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By popular demand! We’ve been working on a special project for the last few weeks. In this post, we will tell you all about it! 

We are pleased to introduce SmartOptions’ crypto signals webshop. This platform will be integrated into the site and users can use it to buy and renew their membership plans. The discount codes will be already applied! We hope to make our users’ crypto journey as smooth and easy as possible and the webshop will help us achieve that!

Launch Details

The SmartOptions signals webshop is set to be launched on Sunday, the 3rd of April, 2022. We are starting out by offering Verified Crypto Traders membership plans on our webshop. Since VCT was the first signal provider we took on board on SmartOptions, we felt they should be the first on the webshop too. 

As of 14th May 2022, we have also started offering Universal Crypto Signals membership plans as the second signal provider on the platform. In August 2022, two of our most long-standing partners also joined the platform. We formally started offering Fat Pig Signals and Sublime Traders’ plans in the first week of August.

For now, VCT, UCS, Fat Pig, and Sublime Traders are the only signal providers selling their services on our webshop. We look forward to expanding the webshop and adding all our featured signal providers to the webshop with time as they are also ready to start selling on SmartOptions. 

Smartoptions Webshop now sells UCS plans - crypto signals online shop

How Does It Work?

We are launching the SmartOptions webshop to simplify the process of choosing and buying a signal provider’s membership through our site. Over the years, we have identified and reviewed the best-performing crypto signal providers on Telegram, BitMex, and Discord. Once a reader chooses the right provider through our reviews and monthly signal results, buying and using that signal provider’s services will now be a cakewalk. 

The webshop gives users direct access to a signal provider’s services without leaving the SmartOptions site. The sales take place through our site and the platform is connected to a Telegram bot. As soon as a user purchases a plan, the Telegram bot will connect with them to keep them up-to-date with their orders.  

It will send a message stating their order is on hold, completed, or canceled due to lack of payment. If the order is completed the user will be added to the channel they bought a subscription for, and they will receive an invite link. If they already have bought a subscription and do not renew it, the bot removes them from the channel.

Important Note: We guarantee our crypto signal provider partners and users that the sales through our webshop will be direct sales. In other words, they will be a direct transaction between a user and the signal provider. SmartOptions only acts as a facilitator and provider of discount codes if you buy a membership through our platform. 

Advantages of Using SmartOptions Webshop

We’ve decided to include this feature on our website for a couple of reasons. As we talk about the specific reasons below, please note that the overall goal of the webshop is to provide greater ease and convenience to your readers. 

Helps Avoid Scams

The crypto signals market is rife with scams. Fraudsters are using similar websites and usernames as our signal providers. They try to mislead users into buying a fake subscription. This is a loss for readers but also damages the reputation of the world-class signal providers we feature on SmartOptions. 

The webshop acts as a secure layer between SmartOptions and the signal provider. This means if a user decides to purchase a service from one of our signal providers, the webshop will lead them directly to the service. We provide you with secure payment methods and a guarantee of service at all times.

Makes it Easier to Purchase a Crypto Signals Subscription

Furthermore, the webshop will eliminate the need for readers to jump between different sites and platforms to activate the subscription. This is time-consuming and increases the risk of users falling victim to fraud. 

We also discovered that working with discount codes isn’t always straightforward for many users. This makes it troublesome to get the discounts promised on SmartOptions. This solves all of these problems in one go with the webshop.  

Discount Coupons

What better than receiving top-quality crypto trading signals at a discount? This is exactly what you get from SmartOptions’ webshop. We offer discount coupons for each of our signal provider partners to facilitate your journey to crypto trading success. Buy your next subscription from our shop to get exclusive discounts!

Bottom Line

SmartOptions webshop is a promising feature that will hopefully provide value for our readers and partners. We are starting off with subscriptions for Verified Crypto Traders and Universal Crypto Signals. We hope to expand the webshop to cover all signal provider’s plans in the future.

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