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January 24, 2018

Zen And The Art Of Masternode Maintenance


Are you still day trading or do you own Masternodes already?You might know the fun times of trading a coin that skyrockets and that depressing jump-out-of-the-window feeling if your holdings suddenly dump. A trader must have the ability to handle that kind of stress otherwise their sanity will suffer over time. But how “WOW!” would it feel to hold a good amount of rock-solid coins and to get paid for simply holding them? Very simply put, this is what you can achieve by running masternodes. This is the “Next Gen Hodl”. If we put the day traders rock aside, that we sometimes tend to live under, we can recognize the thriving rise and hype of masternodes. [...]

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November 4, 2017

The Crypto Rulebook “Crypto Newbie Guide”

The Crypto Rulebook: The coin markets are a strict school – especially when you are new to the topic and just tapping in. There are 1001 ways to get burned quickly, and suddenly you hold more bags than on a shopping tour with your girlfriend. Unfortunately bags of shitcoins instead of lingerie. Cryptocurrencies are soaring, and therefore you will notice a growth of worthless altcoins and scammy projects.

In this post, we collected the most important learnings for cryptocurrencies and projects – use it as a rulebook and you will be happier with your results!

The Crypto Rulebook: Investing in Cryptocurrencies It is normal to have a massive loss from [...]