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There is a plethora of tools and sites available to help you keep track of your crypto portfolio, the price changes of your favorite cryptocurrencies and others that offer detailed information and charts. However, few succeed in combining all the above in an easy to use way that also looks good to the eye. Coinlib is one of those sites that allows you to track prices as well as your portfolio’s performance with real-time updates. It also offers lots of advanced tools, like coin comparisons, alerts, and detailed graphs, which assist you in choosing the next best coin you’re looking to invest in.

Getting Started & Starring Your Coins

From the first moment you land on Coinlib’s homepage, you are able to see the top cryptocurrencies market-cap-wise in a table with real-time price updates, along with some basic stats. You also have the option to move to the Movers tab (without refreshing the page), where you get to see the coins that have gained or lost the most in the Last 1 hour/ 24 hours / 7days or 30 days. This overview is pretty usefull to get what is going on at a glance.

Coinlib Overview

After you create your free Coinlib account you can star your favorite coins and they will appear on your home screen. This gives you a quick access to your their basic info, prices, and movements over the period of time you choose. Finally, you can also visit the Portfolio tab to see the coins of you have placed in your portfolio.

Add Trades, Create & Track Your Portfolio

Tracking your portfolio of cryptocurrencies is something that many investors in the crypto space do multiple times a day or an hour. Coinlib allows you to track all your coins, their performance, and prices along with the general performance of your initial investment in real-time.

Creating your portfolio is as simple as adding the trades you did to acquire your coins. It’s also very easy to track trades you’ve done, flipping one coin for another one. All prices are updated live. In addition, you’ll be able to monitor your portfolio with ease on your mobile device, tablet or phone, since Coinlib has a mobile-friendly site.

Portfolio Overview Coinlib

Part of keeping track of your cryptos and important movements in their prices is receiving notifications and alerts. Coinlib offers you an advanced alerts tool to do exactly that. You can set up one-time or recurring alerts either for single coins or for your portfolio in overall. Setting up an alert takes a few seconds and you can choose to receive it either via email or as an in-browser notification.

Coinlib Price Alert

Comparing Coins & Their Historical Performance

Another very helpful feature, especially if you are doing investment research is the comparison tool. It’s very simple to use and provides detailed historical data about the performance of the cryptocurrencies you choose. Coinlib allows you to compare up to four coins at a time. You simply select the cryptos, the times you want to do the comparison for and you instantly get a set of detailed and nice-looking graphs with historical data. The graphs help you understand within seconds which coin has been performing best so far, which coin was the best or worst investment in comparison to the others you chose.


Coinlib is a new cryptocurrency price tracking and portfolio site with a clean, beautiful design and lots of powerful features to help you keep track of your crypto investments. It can be useful for any investor to keep track of his portfolio’s performance, receive price updates in real-time, and stay up-to-date with alerts. It also serves as a great tool for doing research around cryptocurrencies since it offers detailed information about specific coins, exchanges, and the correlation between crypto and FIAT currencies. Coinlib works smoothly on mobile phones and tablets as well as desktops and it can easily become the go-to resource for any crypto investor who is looking for a tool to keep track of his investments.


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