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4C-Trading: The Ultimate Trading Powerhouse

4C-Trading: The Ultimate Trading Powerhouse

by SteveJune 20, 2019

4C-Trading Review

Added 06 – 2019 /updated 6 – 2020 Most professional trading signal channel/ Trading Signals for Binance and FTX| Auto Trader | Education Portal | VIP Program | Smart BTC Bot| Dashboard | Coin Analysis | High Networth Individuals and Diamond Reports | Bitcoin Analysis ~

The All-You-Might-Need Crypto Authority Package

4C Trading Coupon
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25% discount on all subscriptions and 4C-Trading BOTs.
Looks like you found a 4C-Trading referral code! You will receive a 25% discount by using...Show More
Looks like you found a 4C-Trading referral code! You will receive a 25% discount by using this 4C-trading discount coupon. Show Less

Well, this has been a long-anticipated review since 4C-Trading launch has been announced. 4C-Trading is surely one of the most, if not the most professional crypto trading community in the market. Their product range ensures that there is something for everyone and it is packed with quality:

1. A Trade Room: Enjoy a share and care trading community with 4Cs professional traders

2. The SMART Bots: The perfect Bots to trade Smart BTC, ETH & LINK to protect and grow your capital – fully automated.

3. Smashing 4C-Trading Signals on both Binance & FTX

4. The 4C-trading Diamond Report where they put the spotlight onto hidden crypto gems

Provider of the Month

So far so good, we from SmartOptions have been following the channels since their inception. We favor their professionalisms, reliable technology along with extremely fast support. A lot of services that provide good value, also get positive reviews, but none of them “can” offer what a 4C-Trading can offer in terms of the overall package.

The Offering

If we dive into it a little deeper we would start off with what a full-fledged member actually gets if he or she subscribes to 4C-trading, keep your pen ready, it’s going to be quite the list:

  1. A Binance and FTX in house SMART Bots (For Binance Spot and SMART Margin and fully adjustable, no Cornix)
  2. Binance and FTX signals
  3. A trading tool to trade directly from Telegram on Binance and FTX
  4. Exclusive access to multiple chats dependent on your subscription
  5. The weekly 4C-Trading Diamond Report, a report about the markets, opportunities, and a macro prediction
  6. Weekly Livestreams with proven profitable traders
  7. SMART Bots, different automated bots to swap between BTC, ETH & LINK pairs, accumulate while you’re asleep
  8. Full-fledged education: Ever dreamed of becoming a proper trader yourself? the 4C-Trading course has you covered.
  9. A phone call with a crypto expert and trader to get you going as soon as possible
  10. Customizable depending on your investment goals
  11. A full-fledged trading and portfolio dashboard in a safe and secured digital environment
  12. Three different levels of packs, each curtailed to your investment goals and budget
  13. Trading Chat Room – A chill hangout for traders, mingle with other serious-minded profit-seekers
  14. Great for those who don’t have time to always analyze the markets

As you can see, quite a list isn’t it? We can proudly say that we have tested all the tools and are familiar with the trading team that has been trading the crypto market for a long time.

So, the Binance and FTX signals are made by a team of experienced traders that have been doing this for a long time. What we enjoyed most is that they are very reachable and adapt quickly when there is any demand.

It doesn’t stop there, the dashboard that 4C-Trading brings to the table is about just as strong of a point of sale, the dashboard houses extensive abilities to track your trades, the trades made by the service, the changes to your portfolio and important updates. From now on you can have almost identical access to the service even without Telegram, aside from that the dashboard includes a professional renewal system and for the first time ever in a signal channel under our review.

Another cool note would be the fact that unlike a lot of trading signal providers the new 4C-Trading venture is even more focused on investors than it ever was. Trading needs get catered and tended very frequently but finally, you also have a good place to go if your interest goes out to investing! The 4C Confidential Report covers extensive fundamental micro and macro analysis on hidden blockchain projects and the Diamond reports all underly a very macro aspect of investing and give a proper overview of the fundamentals of different investment opportunities. Pair this with the power of having video’s explaining investment strategies and a big team to your disposal when you get stuck and you have the perfect gathering ground for the new generation of properly educated Crypto Investors.

Here you can see the plans and prices. Don’t forget that you can subtract 25% (in words: twenty-five-freakin’-percents) from the prices shown below, simply by using the discount code: SMARTOPTIONS

Contact their Butler Bot now to Sign up use the 4C-Webshop

4C-Subscription Packs
4C-Subscription Packs

A few things to keep in mind

The SMART Bots Power of 3 Auto-Trading Powerhouse

4C-Trading has invested in the development of several very powerful Auto-Trading Bots called “SMART Bots” there are 3 of these bots each trading a different crypto currency specifically.

