HTC Crypto Smartphone Exodus 1


HTC has built the first cryptocurrency enable Smartphone, containing a fully featured hardware wallet, that includes dApps, an exchange, marketplace, collectibles, payment options and more. We ordered one piece for a fully unbiased review to come in February (phones will be delivered by the end of January), so we can give you an overview if this phone is worth its 0.2 BTC. The website takes Crypto Payments only and just activated the pre-ordering feature on the website. At the same time, the only competitor Sirinlabs enabled pre-orders for their hardware wallet enabled smartphone “Finney”. However, we refrain from testing this device as we don’t want to put money on a product, which has a very questionable person in their team.  Let’s see what HTC has in the oven! The presentation of the website looks quite nerdy, so we are confident to get a nice tech product, which is really about the crypto movement and not just a gimmick. We will keep you updated. Subscribe below to get the post directly into your inbox, once published.

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