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We regret to inform you that CryptoLab is no longer one of our partners. Their team has stopped communicating and around 40% of their members have left the channel. Plus, they had stopped sharing their trading results for a couple of months and we don’t endorse this kind of behavior. We understand that CryptoLab is no longer a functional signal provider and hence, have decided to remove them from our lists.

Are you on a hunt for an excellent crypto signal service to boost your portfolio? Perhaps, you are looking not only for signals; but a place to learn trading setups, trading psychology, risk management, and technical analysis, CryptoLab might be a great fit.

This platform offers a lot more than just signals, which is why thousands of users swear by it. Let’s see if it’s worth the hype.

The crypto world has been buzzing. If you want a piece of the cake but don’t know how to deal with the volatility of cryptocurrencies or predict whether your investment will be worth it, CryptoLab might be a great option.

Our team has tested CryptoLab’s platform to check whether it’s worth the hype. We also analyzed online resources, customer reviews and performed in-person interviews with current CryptoLab VIP platform members. Here’s what we discovered.

Who’s Behind CryptoLab?

CryptoLab was founded by two enthusiastic investors, Steven and Moe, who have been in the business for a while. Both have a background in economics and finance. They share a passion for blockchain and crypto, which inspired them to create this aspiring community.

Although this is a relatively new project, its success is vast. The company now has research and education sectors that assist the founders in providing the best and most accurate information to their audience.

Important: Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins. You might encounter a scammer impersonating Cryptolab, so it’s always better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before you converse.

CryptoLab Signal Example

Here are some examples of CryptoLab’s signals and analysis that prove just how quick & effective it is.


As you can see, everything is immaculate and color-coded for easier navigation. CryptoLab compiles extensive reports for their users, which contain a lot of valuable insights into the market.

They also categorize the information for easier understanding. Some categories include average duration, average P/L per target, and the individual target status

Overall, we were impressed at the level of attention to detail. Our experts have concluded that their data is solid and noted that the reports are quite user-friendly.

What Customers Say About Cryptolab

We’ve researched and explored dozens of customer reviews, most of which were very positive.

Unlike other wannabes signal groups, the first thing you’ll notice is that the reception is quite welcoming, and you will find newbies and crypto veterans alike discussing all openly and sharing their knowledge.

Teaching Members how to get into the Right Mindset

According to RaulIH,” I’ve learned in the first two weeks with the group more than I learned by myself in 6 months. This statement is quite resonated across the channel as everyone questioned believes it is a haven to ask, discuss and share ideas openly without the fear of being criticized.

“It’s more of a more family,” says Hiten De, there is a great camaraderie around the group, which you can’t experience until you join.

When you join CryptoLab, you automatically have access to a wide selection of crypto-tools, strategies, workshops, guides, and support for those who would like to up their crypto game.

Tips on Building a Strong Investment Portfolio

Robert Levin, another user opined that being on the platform gives him a sense of security on his investment. Not only do users get signals, but also technical analysis and reasons why to get into certain projects.

In short, you are in a risk management strategies class, and smart thinking gives you comfort and makes you sleep with your eyes closed.

Most customers argue that this isn’t just another signal subscription. Instead, it’s a crypto community with thousands of users who share their opinions and support each other through their investment ventures.

Users also report that CryptoLab’s team is always at their disposal. You can ask questions, participate in group discussions, learn about market cycles, and receive actionable advice on managing and boosting your portfolio.

Finding Gems

They find projects that make the smart money and do not chase after hyped projects or overpriced ones hoping it will be even more. Famous for its gems such as QRDO and many more that has made them over 1000% in profits.

The idea is very simple – they do not only send signals, but they also teach members how to cultivate the right trading approach.

Overall, it is safe to conclude that customers are quite happy with the service. In fact, the reviews we received for this piece were so much that this page would not contain.

If you’re a newbie in the trading industry or think that your current knowledge isn’t enough, CryptoLab might be a great way to gain extra knowledge and excel with your investments.