  • Firstly – SMART BTC
  • Second – SMART ETH
  • Last – SMART LINK

With each of the bots comes a different calculation of ROI based on time they have been running and the performance of the different currency pairs. Below are the key features these 4C-Trading Bots offer.

What makes 4C-Trading SMART Bots so great?

One thing you can’t underscore enough in crypto trading is solid performance trumps quick profits. Most traders who start out to their folly will choose the quick and fast route instead of paying attention to the slow and steady real winners. What you get with the 4C-Trading SMART Bots are solid performance and for those with real skin in the game of crypto that is what counts most.

4C- Trading SMART Bots ROI Chart

As we can see from the above picture the SMART Bots by 4C-Trading offer us a rock steady easy intro into bot trading with a simple but powerful set of APIs that work with both Binance in full Auto mode or FTX as well in Semi-Auto mode. Either way you are covered with the SMART Bots.

4C-Trading SMART Bots Performance Table

The ROI can fluctuate over time, so don’t fixate on any one Bot, imo they work best in combination with each other. This approach offers a more balanced diversity to hedge from wild market fluctuations on any individual pair alone. Still the returns speak for themselves here and not much needs to be said. The Smart Bots are steady, proven and easy to use/setup.

SPECIAL NOTE: for users with accounts over 25K and higher – Please talk directly with a rep from 4C-Trading about exclusive packages with personal service of higher net worth or accredited investor/traders.

The Signals

The signal quality is very accurate and we have seen many win streaks since the emerge of 4C-Trading. They surely prefer quality over quantity. and always pay attention to the market. Accompanied by research about hidden gems there will definitely be more than enough ways of obtaining profit. 4C-Trading suggests people go through their education when there is no active trading done. Especially, the big team now makes a difference. Lots of traders work together, finding the optimal confluence in their trades. The traders are rocking Binance for some time and also the FTX signals have been extremely accurate. However, one of the most appreciated features is the SMART USD Bots that is a form of automated trading signal and has significantly outperformed the market for 15 months straight. It has been very consistent and is the ideal tool to protect you from big market drops.

4C-Trading Altcoin Signals Review

There are different trading styles all combined now to give you the best possible outcome.

The trading signals are carefully selected to only valuable ones with high reliability. The given altcoin signals (which are mostly based on a mix of technical analysis and fundamentals) usually hit very nicely. Considering the past results, we have a combined hit rate of 84% and above, which is very nice. All in all, you get great combined trading knowledge of multiple top traders at your fingertips for FTX and Binance.

However, the thing you are interested the most is the accuracy, right? And it is very good with their new trading stategy. They mostly trade the broader ranges and profits, but still, they adapt to the markets. If they trade in tight ranges in general, they also go for scalps and take whatever the market gives them. This has not changed with the bigger team, and we can see multiple trading styles all executed with one great trading bot now.

Often you get signals which you prolly would never have paid attention to. I have personally seen these 300% profit trades when they were still called Crypto Addicts . Great picks. The fundamental trades are also rock-solid and we suggest to keep a close eye on these when they appear in the Diamond Reports. We get a Bitcoin analysis with every impact move and boy, these are great! Day by day you stay on top of the things understanding what uncle Bitcoin does, which possibilities are there on the cards and so on.

The crypto trading signals we have seen in our test period have been spot on.  In this time we traded 13 of their signals and 4 of them reached all targets, eight signals hit target 1 and 2,  two hit target 1 and retraced after that. One signal hit stop loss. The beautiful thing is that the channel actively supports you with their signals. They tell you directly once a target has been hit and remind you to raise your stop/loss. We used the following methodology: On target 1 we took out 50% and moved the stop loss a bit above our entry. This way we left the chances for higher targets, locked in a bit of the profit and made the trade risk-free. And the auto trader bot is there to make some good monies with the trailing stop feature. If one configures that thingy right, there will be trades where one can keep earning until the price starts declining – a very nice feature.

Each of the cryptocurrency trading signals came with a calculated risk factor, which is calculated by algorithms (it is a mathematical result based on volatility, volume, market, correlation,…). If this level exceeds specific numbers, crypto trading signals won’t be shared with the community to avoid unnecessary risks.

Each trade came with technical analysis and/or a fundamental based reasoning. In recent times we even saw some almost 90% accuracy months – the teams did a great job. With a combined overall accuracy of about 84% since September ’18, they do way more than just a rock-solid job for the Binance signals.

4C-Trading Margin Signals Review

4C-Trading is surely a trading powerhouse with top-level risk management. Well, that is not surprising considering. that one founder was working in the risk management department of a Belgium Bank before.

However, they always found it very important to provide a very good level of education, which is we released the BitMEX Guide in collaboration some time ago, note the same can be applied now for leveraged Binance and FTX margin trading.

The channel also comes often with general Bitcoin strategy updates – how to react to the recent ongoing things, how to be prepared for eventualities. 

The trading signals come with technical analysis and most often with an explained reasoning right after, and basically – now as the trader team is quite big, they offer: 

  1. Scalps
  2. Swing Trades
  3. Planned Swing Trades

The third one of the three is all about pre-planned scenarios to play longer and bigger swings on margin trade signals. You just allocate the funds, set the trades and forget about them – and one morning when you wake up and check your account – pling – trades are active and running nicely (my experience so far).

The auto trader makes it dead easy to follow the signals, however trading some illiquid coins like BCH can be hard to get in if you decide not to market buy.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard, currently in the beta live version, is a platform to manage your investments and trades, thanks to the integration of trading bots! Think of a free 3Commas-like Dashboard, included in your crypto signals subscription. Check the Screenshots and what is included:

  • Trade efficiently with SMART Bots Trading
  • Create your own trades in custom or quick trade
  • Define your targets, stop loss, trailing stops,…
  • Monitor the evolution of your portfolio in real-time
  • View and edit live positions
  • Enable (or disable) and configure the SMART Bots
  • Determine your strategies
  • …and many new options to come!

The 4C-Trading Diamond Reports

One of the biggest strengths of 4C-Trading has been the fundamental research. We’ve never seen such a deep research before. They really look behind the scenes, are extremely well connected and find projects that nobody else has on the radar. Amazing!

Both their Dimond Reports will illuminate not only what is going on in the market but some best-hidden trades/investments crypto has to offer.

The Support

Since you can demand a call when necessary depending on which subscription you take the support is outstanding. Where do you get that, please? A real person you can talk to and ask all your questions to get started on the right foot right away. This shows how serious 4C-Trading takes its clients. Outside of that, there are live streams with Q&A sessions hosted in case you have questions about trading. Accompany those things with the fact that their chats are active and the active participation of their team in those chats and you can imagine that the support is top notch. 4C-Trading is there for anyone, the beginners and the advanced traders.

For each plan is a customer chat group available where you directly can get in contact with the support team, the traders and even the CEOs.


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

The Results

As we said before: We were very happy with the quality of SMART Bots and the Signals of 4C. This note applies to 4C-Trading even more since the automation of the trading has been heavily improved and the SMART Bot has been integrated to their service. This should create very good results which can be found at the bottom of the article (based on past success). One last thing: Obviously in the results, we will take into account that there is an education in place as well which will help with creating your own results aside from using the service. On top of that most bots allow you to have your own strategy in case you decide to follow a riskier (maybe also more profitable) way of trading.

All in all we have an average long-term accuracy of 84%, measured for both FTX and Binance since September 2018. Holding above 60% is difficult long-term, holding about 70% is excellent – 84% accuracy with a base line of 10 underlying months is a masterful success in trading.

What makes this Channel unique?

4C-Trading is the ultimate package for everyone involved in crypto trading. The authority pack that includes literally everything you can wish for: successful signals, great working auto traders, bots, bots, bots, a fantastic professional dashboard and a superior level of quality. All in all a comprehensive package of services, delivered with a super clean and professional setup – see the pros at work!

What makes them unique is how versatile they adapt to the market situation and how they are constantly improving their range of crypto products. They took the community feedback serious and worked it all out from there – the merge between both groups really combined the most professional groups out there and in my opinion, this can only become very good. 4C-Trading – truly a unique project with lots of pioneer’s spirit and the best level of a professional product one can ask for. And yeah, this makes them really, really unique in this space.

The Critique

Critique on 4C Trading Signals

Of course, in any proper review there will also be downsides to the service, so let’s quickly go over those as well to 4C Trading Signals. The main downside is that there is so much offered in this service that it might take a bit before you fully understand everything, aside from that the subscription is also reasonably high priced. Nothing crazy but it must be noted as a downside. We have questioned 4C-Trading about the pricing and they said that the pricing is a result of a big team, increased customer support effort and costs in IT as well as the general goal of focusing on quality instead of quantity. We think it is understandable even though it is said that not everyone will be able to join the service.


