCS, as we believe the KuCoin exchange has a bright future in front.

Steve McKenzie is Crypto Investor, Enthusiast and Trader since Mt. Gox ages. He was hodling through bull runs, bear markets, and has seen bubbles grow and bubbles pop. Well-connected in the world of Fintech he loves to review Crypto Signal groups on Telegram - the good, the bad, the ugly. He reviews the technical analysis, fundamental analysis, the risk/reward ratio and if the channel is giving you the best bang for your buck and tries to save others from signing up with scammers. Legendary Posts: The Best Crypto Signals on Telegram | The Best Bitmex Signals on Telegram

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