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February 27, 2018

Playin’ With The ADEX Beta – Is It The Reason For The Dump?

If you read SmartOptions you have heard from Adex a few times. As old online marketing mug, I spent some time with various advertising platforms – both as publisher, as well as advertiser, and if you are the same, you likely have experienced the same problems as I did. Overloaded platforms with near to no click fraud protection. See Adwords – even after their recent re-redesign (which indeed made things a bit easier) it is still hard to publish a campaign without getting ruined by accident. In fact, most of the platforms need an actual course to be taken, to set things up the right way. Adex was supposed to do it the other way. End of February they now released their [...]

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January 17, 2018

How to BTFD – 5 Tips On How To Buy The Dip

BTC took a nosedive and most likely your altcoins suffered hard along with it. A rough mixture of FUD and bad news, along with a decrease of the total market cap as the Chinese New Lunar Year is coming, has caused that mess. By the way, it is not unusual for mid of January and we’ve seen this quite a few times, so chances are pretty good we will see an immense run on the way up – it is even thinkable that we will see a run of Bitcoin together with altcoins. Now you hear them all: “Buy the f#cking dip!” they say. Ok – but how? When is a dip deep enough to be bought? Or should I better sell off everything and move on?

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January 2, 2018

BTFD – Our Top 10 Recovery Coins – What We Buy When Everything Dips

BTFD, why it is important for crypto Coin Brothers “Buy the F*cking Dip!”

If you are in Crypto for some days, you know what happens if Bitcoin runs, right the alts are bleeding. But instead of going all panic, we decide to BTFD – we Buy That F#cking Dip! We see the market in cycles and it is important to understand and exploit those rights.

Right now BTC recovers from its recent drop, as it seems to be noticed as a “safe haven” asset, aside from the commonly known financial markets. Kim Jong Un is doing crazy things again, the financial markets react (in a way the most asset holders don’t like too much) and people are panic [...]

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November 16, 2017

Altcoins à la Carte: What We Order Right Now – Bon Appetite!

Having BTC cracking down the 7,3k again, we can expect a run-up to 8k. On the other hand, the volume is getting lower. Once BTC falls we expect to see it @ $6880 and Alts should shine again then. Bitcoin serves a tasty menu of cheap altcoins again and we are ready to order a nice menu. We will hold it strongly and probably just watch the show until the rush is over and we get back into the correction. We expect the coming December to be the month of the alts. Here are some of our high potential coins with a good set of news and bottom low prices right now. Waitress BTC, please take our order:

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