All in all, we are very happy to see 4C-Trading in action pioneering in this niche industry. It’s a huge step for the entire Crypto Signal Market since a lot of services have to step up their game now, which benefits everybody. As you’ve been reading up till this point we’re very positive about the 4C-Trading service and the insane amount of services that are provided within the subscription. We would like to end it simple:
4C-Trading is the best decision if you are aiming for the full trading package and the most advanced tools. If you are looking for a cheap provider purely focusing on signals, it might not be for you.

Don’t forget that you can subtract 25% (in words: twenty-five-freak in’-percents) from the prices shown below, simply by using the discount code: SMARTOPTIONS use the 4C-Trading webshop to join.

Fact Sheet for 4C-Trading

Start the 4C Butler Bot


  • Webshop:
  • Discount Code: SMARTOPTIONS (25% on all plans)
  • Pricing & Features:
    4C-Subscription Packs

    4C-Subscription Packs

  • Auto Trader: Yes, custom solution.
  • Awards: 3x Provider of the Month with the best results
  • Special Features: Specialized on gems, Information the broad mass does not have, Technical Analysis on demand, Portfolio design, Education Specialist, Best Tech available, Dashboard, News Bot, Great Trading Course, SMART USDT BOT
  • Exchanges: Markets on Bittrex / Binance /KuCoin / Huobi and many more (as they are specialized on gems, often also smaller exchanges)
  • Results Tracking: The results page
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached. Platinum members can request a technical analysis on-demand in their chat room
  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes
  • ICO Reviews: Yes, the strength of the team. Some of their team are even on advisory boards.
  • Example Premium Content: HOT (HOLO)Vibe Hub| Ziliqa (Guest posts for Smartoptions)
  • Trading Timezones: The crypto trading signals have been spread well over the day, there was no special time to be determined when they arrive.
  • Further Information: Interview with 4C-Trading
  • Free Signals Channel: (no cross promotions)
  • Free Ressources: YouTube
How the paid signal channel looks like: Start the 4C Butler Bot



4C-Trading - Trusted Signal Provider

4C-Trading - Trusted Signal Provider


° Very Active Support Groups
° Good Capital Protection
° Live Trading & Webinars
° For Day Traders and Investors (ELITE)
° Big Team of Traders
° Fantastic Bots & Tools & a great Dashboard


° One of the more expensive channels
° A bit overpriced vs most competitors

Our Rating
User Rating
Price/Performance Ratio
Bottom Line

4C-Trading has their SMART BOTS, which are the star of their show, the other signals they still offer are a bit antiquated. Still many users enjoy all that 4C-Trading offers, with live webinars to great support. We hope to see more advances from them in the future.

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  • Avatar
    Olivier Soudieux
    December 1, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    Let’s keep it short for now, but I’ll be back with some mode infos.

    I have never seen such a precise signal information: any signal comes with the signal info itself to be able to enter quickly in the trade, and immediately then the trade chart with a clear description of the reason why the entry point is there.

    Every day in detail BTC status, plus additional updates anytime something important happens
    The SmartUSD bot which protects the money from BTC drops
    A very clear and transparent communication on a regular basis about developments/improvements (prepare yourself for improvement every month at least, as per my experience).

    And it seems a quantum gap is about occurs in the service before mid june 2020.
    I just can’t wait… !

  • Avatar
    November 13, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    Hola, I have been a member for 8 month by now and I must admit the service has improved in quality a lot to the extent where I can eventually say I am a satisfied user.
    Their automated smart USD bot is a fantastic algo which I have never seen anywhere before and I did not believe it would work when I first saw it. After. about 5 months of usage I can confirm that my account is heavily in green. I think they should build more of similar products as these algos are far more stable than any trader I have seen so far. Not saying their traders aren’t good, I like them a lot but this algo has been so consistent for me that it is by far my favorite part of the service.

