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October 10, 2018

Crypto Weekly Open Strategy GetGood

Crypto Weekly Open Strategy is one you should know! In our endless journey in striving to find good crypto trading channels on telegram for you, we recently stopped by a series of channels under the mother brand “GetGood..!”. This is a good bunch of channels, which we liked from the first view. “GetGood! #CRYPTO TA” is a free channel, which provides high-quality charting. The further channels “GetGood! Education” is like a trading log of the trader, where he collects his thoughts, emotions, and reasoning behind his trades in a reflected way – a wonderful approach. Furthermore, there is an incubator room, where selected new traders show their [...]

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September 12, 2018

Bitmex Investment “The Unshakeable Strategy”

Bitmex Investment strategy: Catch The Bottom And Let It Ride

Bitmex Investment strategies have you interested? Yes, we ‘mex a lot these days. The current charts are a day traders wet dream. However, an educated guess makes us feel 95% on Bitmex are just losing their Bitcoin. Before it goes parabolic and leaves the past all-time high of 20k behind with a smile of ease. One of the main reasons, why Bitmex investment breaks the neck of so many noobie traders. It is that they are trying to catch the bottom.

Catching the bottom with a juicy 25x leverage and let it run to 50k. Isn’t it that, what the most traders over there are daydreaming about? Well, we [...]

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November 4, 2017

The Crypto Rulebook “Crypto Newbie Guide”

The Crypto Rulebook: The coin markets are a strict school – especially when you are new to the topic and just tapping in. There are 1001 ways to get burned quickly, and suddenly you hold more bags than on a shopping tour with your girlfriend. Unfortunately bags of shitcoins instead of lingerie. Cryptocurrencies are soaring, and therefore you will notice a growth of worthless altcoins and scammy projects.

In this post, we collected the most important learnings for cryptocurrencies and projects – use it as a rulebook and you will be happier with your results!

The Crypto Rulebook: Investing in Cryptocurrencies It is normal to have a massive loss from [...]