Bybit Review: Bybit vs Bitmex Who is Better for You?

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Review overview


In our “Bybit Review,” we found some interesting things. The first among them is that Bybit is fun to use! Many of the crypto exchanges can be somewhat unintuitive, but this is not the case with Bybit.

It feels very similar to Binance but from a margin/leveraged trading point of view. It is easy to view your balance/positions on the screen. The interface also allows you to set different visual options.

The Bybit interface is straightforward visually and has an excellent look and feel. Hence, we note the speed of this crypto exchange.

Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that competes with Bitmex, Deribit, Binance, PrimeXBT, and others in the space.

Thus, we wish to clearly examine how they work and what they offer you as a crypto trader. In this Bybit Review, we look at both Bitmex and Bybit in comparison.

The image shows the Bybit logo to the left of a laptop screen displaying its trading platform interface with cryptocurrency market data. The screen features a price chart, order book, trade history, and other trading tools. For an in-depth Bybit review, note the platform's comprehensive layout. The background is dark.

Are they Legit!?

Trust #1 with a new exchange in our Bybit Review we find them to be trustworthy. Comparatively No funny business has been reported and as you can see below the site is secure, up to date and all certification is in place.

Screenshot of the website " Reviews" showing a trust score of 90%. A message states that the site is not active (error 503) and data shown is from a previous scan. Risk index is near 'very low risk.' Voting shows options for Legit, Scam, and Sells fakes, all marked as 0 votes. This Bybit review reflects a snapshot before the

Most Bybit Reviews will miss a few interesting notes about them, such as their incorporation in the British Virgin Islands on March 18th, 2018.

A pair of blue flip-flops lies on a sandy beach, as ocean waves dance in the background under a clear sky—a perfect setting where one might casually scroll through a Bybit review.

One of the great features of this Bybit Review is that outside of the 100x leverage they offer on their platform, they offer quarterly futures contracts with no funding fees.

The Bybit matching engine is said to be capable of over 100,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second). Hence is an amazing feat for the future growth of their platform already laid out ahead of time.

Since the start of its operations, Bybit has focused on increasing the speed and quality of its transactions. Many users not only find their platform easy to use but also enjoy the work they have done to speed up this cryptocurrency exchange. This Bybit review takes this into account.

Bybit Review: Fee & cost structure

Such as Bybit pricing is pretty straightforward as Bybit, like many others, uses the Bitmex model of 0.075 takers and -0.025 maker fee structure.

As with many other exchanges Bybit has 100x leverage on their crypto trading contracts.

A screen displaying take profit and stop loss settings for a market price order. The take profit is set to 9802.0 USDT with 25% selected, and the stop loss is set to 9757.1 USDT with 15% selected. Options for triggering types and a confirm button are visible, ideal for a thorough Bybit review.

The above image shows easy to read and understand take-profit/stop-loss structure.

Easy-to-use trading interface

As noted below, the interface for Binance users will feel familiar. It is very straightforward and speedy for Bybit users.

Screenshot of a cryptocurrency trading dashboard on Bybit. It displays the BTC/USD trading pair. The interface shows a candlestick chart, order book, recent trades, and other market statistics. The screen includes options for placing buy and sell orders, perfect for an insightful Bybit review.

Another thing to note is that Bybit takes several different coins for deposit. As well Bybit has a method of conversion for users of Fiat currency.

The other cryptocurrencies that Bybit takes outside of BTC are ETH, XRP, EOS and USDT.

The FIAT gateway of Bybit is also noted below. A very neat feature indeed!

Screenshot of a website's fiat gateway interface. The page allows users to buy BTC, ETH, and USDT using fiat currencies. Tabs for BTC, ETH, and USDT are displayed. A dropdown menu with 'AUD' is visible, and a yellow 'Buy now' button is at the bottom. Perfect for anyone reading a Bybit review.

The simplicity of users’ being able to convert FIAT to Crypto can’t be understated, unlike Bitmex, which only takes BTC.

An infographic titled "3 Quick Steps" depicts a process: Step 1: Enter the desired amount to be purchased in fiat or crypto, illustrated with an icon of a hand holding a coin. Step 2: Proceed with payment, shown with an icon of a card. Step 3: Check your balance with an icon of a screen displaying a Bitcoin symbol—perfect for those looking for detailed By

Bybit Review In conclusion…

In our Bybit Review, we note the exchange is very straightforward, with not many bells and whistles. If you want a quick and easy derivatives exchange outside Bitmex, check out Bybit!

As we have noted in this review Bybit has done a good job with very few complaints listed. The high degree of uptime and happy users.

Bitmex vs Bybit, what the _uck!

A cartoon image titled "Bitmex Losers" features two men behind bars in prison cells, labeled "Arthur Hayes 01" and "Ben Delo 02". Both are wearing orange jumpsuits. The caption at the bottom reads, "Now you can work on your afro and working out :). Almost like reading a harsh Bybit review.

So, I will end the article with my favorite platform to trade crypto on. Bitmex is by far the most professional and solid platform, with only Coinbase coming close. It makes me physically ill to see what has happened to them through ego, mismanagement, and absolute corruption by their owners. Hence, why Bybit Reviews and competition are taking off.

WTF Bitmex!

WTF were you thinking, you st## MFing losers! You had the best technology and platform ever for crypto, and it is still the best ever in the crypto space period. I repeat, PERIOD! But because they could not resist the manipulation and absolute grift vs their customers, which is absolutely pathetic. You actually hurt the crypto community instead of supporting it; shame on you! You are no friend to the crypto community and will go down as manipulating scum and deserve the title. Now we have a Bybit Review that puts more nails in the coffin for Bitmex.

For context, I am speaking of not only the founder but also the co-founders Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed, and Ben Delo, who were all charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with violating the Bank Secrecy Act. They knew that their platform was full of Americans using VPNs on their exchange if they wished to lie. A lot of good it will do them now as they are all being charged and booked in the U.S. for their crimes. We repeat our Bybit Review vs Bitmex, it is just sad.

All of this could have been avoided if they were not so damn greedy! Not only is the manipulation vs. their customers so obvious! So were they ignoring the warnings over and over the U.S. government gave them, which they ignored! The f-ing nerve! Pure stupidity! They take the best technology in crypto and destroy it, allowing a second-rate Binance to take over, yeah Binance’s platform to a real trader = garbage. In our Bybit review, we don’t see any signs of manipulation or taking on U.S. customers.

Bitmex is the best Crypto trading platform PERIOD!

A screenshot of the BitMEX trading platform displaying Bitcoin trading details. The interface includes an order book, recent trades, current open positions, and a candlestick chart showing Bitcoin's price fluctuations. Various trading options and account details are visible. For comparison, check out a Bybit review for similar features.
Bitmex vs Bybit Platform

This platform is the best trading platform in the crypto period! I will repeat this as it is 100% true. Bitmex with their absolute stupidity destroyed their future. The platform now has such a dark stigma, which will be extremely hard to overcome. Who wants to be part of a platform over which the founders are all going to prison? No matter how great it is, they are done for now.

This is very sad because the tech behind Bitmex is not only solid and functional to the upteenth degree but it is the best out there. Another platform could learn more than a thing or two from Bitmex. They built a real fintech solid quality product only had by some of the biggest firms, such as Bloomberg or interactive brokers for example. It just makes me sick how they destroyed it by greed stupidity and corruption.

Everybody Knows!

It sucks that I have to repeat this, but I am stupified by what they did. They not only manipulate their own customers by trading against them with their in-house market makers along with the BS with the platform being down. Everybody knows, which is 100% my opinion, that they took it down in order to manipulate orders and order flow. That’s another reason karma catches up with them. Like the Leonard Cohen song “Everybody Knows!” The song holds true here, and hey, it is between them and God, in my opinion. There is no joy in having to compare Bitex vs Bybit reviews.

They will have to deal with what they have done, karma is a b*tch, but she always gets paid! It is very simple, and now they are learning the hard way. All they had to do was comply with the U.S. Gov and actually talk to them instead of ignoring them as they did. The gall *shakes head…

I have HOPE!

A colorful rainbow with clouds at both ends against a light blue sky background. The text "Bitmex will Return!" is written in a shiny, metallic style above and below the rainbow, reminiscent of a highly-rated Bybit review.

I hope and dream that the platform will be taken over by more ethical people in the future. Arthur Hayes and gang are persona non grata. I mean, I love the platform; as a trader, you can’t find better, and it hurts to think this perfect technology was used not only against their customers but also against themselves!

Let us hope they are taken over by a professional group that can use the tech, either by licensing it or building a new brand beyond the shattered Bitmex name. It could be a hard road for them if they continue with new management. The stigma is still there, and complaints from certain events on the platform are still being reported over and over again. The owners would be wise to sell to a more professional group that wishes to go mainstream.

The negative is that the U.S. government takes its marching orders from Wall Street and limits derivatives trading/platforms, which pushes them underground, hence making U.S. customers use VPNs and such to trade. A lot of good it did them with the same attitude with digital currencies like Bitcoin, huh? So I have hope, simply put.

I think they can do it! The Bitmex software is that GOOD! It is easy to use and solid security-wise. You won’t get better, at least I have not seen better to date.


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In our "Bybit Review," we found some interesting things. The first among them is that Bybit is fun to use! Many of the crypto exchanges can be somewhat unintuitive, but this is not the case with Bybit. It feels very similar to Binance but from...Bybit Review: Bybit vs Bitmex Who is Better for You?