  • Avatar
    November 4, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    Thank you smartoptions to showing me 4c trading!
    I have been using the service for 4 month now.
    By far the best trading tool is the Smart usd bot. I like the consistency and that the algo is very stable and brings progressive returns. I personally don’t care about trading signals as I really dislike Bitmex and margin trading in general. I actually think 4c should focus on the SMART bot only, its massively underrated and more people should go for it instead of signals. The price for such a tool is very cheap into BUT following my own math you should at least put between 5000-5500 in it to cover the subscription costs and profit!
    Otherwise I am very happy with the support and attitude of 4c admins in the chatroom even though I barely use it it shows their professionalism

  • Avatar
    October 14, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Honestly I was not that happy when I joined 4c trading and complained a lot but that has drastically changed. I would say they have their shit together now. Education and chat support is outstanding especially with the new system. I can ask everything and always get a proper answer in no time, great! The Smart use bot is my favorite feature as it brings consistent gains and I feel protected from big market moves. Signals are rock solid recently but I am here for the community and support mainly. Also tried the free part of the course which is good but for my taste not exciting enough to be honest. All in all I am happy, hope they keep it at this level ,)

  • Avatar
    Cryptona Thor
    October 2, 2019 at 3:48 am

    Decent service.

    The signals are somewhat good but the education and support are top-notch. You will love the community once you join them. The autotrader bot sometimes works, sometimes doesnt but the smartusd is pretty good. I used it for 3 months and the roi of each month was around 5% each month. So, if anyone want to join their service, I recommmend trying to make a deal to get the smartusd bot. Don’t go for anything else beside that.

  • Avatar
    September 11, 2019 at 3:09 am

    I am using 4C trading since its creation. Actually, I had a subscription with Crypto-Addicts (starting on April 2019), but a month later, Crypto-Meddics and Crypto-Addicts merged to become 4C and my account was updated to Gold. At the time of writing this review, I therefore spent ~4 months with 4C (and 5 months with the Crypto-Addicts team).
    What I can say is that this merger was extremely beneficial as it drastically improved the quality of the overall service.
    4C strengths are the following:
    – Extremely dedicated team that can assist you most of the time. Note that most of the team is in Europe. Despite this and while I live in Asia (GMT+9) and I have no issue to chat with the team if I have an issue or if I ask for an advice regarding a specific trade.
    – The premium chat is extremely vibrant with more than 500 members. Discussion are quite professional between the subscribers. In many occasions, we help each other.
    – The SmartUSD bot is very efficient if you seek for a regular (say every 3 months) cash-out of the benefits. You can drastically your USD value in a year or so (they say double, but I have not been using it long enough to assess this), without worrying about trading. I was not using at the start, but now I start to heavily rely on it, as it is actually outperforming the trades I could follow with their other bot (Binance bot and Bitmex bot), without stressing about loosing money. The amount put in the smartUSD is basically equivalent to put your money on a saving account with a monthly interest rate of ~2 – 10%.
    – The learning material is of very high quality. This is a set of videos showing you not only various trading strategies, but also how to manage your stress and what is the proper mindset for trading. This is ideal if you are serious about learning how to trade and if you want to know how to not fall on the common pitfalls.
    – You have some very active pro trader (such as Sami, Tyler and Hendo) on the telegram channel that give you extremely valuable graphs showing possibles moves for BTC and other cryptos. I found those graphs extremely useful to setup my own trades. These graphs allowed me to make quite good profit during the last few months. And they give me confidence about my own analysis.

    The issues with 4C:
    – Binance bot: The team did not aknowledge early enough that alts were crashing and many trades were sent early on that failed. This resulted in important losses when using the Binance bot. Reactivity is important and 4C failed in May – June to adapt quickly (thats why you will see angry comments above). They finally modified their protocol for sending signals and the quality of the trades improved nowadays.
    – Bitmex bot: It is giving you some profit and their signals are of reasonable quality (from my experience ~70% correct). But the profits are relatively small because often only T1 is hit. They will probably not cover the cost of your subscription, if you have this in mind.
    – The cost of the subscription is nowadays extremely high. You need to have a decent amount of money to make it worth it. I would say 20k USD is the minimum for a gold subscription. And only if you use heavily (>50% of this) the SmartUSD bot.

    In overall, although I was quite disappointed until early July, the 4C team made significant progress in they working flow and now the quality of the signal is quite good. The smartUSD bot is awesome. Same for the advices and recommendations given in their telegram channel.
    So if you have a decent amount of money to spare and you want to learn how to trade properly, I then strongly recommend you to subscribe to their Gold plan. Silver and lower plans are not so interesting I think as you don’t have the smartUSD included in it.

  • Avatar
    July 23, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    4C Trading is the University you’re looking for guys… Give it a try!