How Do They Get Their Data?

CryptoLab has a full team that researches different projects and data to predict where liquidity may flow. They have a data-driven, scientific approach to their research, which is why they know how to recognize smart investments.

They also have an education sector for their users. Here, experts and users are brought together to discuss the market’s peculiarities and learn more about it. Crypto Lab promises that its users will understand even the most advanced market analysis from a fundamental and technical level.

Range of Features

The goal of this platform is not only to share signals and analyze the market. They aim to inspire other entrepreneurs to thrive by teaching them the necessary tools and skills to excel in this area. So, if you’re interested in joining this thriving crypto community, here’s what you can expect:

  • Daily trading signals
  • Teaching members how to manage cash flow and how to assess and manage risks
  • Tips on building a strong investment portfolio
  • Teaching members how to get into the correct mindset – crypto is a mental game as well.

As you can see, guys at CryptoLab don’t only focus on dry information. They want to teach you how to think and transfer all their knowledge onto you. If that sounds appealing, give it a shot.

They also boast a massive Telegram community with almost 10k subscribers where everyone shares their tips and insights and helps newcomers learn all the ins and outs of investing.

Available Pricing Plans

CryptoLab VIP is a subscription-based service that promises to deliver daily signals, tips, and other helpful information to boost your portfolio. It offers three main subscription offers, all of which include the same perks with slight differences.

You can choose a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual subscription. The longer you choose to be subscribed, the more personalized portfolio advice you’ll receive. Let’s look at the pricing:

  • Monthly – $99 / month
  • Quarterly – $249 / 3 months
  • Bi-annual – $499 / 6 months

All pricing plans include the following options and services:

  • Instant Access to VIP Signals & Chat Group
  • Daily Signals from Futures & Spot Trades
  • Alt Coins analysis with 10x Potential
  • AI Algorithm for Futures & Spot Trades
  • Personal Portfolio Advice
  • In-depth Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Cornix (Auto-Trading Execution Bot)

The main difference is that you only get 1 personal portfolio piece of advice in the monthly plan. In the quarterly plan, you get a $50 discount and 3 personal portfolio advice, while in the bi-annual plan you get $100 off and unlimited personal portfolio advice.

CryptoLab – Is It Worth It? (NO)

After weeks of extensive testing, research, and interviews with Crypto Lab members, it is safe to conclude that this service is worth it. We especially recommend it to newbies who aren’t as familiar with the crypto and investment world.

CryptoLab is your best bet resource for the freshest information and educational content if you’re looking for more than just signals. Sign up now and learn all the ins and outs of the crypto and investment industry.


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  1. Hey! Is Cryptolab no longer recommeneded? Noticed the rating has gone to 1.0 and they aren’t in the signal results. Were they fudging their numbers?

  2. I have been in the free channel for like a year or more and upgraded to vip in the last 4 months. Before upgrading i was euphoric and i had extreme gains, thus i was able to subscribe, but then i crashed (even though sk warned us to get out) hard and the team was there for me.
    Now i have the courage, knowlege and mentality to trade; i’ve rebuilt my portfolio and now enjoying some profits while accumulating.
    All the love and thanks to you guys.

  3. Ive been with them 4 months, the best in the market, tried a few before, nothing close to cryptolab. Proud of being part of such a great family.

  4. One of my better investments so far. Huge amount of information for newcomers and advanced traders. Knowledge sharing is the main focus. They don’t only give you signals, but make sure that you get the tools/knowledge to become a better version of yourself

  5. I love the lab, I was an absolute noob before I joined the lab, buying the tops and selling at the bottoms.
    After I joined the lab however the knowledge and the paitence and the skills that I have gained can never be repaid back to them and certainly the subscription fee does not suffice!
    I truly thanks Steven and Moe for their awesome work and for builiding a warm and a lovely community of like minded traders and investors!


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