Happy New Year Traders!

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Happy New Year Traders all around! For this reason we wanted to update you about some new changes and improvements to the website coming soon! Thus we wish to bring you an in-depth knowledge pool for articles and information on the site.

Also this knowledge pool will tie in directly to what is being written and shared on SmartOptions with a bit of a social interaction thrown in.

Evidently the above items should add some real pizzaz to the website. Helping educate and keep SmartOption users informed of the latest goings on.

Signals Tracker is coming backer!

This has been a favorite over a year ago, requires a great deal of work but we plan on automating this section of the site. Along with adding very easy to use graphics/charts for this part of the site. Happy New Year Traders!

Happy New Year Traders Results Page

Happy New Year Traders! FREE TRADES!

For example we plan on cherry picking trades from different providers around the web and from Smart Options top traders. See trade below – A trade from a few weeks ago by our secret trader/Santa Clause 🙂


Happy New Year Traders Hex Trade



Happy New Year Traders! Stay Tuned!

To sum up did you get returns or a trade like this recently? Well we plan to give trades like the above for our readers! Hence we are working hard on the site in many areas to grow it beyond what it has been.

We hope you will have a wonderful 2021 and all of us can head to the moon! Overall BTC has made new highs just above 29k recently and it maybe above 100k or higher in the coming year. Great things are coming so stay tuned and above all else have fun and again! Happy New Year Traders!

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