    If you’re a starter looking for expertise in cryptocurrency, or you’re an expert who wants to pump up their profits with crypto, even if you’re in the middle of your journey and still in need for some good quality guidelines and trading signals also….Then, I must say 4C Trading is where you place to be. In case you wanna know, I was a total fresher when I joined 4CTrading and I knew almost nothing about cryptocurrencies… These guys taught me everything step by step, line by line in a gentle friendly manner… We’ve come a long way together and now I know where I am at and what I want to reach. Special thanks to the entire team ;). For those starters out there… don’t worry, you will never feel uncomfortable asking your questions and sharing your very own ideas…. And those who wants to buy/sell cryptocurrencies both easily and fairly and of course safely ? well 4CTrading won’t disappoint you either.. I can guarantee it! They never stopped being supportive to me in any cases.. Of course, we had up and downs as this is crypto currency world after all ? but all you need to do is pay some patience and trust them ? They know the job guys. So get in, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the journey with them. ?

    Safe Trading to you all ?

  • Avatar
    Samo Smolej
    July 19, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    As a long time member (I’ve been CryptoMedics member for almost two years now when they were still a free service) I can honestly vouch for this guys. You won’t get so much transparency, customer’s support and knowledge in trading, which is a base for their shining trading course, anywhere else. The 4C crypto group is bringing so much to the table that their value is hardly measured with money. They will be growing and improving from day to day and will always listend to their customer’s needs and wishes….fot that I am sure 🙂

  • Avatar
    June 26, 2019 at 5:12 am

    Does anyone currently using it have feedback?

    i.e. are you actually making money net all the fees?

    • Avatar
      July 16, 2019 at 12:33 am

      So far have lost money on both Binance and Bitmex trades. For Bitmex we’ve had 5 stop losses in a row in the past week and a half- truly atrocious performance. I would’ve been better off just HODLing my BTC.

      Only good things are the education and support.

      • Avatar
        July 20, 2019 at 10:09 pm

        This is exactly my experience.. I regret the moment I bought service (crypto addict since february) and started trading altcoins based on their signals. Even during alt session the profits wasn’t amazing, but then after bloodbath of altmarket there was not clear signal to get out of alts… and no clear instructions for traders who are already almost 100% alts. Only some generic advices with reminders “be safe, be careful, stick to strategy”. So I got reckt. Until I stopped listen to them I recovered almost 20% loss in BTC and some more in FIAT….
        After merge with medics the price of their service skyrocketed, but I wont pay for IT never again. And I still have active (silverpack, yes they moved old customers into silver trashshitty pack) subscription for almost month but I will not using it… I even mutted thair channels in telegram. Their service is for trader just unnecessary fee.. You are better off buying something like 3commas.ío or another trading platform or buy and hold your coins..
        I you dont believe me, just look at data of their bot and trades it did, distract trading fees from each trade *2 and you see, that their smart bot is profitable 9% since april at best 😉 Then look at price chart on how good decision it made 😀
        Best benefit from their service (4c trading) is day analysis, diamond reports and summary of latest news.
        Never buy signal platform for more than 1 month, test it and then reconsider to buy for longer period if it was really profitable for you. Sorry for my english.

    • Avatar
      July 16, 2019 at 10:18 am

      No, they haven’t had a winning trade in a long time.

      Here’s a screenshot of July’s results:

      • Avatar
        July 21, 2019 at 2:19 pm

        Have been with them fo a month now and the recent trading results weren’t too good but that’s the nature of trading, the recommend very good risk management settings which makes me feel safe. The rating for education and support seems like a joke to me. I am a gold member and can surely say that its the best education in the space and the support is mostly very good. The Smart BTC is a very cool tool, saved my BTC stack multiple times however they could do a better job organizing all the services they have. Its soo much that as a customer too many things get lost but they ensured that it will change soon.

  • Avatar
    June 24, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    Great review thankyou

  • Avatar
    June 22, 2019 at 1:00 am

    Hey, first comment here.
    I’m new to trading and I’m looking for a way to invest money with fine results and no time-taking.
    I have saw the results on 4C Dashboards.

    Signals: yes it seems to have awesome accuracy, but if you have 20% signals who hit stop/loss at an average of -12%, it’s really hard to be in profit with the 80% left who hit targets +fees. Most of them will hit T1 (≈2%) and only a few T2/T3.
    So only if you have a magic strategy will allow you to be in profit long-term (do they provide one and is it performing? what about your 50/30/20 strategy?).

    smartBTC: this had very good result over the past year. However, I saw the system is trading a lot. What about the fees? If you take it into consideration, it will cost something like 15-20% of the initial capital over a year right?
    Also, is it 100% automated, or they have traders checking before a trade?

    Thank you!

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