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October 16, 2018

Next Gen Crypto Icon “5 Precious coins to Buy & Hold”

Next Gen Crypto EYEBALLS

Next Gen Crypto Altcoins, will the game change? Prior superstars, trusted by many, could write narratives about their  Near Death Experiences. They are still in the coma room and don’t look like the soft whispering of their hodlers could inject life into them again.  The world of crypto is yet young – and of course, many of these projects will fail hard.  Though, over the course of the last 6 months, you can observe how a next-generation of cryptocurrencies arose: advanced tech, inbuilt price stabilizing mechanisms and brand new ideas made use of the blockchain to build the base for new coins and tokens, which have much room to grow.  Find a [...]

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October 5, 2018

HODL THAT! #14: ALQO (XLQ) Robust. Decentralized. Democratic.

Long time no see for our HODL THAT! series – the markets have been just too dangerous to get into any altcoins, but slowly we can see a bottom and stagger back into our Gem positions. One of them is a true rough diamond we kept secret until now.  To some, it is well-known for their rewarding Masternodes, others – more tech-sided crypto enthusiasts -get a hard-on for the rock-solid robust and real democratic and decentralized network behind the project. Ladies and Gentlemen, we fill some bags – (and soon run even masternodes) with $XLQ – the coin of the ALQO project from Germany/Switzerland. Take a look at the awesome tech with us: